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  1. After years away from this place, i am back. This used to work so well for me years ago, i feel like it will again this time. I have a lot going on... New job since january. That i adore! And now we are missing some staff so it's a bit hard and stressfull. Time management is important and it's not my strenght. I just finished my 5 year cegep classes last week in building mechanics. Still waiting for my last exam grade to celebrate. Graduation ceremony is may 21st. I want to steadily build my doterra business. Very slowly, but consistently. As a side huslte, to gain more leadership. The goal is not to replace my job sonce i love it. Just to build something i love that uses other strenghts i have. I have 2 boys, 12&7 and an awesome partner i don't want to neglect. And this week i am starting an online 200h yoga teacher training until august. This has been a dream of mine for years. And it will take a lot more time and commitment than i initially expected. But i am all in. So, balancing all that, with my level of energy and my chronic illness (cystic fibrosis) is the current challenge. My main quest: - do all my treatments daily in the morning - sleep enough (~8h) - move a little every day: yoga for YTT in the morning; walk during lunch - meditate daily to unwind and destress (being mindfull, do some cardiac coherence breath between quotes at work, mindfull knitting a project at night) - date night weekly, quality couple time - spend quality time daily with the kids, 100% present. Doesn't have to be long. Side quests : - ytt: do all required reading, practices and study for the week - make lunches, no take out - 2 contacts/follow ups a day with doterra, caring for existing clients
  2. Hi guys! It has been a while, but this NF thing really worked for me in the past. As this is my birthday month, there is no better timing than now! So having already on mind what it wanted as goals this time around, I decided to use my Ouitch oracle cards to see what I needed in the upcoming month. I did a 3 card layout. Here is what I got: 1) First card represents current energy and the present. Yule: rebirth, resolutions. What do I need? 2) Second card is the subconscious, desires, what needs to be healed, the past. Uranus: eccentricity, difference, predictability and unpredictability. Am I happy in my current routine and choices? Do I need to stand out more? 3) Third card is what you need to do, the solution, future energy. Anahata: Heart chakra, connection, love, link between the spiritual and physical chakra. Self love, putting oneself as a priority. I drew it upside down, which means: stop choosing harmony over self care, doing so means people walk all over me. Time to say what I think and take my place. This draw is incredible! What it tells me is exactly related to this challenge mindset. I am in a questioning energy, wondering what I want to change and what to keep in my daily routines. Does it nourish me? Does it bring joy? Does it need to be changed or does it need to stay as is? What do I need? Can I embrace my spiritual eccentricity? What resolutions do I need? I need to put myself in priority, with love. And stop letting people (my kids especially) walk all over me. Take more space; stop fearing that I bother others when I am myself; putting some good boundaries. Here are my goals this time around: going back to the times a few year back when I felt my best, which was when I took 1h solely to myself every morning to take care of my mental and physical health. The ‘’SAVERS’’ miracle morning appeals to me so I will do it like so: S – Silence: meditation, 3 min cardiac coherence breaths. A- Affirmation: mantra signing and affirmation. Currently the Green Tara mantra appeals to me. V- Visualization: see myself in a safe loving bubble; see myself interacting with the people around me with calm, love and compassion. So that it becomes more a part of me E- Exercise: The monthly yoga with Adrienne calendar, this month’s theme is INQUIRE. R- Read: current read is the miracle morning for this savers routine, I’m about half through. After that, will see what calls me. S- Script: journal a little every morning, just to see what thoughts are there, trying to calm the mind and asses how I am in this day It will look like this in reality: - Wake – do some deep breaths in bed, doing about 3 min of cardiac coherence. - Do some yoga, from the calendar 30-60 min, followed by some Green Tara mantra, and then my own daily intention. - Go take a shower, take time to embrace the moment in water, then take care or my face, teeth and general look. Get dressed. - Go downstairs to do my treatments (I have Cystic Fibrosis) and read while doing them. About 10-15 min. - Take my coffee and journal a few minutes - Eat breakfast and take my morning pills. Loving the overnight oats, I am waiting on some new flavors I ordered, to try some new mixes. This routine should take from 1h to 1:30h I suppose. I work from home because of Covid, so it should work out fine without being stressful for this whole month. Will see how I will adapt it in September when kids have to go back to school. So here are the actual 3 things this represents in this challenge: 1) Meditate daily 2) Practice daily yoga 3) Eat a good breakfast everyday (overnight oats) Self reminder : all this is to put myself as a priority, be more grounded, be more calm, in a loving caring way, towards myself first to I can be a better human for my loved ones.
