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Found 3 results

  1. This challenge is going to be an extension of the past one, where I’ll keep tracking the activities I do every day, and how do those activities make me feel. Being attentive to what I’ve been feeling has been key to the success of the past challenge, after a few depressing months. Understanding how much I enjoy or dislike some things, helped to fight laziness, and also to avoid that overwhelming feeling I usually have because “there is so much to do”. I never felt overwhelmed during the past challenge, even on the days where I was working non-stop. Awareness has helped me find balance. Now, I’d like to introduce a couple of new things (nothing so new: cross-country running and handstands) and I’d like to find out whether I truly enjoy them and why I’ve always felt so attracted towards them. ACTION TIME SPENT FEELINGS AND SENSATIONS WH BREATHING AND COLD SHOWER MOBILITY MEDITATION ICELANDIC MUSIC PRACTICE HANGING/PUSHING YOGA (includes handstands) OUTDOORS RUNNING SKETCHING GYM
  2. Wolverine is lost. She doesn’t remember who she is or why she came here. She has lost memory of the bright days, when she wandered through the fields and felt warm under the sun. She senses something is missing. Playfulness, adventure, effort… she hears their echos some times, but can’t fully grasp the meaning. In fear, she slowly distanced herself from life itself. But buried deep inside her heart, a small fire is still burning…
  3. Hi, everybody: My general goal: Lose 15 pounds before my sister's wedding on April 8. (8 weeks). I've never really tried a diet quest because I really fucking hate diet changes. But I'm at my highest weight ever, despite bodyweight workouts and trying to be more active. So, it's time to try something new. Q1: Document all my food. I use YouFood, my username is traaki. I'd love to have some accountabilibuddies over there! Strengths: I've done this before and was fairly successful unless I was drunk or hungover (surprise). Weaknesses: I'm shy about it and feel rude for whipping my phone out every time I eat. Q2: Eat a high protein, low/slow carb breakfast every day. Eggs, beans, salsa, veggies, lunch meat, lentils, spices, hot sauce, cottage cheese. No more waffles and sweetened yogurt. If I must eat those, I will eat them later in the day. I will need to prep for this pretty intensively--mornings are not my best time, but it's also the time of day when I eat on my own the most so I don't have to worry about getting my partner involved. Strengths: I love eating lunch for breakfast. Weaknesses: If this morning is any indication, I'm going to need to plan out these meals. I'm reaaaaal slow in the mornings. Q3: Do 100 pushups/100 squats program 3 x week. I tried this a while back and had good success with it. I basically just got bored when it got really hard, I think, and stopped doing it. But I'd like to get through the whole program. Now that I can do squats at least some of the time (!!!!!) I'm really looking forward to this. LQ: Take daily action! I'm doing a different challenge for marketing my business this month. My LQ is to read the program materials every day and take the actions I've planned for myself each day. I took new measurements on Saturday--those are in my battle log. I really want to see how these diet changes affect things since I struggle so much with the diet changes at all, so it's kind of a respawn point for me.
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