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Found 2 results

  1. This are mostly personal musings, but it'll help me hold myself accountable by writing in daily. The more focused I am on my goals, the more likely they'll come to fruition. Current Stats: Female | 26 | 230 lbs. Class: Rebel | Level: 2 Fitness Goals: Mon: at home workout | Tues-Thurs: 30 minute gym workout | Fri: at home workout | Sat: rest | Sunday: 15 minute outdoor walk Diet Goals: Reduce soda to one a day | Reduce carbs by 50% | Drink more water Life Goals: Practice Spanish 15 minutes a day - 5 days a week | Social interaction at minimum once a week Cosplay Goals: Complete Kate Bishop's Hawkeye uniform by the end of January That's not too hard... but it is a lot. I'll be taking baby steps so as to not trip into failure as I have done so in the past. So far in 2017, I've kept up a 2 nights a week at the gym goal. I've had an average of 1-3 social hang outs a week, and Hawkeye is halfway done. I'll most likely do daily reports the following day, since I have most free time when I'm in my office. (I work real estate management.) It's unlikely for me to update on the weekends, because I try to not touch my computer for fear of distracting myself from more important projects (cosplay work or cleaning house.) My past is riddled with bad computer addiction (spending 10+ hours a day online playing WOW or useless internet surfing) and so I've reduced my computer usage by 90% outside of work. My phone usage still trips me up, but nowhere near as bad. But yeah. Here goes it. Monday's Battle Log 1/23/2017 Breakfast: Cereal Lunch: Chicken and green bean stir fry, soda Snacks: Beef Jerky, 3 cups of orange juice, 1 cup coffee Dinner: 2 mini hamburgers with cheese, onion, lettuce. I waited for about 40 minutes and was still starving, so I ate a bowl of cereal. Exercise: 20 minutes walking on property and up and down staircases Pros: Weighed myself and saw that I have lost 2.5 lbs. since my last weigh in, felt incredibly motivated despite the lack of energy Cons: Sleeping horribly, consistently hungry - even shortly after eating, drank a soda because of time constraints, didn't follow the strength training email from NF because I was so exhausted and went straight to bed after work, disregarded the reminder from Duolingo and forgot all about my Spanish lesson End Result: obviously more cons than pros. I'm eating healthier and making better choices (even denying the free biscuits and doughnuts offered at work) but I'm not used to feeling non-stop hungry. I've tried chewing gum as a substitute, but my resolve is only so strong. Munching on peanuts and beef jerky helps... but only for maybe 20 minutes till I feel hungry again. Besides the hungry struggle, it's also incredibly difficult to stock the pantry with healthy food options when my budget is so minimal. After paying bills, I have maybe $200 left to cover groceries, cosplay supplies, and any other needs that pop up. Being poor is really cramping my style. I'm working with what I have.
  2. So I should probably start up a battle journal huh? So without any further ado. My stats Age 35 Height: 5'6" Current Weight: 250 Goal Weight: 140 My plan of action so far has been running, or more accurately trundling and wheezing. I've been trying to get out for a run at least 6 days a week. I've been using the 10K trainer by Zen Labs, as well as the Zombies Run app. Today I'm going to use the zombies run app. For today I've set up an interval training program which, to be quite honest, might be a little too much. But if it doesn't work, then I'll reconfigure it for next time. I've set up one of the jog intervals to include a 5 minute jog, which at my (shitty) fitness level will be pretty rough. But I have been improving. I still can't make a complete lap on the track I run on, but I can get past my initial landmark when I started two months ago. So my short term goal IS to make a full circuit. Maybe, MAYBE, it will happen today to a degree if I can manage the 5 minutes. But by then it will be less of a jog and resemble more like Frankenstein having a seizure. My long term goal is to compete in the Ohio Swiss Festival Cheese Chase 10k run. It feels so unobtainable to me right, so I need to find a way to keep motivated. My diet the last week or so hasn't been the best. I'm not actually working right now, so I'm relying off of a food pantry and my food card to eat. I do take surveys online for extra money as well. But everything is up in the air if my case manager can find me a job or get me on unemployment, one or the other. I'll report back later if I can manage the run or not.
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