  3. So last challenge didn't go so well ... lets modify and try again ! Recently i realized i gained 10 pounds, which is super duper awesome, i'm finally back to my regular weight prior to kids 7 years ago. BUT.... i don't quite like the way my shape looks now. Too jiggly for my liking and i'm not fit at all. Time to kick myself in the butt and tone up those muscles ! So the goal is to make muscles and feel awesome and strong, while keeping that weight I finally managed to gain. From past experience, i know that adding things from my goals into my morning routine is what works best, since getting it over with at the start of the day is the best way for me to feel proud of myself and to make sure i don't forget it. MAIN GOAL : BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME I CAN BE (FIT, STRONG, POSITIVE, HEALTHY) WAKE AT 5H30 - 7 days a week I need to wake 30 minutes before now to make time for exercise, and if i do it daily instead of just in the week days, i will get easier and easier BLOGILATES JULY CALENDAR - 2 videos per day (1 cardio + 1 toning) I will follow her calendar daily, doing 2 videos, the first one being the cardio warmup and then whichever i feel like doing from the other 3 that are programmed that day. This should take between 20-30 minutes to do. I have my yoga mat in my room ready for use, and i am taking the ipad with me to follow the vids. DRINK WATER ! I fill and drink my bottle from work twice a day, which will add 1 liter of water in my day CYSTIC FIBROSIS : sinus rince & physio & pills I will do those once daily. I started adding these last challenge and it went well, but i started skipping .. so lets get back on track ! The irritation i had seems to be gone finally, so i will continue to do my pulmozyme every other day. AND i need to get better at taking my vitamins am/pm, so i'll take a picture of the leftovers after everyweek to track how i'm doing for that, before changing anything. I think that's simple enough to be doable, we'll see how it goes ! ** PROGRESS ** WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4
  4. Edigo

    Edigo's back

    MAIN GOAL : be a yogi (union of body, mind and breath) to keep my zenitude with my loved ones I have fallen off the NF wagon for a few years. And I miss it, I really helped me a few years back. So, I’m running behind the train trying to catch it up. I used to be in the adventurers, but this time around, let’s be a druid. I’ve been cranky as of late, losing my patience and temper too often with my kids and my boyfriend. I don’t like the person I’m becoming, and I want to change that. Regain my peace of mind, build my shape back on, be more mindful and present and enjoy life more. I’ve been meaning to add daily yoga since forever, because I feel this is exactly what I need. So here goes! SHAPE UP I want to carve a daily yoga routine in my morning. Grounded mommy = happy mommy, and happy mommy = happy loved ones. And weather is beautiful, so I want to run again, aiming at 5k overtime. - 30 min Yoga Revolution with Adrienne every morning (6/6) - Yoga class each Tuesday night (1/1) - Run 30 min 2 times a week with the kids or alone (Monday and Wednesday, or weekend if it rains) (2/2) EATING I have been skipping breakfast for too long. I only drink a coffee and I know it’s not enough for me. Eventually I want to focus on a paleo breakfast, but let’s start simple and just eat something for starters. But I give myself a few good options - Eat breakfast every day (7/7) o Frittata o Eggs with sweet potato rostis and avocado o Smoothie bowl with chia pudding o Overnight oats SLEEPING: sleep 7h, 5 days a week, gradually moving towards 8h30 over next challenges - Wake a 5h30 (5/5) - To bed at 10h30 pm (5/5) SPIRITUALITY - 5 min meditation each morning on weekdays (5/5) - Journaling : 3 gratitude logs/happy memories before bed (7/7) HOME - Pick up living room (7/7) CYSTIC FIBROSIS These are things I never do and should, so lets get them into my daily life - Sinus rinse daily (7/7) - Physiotherapy (1x set of 10 + offing) (7/7) FUN (bonus) - Finish knitting winter rye shawl - Start knitting in brioche - Read yoga sutras of patanjali - D&D 2 times on Thursdays with the guys So… this seems like a lot, but at the same time not, since they are all sort of related. And I tried to keep tasks simple enough. Waking at 5h30 will give me enough time for yoga and breakfast. I’ll add the sinus rinse and physio at the same time as my other treatments I already do. Morning routine will look like this: - Wake at 5h30 - YOGA do spine stretches and yoga 30 min - MEDITATE 5 min - CF : pumps, sinus rince, inhalotherapy, physiotherapy - BREAKFAST & make lunches - Get dressed - Out the door at 7h And Evening routine will be - Pick up the kids and go out for a run while my BF is cooking dinner - pick up living room - Wash face / teeth / shower - Do what’s left from my challenge list if I lacked time in the morning - Knit / read - Journal - Bed at 10h30
