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Found 7 results

  1. Finally getting back into a routine with the arrival of baby #2! It was recommended by @Sloth the Enduring to consolidate threads so I’m going to be posting my challenge and daily logs all right here. Still a bit sleep deprived but will be posting more soon. Thanks for all the well wishes!
  2. I decided to formally go ahead and do a battle thread since it seems like I am actually sticking with this fitness stuff. (Touch wood.) I've never been good at online introductions, but I'll do my best. I'm a nerd, obviously. My hobbies are medieval re-enactment (mainly through the SCA,) archaeological experimentation, woodworking, writing, Scottish country dancing and pipe smoking. I also run a podcast on Viking Age History called Norse by Northwest. I'd always been a fairly outdoorsy person with fair fitness, but I moved from Scotland to the US and gained a ton of weight.
  3. Apropos of nothing... it's really hard to google "Crossfit Gif" and come up with something that isn't making fun of it. Just sayin'. So, an introduction, since I don't think I've been here before and you probably don't know or care who I am. My name's Thrillho. I've spent most of the last 3 years with the Monks, training for the Tigerbalm Internationals, training for West Coast Championships, training for two non-consecutive Ellismanias... I like to fight. I'm not particularly good at it, but I like it. I'm 36, 6'3", 272 lbs, father of three, and we've got a busy-as-feck life.
  4. Not sure how to start this, so I'll just do an intro. Im a 34 year old Carpenter with 2 kids. During my younger years I was always sick, never that physically strong. When I got married at 22 I was 140 lbs( I'm six feet) when the doctors figured out I had an anxiety problems. I started taking medication and I was no longer sick. But a lifetime of bad eating habits finally started to catch up with me. Fast forward to 2015 and I was 32 and 286 lbs and riddled with anxiety. i decided to start fighting back, I crash dieted 1200 cals a day( no excersizes , hated
  5. So, I flamed out last challenge and I haven't really gotten back on the horse just yet. I was going to start working out today (really I was!) but my sister in law woke up feeling sick and I had to spend what would have been my workout time watching my daughter until she started feeling better. Anyway, I recently discovered the Art of Manliness podcast and I have been sort of binge listening to catch up. I got a bunch of ideas about health and fitness in the process and I tried to work one or two of them into my challenge this go round. As I was putting it into a spreadsheet this morning
  6. Probably the nerdiest thing about me is that I LOVE to watch anime. Probably the thing that I DO most often is MOM stuff. (in fact I am giving my daughter a bath right now!!.. well she is playing with toys in the bath.. I am sitting on the toilet next to her typing.) I'd like to find other people who are dealing with marriage, kids, keeping up with nerdy past-times AND trying to get healthy (in whatever way you choose). Because if we are honest with ourselves our first priority is NOT fitness (what?!!). It is probably our families, but we can STILL do it!! It is difficult, but not imp
  7. Alrighty, then... time to get this done! MAIN QUEST: To weigh 190 lbs by September 8, 2013, and to have a body fat percentage of <15% by Dec 31, 2013. Mission #1: Eliminate soda and other sugary drinks from my diet, completely. I currently drink around 500 calories a day in soda and other sugary drinks. By eliminating these, alone, I shed 3,500 calories (that's one pound) per week from my diet!!! I will replace these drinks with 100 ounces of water each day, supplemented by teas (unsweet) and coffee (black) as needed for now. A: No sugary drinks in a day; 100 ounces of water. B: N
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