  5. In the past, NF challenges have been great for me. But the last 2 years, since I had my second child, I have been neglecting myself, and the challenges didn’t work for me. Than lately, I was desperatly trying to regain my previous routines, from when I had only one kid, with no succes and much frustration. Until I realised that my general situation changed, and that probably what worked in the past wouldn’t work anymore. That maybe I had to switch things up completely and figure it out again. Since then, I have been way more relaxed about this, and let the flow of the days guide my goals, with only an “intention of doing x” to guide me. And it’s much better. As usual, for me a new year means a new intention, theme or mantra. 2015 was “be present” and I don’t feel I achieved that at all. I think the word was not the right one. Reflecting back, I actually “drifted” most of the time. For 2016, after a week of self reflextion, thinking, and brainstorming, life gave me the answer : BALANCE. Now is the time to put more focus and intention in my days, to achieve more balance. Time for me, time for my kids, my boyfriend, a little of everything I love, less of things I don’t. With the new guilds, I feel like I should go in the druids the way my goals are, but at the same time, Adventurer is more “me”. I’ll stay in adventurers for now. I guess I consider myslef a curious druid, thisty for adventure and trying new things ! Main goal : Achieve balance by fulling my well first with exercise, clean foods and sleep. To enjoy family life, be more patient, calm, loving and compasionnate. Slow down to enjoy the moment and be mindful. Mind : incorporate the SAVERS mirable morning routine, before everyone else is awake. I aim to do this in about 15-30 minutes each morning. - Silence : 2 min meditation (eventually up to 10 min) - Affirmation “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” - Visualisation : see myself being calm, patient, in a place of love, mindfull, in control of my emotions during all events of the day, especially in parenting - Exercise : do some spine stretches and twists & tree pose. - Reading : “the life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo; then apply my learnings. - Script: bullet journal for the day + 3 things to be grateful for Shape up: Move 30 minutes daily - Run 2-3 times a week, after work with my kids while my BF is prepping dinner. - Blogilates’ august month every day for 15 min or more in the evening (aiming at 30) - Yoga : get back into my yoga classe on Thursdays for 1.5hours Fuel: breakfast everyday + calories - Take the time to eat some proteinated breakfast every day, like eggs and bacon, frittata, egg muffins, quiche, etc - Bring a second breakfast/snack for the am - Put a scandishake in my morning coffee to add calories Sleep: 7hours a day - Wake between 5h and 5h30 - Go to bed at 10pm Tidy: get back into a daily habit for 15 min a day. Tidy home, tidy brain. This makes me calmer, and brings more clarity in general. It eases tension as well. In my mind, a little goes a long way. - Wash dishes - Check laundry - Pick up around the house - Continue the Konmari method throughout the house - hoping to tackle these this mont: o Clothes o Books o Papers o Komono general o Komono office o https://www.pinterest.com/pin/319122323576061842/ Fun : Om shawl KAL - Start and maybe finish my om shawl with the knit along group
  6. Hi there ! My second child was born December 20th as a surprise Christmas present, the little buddy was supposed to be here February 2nd. He is super well, doubled his size, is too cute to be true and a very good tiny man. Now i'm ready to add a little more structure to my life and get back in the wagon of fitness. RESPAWN !! So, the goal is to get back to the habits that were lost in the process, and keep my sanity (oh lack of sleep and hormones, how we fear the) Mindfull intention for the year : be present 1) zzzzzz's...... .how many hours do i need again ? oh, yeah, 8.5.... not going to happen while getting woken up by this cute baby ogre 3 times per night. BUT i can do things to help, like : - to bed at 10 pm, like, play with the idea, set a bedtime reminder, and try to reach it 3x week, hopefully getting to 5-6 by the end of this challenge. - do 1 yoga nidra in the afternoon, to prepare/replace a nap (whatever i can manage, from 10 to 40 minutes) - set an alarm around 5h30, to get up 30 min before household so i can do the rest of the stuff i plan for this challenge. This might not work, again due to mini ogre, but we'll see how that goes and adjust. (keeping track of progress through sleepbot) 2) foodz : - eat a super protein breakfast, preferably eggs benedict (hello calories, goey eggs, fat ...i love ya'll). I feel better when i eat this as a starter. I'm weird like that .. i know, but i must not lose weight or it's gonna be bad for me - drink water each time i breastfeed (keep a full bottle at all times in the living room) - plan/prepare snacks : 1 proteinated (is that a word) green smoothie, 1 fridge overnight oatmeal with fruits 3) yoga : do 1 video each morning, in said 30 mins. from yoga by Candice, yoga with Adrienne, or plain spine stretch. whatever works that day. No pressure, this is to get back into it and keep my sanity, so the more i do the better but i wont hit myself on the head if i miss. Its basically an intention. (bonus if i actually follow the 30 day yoga challenge from adrienne) 4) gratitude : that was my new year resolution...that didn't happen. So ill use my cute little notebook i bought just for it, put it on my pillow when i cake (wow, mommy brain attack...i meant WAKE !) and write something in it, every day. bonus for 3. again an intention, no head banging allowed. now, i do know this is a lot, and that i wont reach everything by the end of the challenge, but its still my aim for now. Whatever i can achieve is a step forward. I'm just trying to get back some order through my day. I know what i like and what works, all things above i love doing/eating, and so it shouldn't be too hard. i've got mommy zombie brain at the moment and if i don't write it or plan in i WILL forget it, so here it is !!! have a great challenge people !
  7. This week will be my 5th month of pregnancy. On tuesday i'll know if i carry a girl or boy, can't wait! RESULT : it's a boy ! I'm still thinking about what i want to do this challenge, but here is my idea for now: pretty much figured out, but knowing me i'll tweek it later on this challenge lol reviewed after week one's rpg challenge, make it SMART GOAL 1: IMPROVE AM ROUTINE WITH YOGA AND MEDITATION (DEX1, STR1, STA1, CON1, WIS1) 5am wake up 15 min yoga (spine stretch and torsion, hip opener) Meditate 2 min with calm app 30 min aerosols, reading self help book (15min) & follow forums (15 min) 6am Wake family Prepare lunches and snacks Eat breakfast Brush teeth - doing squats Out the door at 7h15 What changes is the add of yoga and meditation. But this is the order i want to do it. Am yoga will adapt with the help of my thrusday night prenatal yoga class, integrating what i learn and feels the best. I already did this routine a while back and like it but let it go to get more sleep. Now that i go to bed earlier i will be able to do this. some yoga inspiration, one day i'll do handstands and crazy badass sexy postures like that. i don't know how to upload a video, so here is a link for Briohny Smyth's flow sequence : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loszrEZvS_k GOAL 2 : IMPROVE SLEEP WITH A ROUTINE (CHA1) 8H30 wash face clean teeth (brush, floss, rinse) - doing squats bath with candles, soft music, aromatherapy bath melt (homemade of course), book and tea. put cream on ever expanding belly (bio oil, and thyme maternity brand creme) off to bed at 9-9h30 pm GOAL 3 : SLEEP 8H A NIGHT (CON1, STA1) the goal is also to sleep an average of 8h a night, tracking it with sleepbot app. GOAL 4 : SOAP ONCE A WEEK (DEX 1) this is my creative side, my sanity keeper, and my hopefull business one day. so i want to practice and make it consistent. of course, i'll post the soap porn here and what i make 6 points left for mini's in rpg fanatics/adventurers week 1 mini: is it smart ? it is now week 2 mini: week 3 mini: week 4 mini: week 5 mini: week 6 mini: PVP: a very girly pvp 1) wash face at night 2) make up (foundation, blush & mascara) 3) outfit, make a little more thought and effort
  8. I am now 14 weeks pregnant, and the goal of this challenge is to get back on track with exercise, get back into the paleo breakfast and lunches that i used to take, and maintain my sleep habits. Last challenge i started on a better discipline path, and i already learned a lot, but i want to continue finding tools to use and practice them. Also i want to connect more with my son, i find i am often angry at him and yell a lot, wich is not the kind of mommy i want to by. So i will play with him more, giving my full attention, and be present during his night routine on my days. I also want to get back into my soapmaking hobby, on Thursday nights. In details : Move : aim to move 30 min daily, using the followingWalk during breaks (0-30 min a day)Walk after diner walk with son1 prenatal yoga session (30 min), usually on tuesday1 walk/run alone for 30 min, with map my run and zombie run1 strengh workout, arms and legs only (abs are not recommended), will need to find some exercise moves ...Nom : eat better, towards a paleo lifestylePaleo breakefast 5 days a weekPaleo lunch 5 days a week, cute bento styleDrink more water (bring a 750ml water bottle daily to work)Cut the sugar from my morning decaf coffee (1 tsp, aiming at 0), with coco milk instead of cow’s milkZ : sleep 7-7h30 hours every dayMaintain night routine (shower, wash face, brush and floss, mouthwash, sinus rince)10 min yoga nidra before bed as needed, aiming at 5 times a weekLife : Play and disciplinelearn about discipline (no-cry discipline solution) and practice what I learnplay with full attention with my son a little every day, and be present during his night routineget back into soapy Thursday (my playtime)It's a bit heavy packed, but most of this are habits I already have, or need to tweek, or need to get back into, so it's not all new. If anyone has good suggestions for moves i can do for arms and legs without abs, i'm all ears. I'm thinking push up, pull up, freeweight moves, lunges and squats. And some butt moves too probably. I have got 15-30 min to do them.
  9. Well, this challenge will be a lot different than I expected at first. We have a major event going on in our lives : I am pregnant with my second child !!! I am so happy, but this means the huge goals I had in mind will need to be somewhat downsized for the safety of number 2 growing in my belly. I will maintain what i gained from the previous challenges and add a couple of things I think will be alright. The key being listening to my body as this amazing adventure continues. Therefore, i bring you : THE TRI-FORCE OF MOVNOMZ !!!! GOAL: Shape up my shape and be as healthy as I can be for the newcommer MOTIVAION: My growing family Mov : move 30-60 min daily, with the following : (STA 1 + CON 1 + STR 1 + WIS 1 + DEX 1 )Morning sadhana practice : spine torsions, leg stretches, sun salutations (10-15 min)Walking during work breaks and lunch (up to 45 min)Running 2 times a week for 30-40 min, using zombie run 5k and/or the cruise control app. As of now, i can run 5k in about 45 min. I want to increase my speed a little. Aiming at 30 min for 5k. (Tuesday to my yoga class, Thursday, and once during weekend)Yoga class on Tuesday for 1h30*NEW* BBWW 1 time, on Wednesday or weekendNom: the way to 80% paleo (STA 1 + CON 1) *NEW* Wean from caffein, black tea is allowed as a transition (1-2 a day), then rooibos or herbal tea. I love a hot drink in the morning, so i will in general take 2 teas, cafffein free.Paleo breakfast (prepare egg muffins full of veggies in advance)Paleo lunch for me, 4 days out of 5, at leaseLunch for 2, 5 days a weekZ: Get minimum 7h of sleep each night ( WIS 1 + STA 2 + CON 1 + CHA1)Tracked by SleepbotWill use yoga nidra as needed to help fall asleep and restore missing z’sLife : happy mommy + meds (WIS 1 + STR 1 + CHA 1) **updated june 12th**Takes meds: sinus rince, 40 min inhalotherapy of pulmozyme & coly-micin, digestive/vitamin pills, pumps, lax-a-day in morning tea. Some meds i can't take anymore, so i need to prevent where i can, meaning i will take pulmozyme again, addign another 20 min to my treatments routine, and doing the sinus rince at least once a day, more if need be. Physio when needed as well, though i hate it and would rather run/walk/do yoga. Taking my digestive pills and lax-a-day means better digestion and no belly acke so win-win.Learn good discipline practices and work on being firm and constant. I often talk to a wall ... my fault ... I want to work on that.Soapy Thursday (get back into it). I will plan ahead some soaps i wanna make, and also wrap the ones that are ready and clean up/organize my supplies and workshop.Side quests : Clean fridgeClean ovenSort through baby/kid stuff in the basement and donate what will not be used, organise the rest better to be able to find it when needed (must put my son’s Max Schnell t-shirt and put it in our keepsake pile, as per his request)Shop and find our hardwood floor for this summer’s RenovationsWell, it might be a lot, we’ll see how it goes. Priority is sleep, and maintaining my exercise habits. Food is to eat less crap and continue progressing towards a paleo lifestyle. A lot of the goals are already in my routine, so I believe I will achieve this. June 12th edit : less side quests, modified life quest to replace meditation by taking meds religiously wich is more important in prevention for now.
  10. Hi all ! I just discovered this web site a day ago and boy does it ring true to me. Here is a little piece of me, of where i am starting from. I am from Quebec, Canada, 31 year old mother of an energetic 3.5 year old boy who bikes on two wheels, while I need to job to keep up With a boyfriend who probably has minus 10% body fat who is quite active and can eat basicly fried foods, chips and pepsi every meal without any effect on his body. I am pretty skinny family, since i am at 105-108 pounds when wet, and this has been the same since forever. But something changed at 30 yearsish, and after pregnancy. I weight the same, even less, but the body fat/muscle ratio changed and i don't like what i see. It doesn't feel right or healthy. And i don't feel sexy at all. So my challenge is probably diffrent than most : i want to gain weight, but pretty weight. Healthy weight. Muscles. ('cause now I only have 2 muscles, the ones to pick my son in my arms) Another important factor, or excuse, is that i fight Cystic Fribroses since birth. Wich is a digestive and lung chronical degenerativ illness. And part of the reason why i havn't gained weight up to now, and why i need some extra pounds for the hard times. My body is fighting infections in my lungs all the time, and it eats up a hole lot of energy. When i get sick, 10 pounds can go as fast a clicking my fingers. I am doing this, because i want to be able to play outside with my kid without losing my breath. Because i want to show miself that i can do this, even if at this moment while i write my lungs have a hard time, and it scares me. To teach me that i don't need to let it stop me from giving it all i've got. Because i don't like the way i started looking and talking at myself. Because i don't want to end up not loving this awsome body/machine i live in. Because i want to show gratefullness to this body of mine who got me to 31 year old, and who gave me my own miracle, a child i was never supposed to live long enough to have. When i was born, they told my parents i probably would make it to begining of adulthood. In your face doctors! But I could do so much more if i started acting healthier. So now, why not make a list of my favorite excuses : - no time : says the girls who plays PS3 for a few hours straight without problems. I do have a lot to do in a day, but it doesn't matter does it ? - too tired : Maybe sleeping 8 hours a day would help, duh. And exercising too migh help. So lets do this : start the day with exercise. there you go, no more excuses ! - no knowledge : not a problem, i just found an awsome community.I can learn. - I currently have a hard time breathing and i fear i am getting worst : so what ? Give it you all anyway, you might be suprised. So, i am sick and tired of my dumb excuses, and i want to make change, and for it to work this time. I am aware this will be a trial and error process, but I will keep eyes on the big picture. 30 years of bad habits aint gonna change in a month, but I can start there. Hopefully your support will help me continue once the motivation drops, as i usually does after a few weeks once my balloon has deflated. So i give you, the Main Quest : I will weight a sexy, awesomly fit and energized 125 pounds between now and 365 days. And the goals to achieve this : 1) I will sleep for 7.5-8 hours every day (with the help of Yoga Nidra) - A : 8h (+ if with yoga nidra) - B 7.5h (+ if with yoga nidra) - C 7h (+ if with yoga nidra) - D 6.5h (+ if with yoga nidra) - E 6h (+ if with yoga nidra) - F 5h (+ if with yoga nidra) 2) I will train 30-40 minutes 3 times a week with Nike+ on Kinect, in the mornings, on monday, wednesday and friday. And continue the thuesday night 1h30h yoga i already do - A : 3 times nike+ and 1 yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - B : 3 times nike+ no yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - C : 2 times nike+ and 1 yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - D : 2 times nike+ and no yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) - E : 1 times nike+ and 1 yoga (+ if i walk on my breaks at work) 3) i will Paleotize my diet gradually, starting by the breakfast - A : big paleo breakfast - B : big regular breakfast (with grains) - C: small paleo breakfast - D : small snack breakfast - E : no breakfast Life quest : (updated 20/11) takes my enzimes and vitamins with every meal - A: perfect - B: missed 1 meal - C: missed 2 - D: missed 3 - E: missed 4 - F: missed 5 For this challenge, i will use Nike+ Kinect i have at home, because it seems to work for me, it's quick, simple but hard enough to get me started, and I doesn't bore me since it changes every day. (then I can move on to what you guys do wich scares the hell out of me). If i ever eat out on lunch time, it will be at the Thai restaurant, eating a sauté meal, wich will last 2 lunches for me. So chears everibody, I will go and get inspired by your threads now, and tomorrow morning is my first Monday of the challenge ! I will post a Before photo and measurments later today 20/11 i updated my objectives to make them more measurable and changed my life quest to something i really need to work on
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