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  1. I don't know about you, but for me being stuck in an apocalypse bunker without a gym kinda stinks. Without any clear connection to the rest of the world, there's not a lot of external accountability to keep me on track when my own motivation falters. And given the limited exercise options and resulting boredom of workouts in general, my motivation has faltered quite a bit. Needless to say, it's made keeping up with my fitness goals much harder and I know I need a bit more accountability if I'm going to stay on track. I'm about to start my first challenge and that seemed a fine tim
  2. My old log was getting kind of ponderous so I started a new one. This will be a place for me to ramble on about my moods and plans and life-happenings, even if no one is listening. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drinking lots of tea today, as usual it’s the lemon tea. Tired though; husband came back home last night and was snoring up a storm. *Marge Simpson noise* Have to drop by a friend’s house after work today, I forgot my wedding rings at her place over the weekend. We had a good talk when I was there. I need to start doing more stuff in my life
  3. Starting a log here! Definitely need the accountability help - my willpower stats are pitifully low. [Peer pressure works - I'll take all the encouragement I can get, please!!] So, joined NF Academy yesterday. (Been on the email list for a while now, finally decided to join up - cheaper than re-upping with a personal trainer and there's a community involved.) Today: - Did drink some of my calories (splurged on a sugared, canned coffee from the local Japanese market - worth it), started the day with a protein shake, and had grand plans for a healthy lunch.
  4. My goal is to definitely chatter in here on a daily basis. Even if it's to say "Hi! I took a nap today!" or that I managed to finish four loads of laundry when I'm not posting things about the gym/working out/general health hubbub! So, back in February, my Step-dad and I joined our local gym. Since then, we were going every other day. I did skip a few days because 1) I wasn't feeling all that great mentally or physically or 2) I was feeling lazy. Lately, I have been far more diligent at pushing myself to go. Even if I'm feeling mentally exhausted or gross, I go because
  5. Hey y'all! I'm Ali the Drug Dealer, and this is my new battle log. I've been a (lurking) member of NF for quite some time. I figure the start of my birthday month is a good time to look to the future. The fact that I'm currently unemployed has a lot to do with it. Anyway, I turn 36 on the 19th, and I'm 150 pounds overweight. I know mindset and diet are 80% of the battle, so that's what I'm going to be focused on. My first monthly personal challenge will be working on mostly mindset. Grading with be on a weekly GPA scale with loot based on m
  6. [So, since there doesn't seem to be a Rising Heroes-specific daily battle log, I'm starting a thread for myself specific to that quest/membership, in a more narrative fiction form. If an RH sub-forum is created, I'll migrate this over that-a-way. <3] ================= Galina squared her shoulders as she strode into the local coffee shop. Immortals did not *limp*. Or slouch. Although, she had to concede that this particular immortal had made a singularly bad decision to canvass the neighborhood in what had started out as comfortable heeled boots. She was fairly certain t
  7. Hi, my name is Vri. My goal is to lose my prego weight... from 2 years ago (haha!) I want to go into alternative modeling and cosplaying, but sexy cosplaying. Most importantly just feel comfortable and look badass naked! Bumping uglies while cosplaying is like a fantasy for me. One I will achieve. Anyways, this log is a daily log. I will be posting... + weight in pounds + measurements in inches (chest, waist, and hips) + summary of my day My dreams will come true, and I will defeat my demons. Woo!
  8. I joined NF in January of 2015. Since then I've failed to keep up on anything I "wanted" to do, NF related or not. This past month, I was diagnosed with depression, which, apparently, presents with some different symptoms in men than women. Looking back, my wife and I could see that I had been presenting with symptoms for about 6 months. Part of my issues is that I've been over-weight for as long as I can remember. I was picked on throughout school and it really had an effect on my self image. I'm getting older and realizing that something needs to change. That's why I'm going to try and be op
  9. Hey everybody, reckoned I might as well start me a log on here. Let's see now background info Height. 6 ft. 1.83 m. Weight. 195 lbs. 88.5 kg. Neck. 15 in. 38.1 cm. Chest. 42 in. 106.7 cm. Waist. 38 in. 96.5 cm. Hips. 39 in. 99 cm. Thighs. 24 in. 61 cm. Calfs. 15 in. 38.1 cm. Biceps. 14 in. 35.6 cm. Forearms. 11 in. 27.9 cm. Reason for working out My family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, and all in all bad health. I'm working to put that off. I've already been sick enough in my life. In 2012 I spent five months not being able to keep anything down. Had to have my gallbladder out in
  10. Great Creator, I see my enemy, but they're cunning and fierce. I plan to attack on the dawn of the second sunrise. I know I cannot face them in battle alone, and you have provided the allies I need to succeed. It will all end with them or me, and if it's war to my dying day, so be it. These spirits of the Shadow do not oppress me alone, but every living creature in this land. It was you who saved me from the Shadow's deadly grasp. It was you who appointed me with the sight to see beyond this physical realm into where the spirits deal, your realm and the enemies'. You gifted me with great ski
  11. Ok, so this is the first "daily log/rambling. Last night was a "light" day on the lifting schedule. I am still liking the Madcow program and do think these "light" days help in my recovery for Friday's volume day, but I have a little bit of an issue with calling a day consisting of squat sets followed by heavy deadlifts (ok, there are OHP sets in between them) as "light". Deadlifts beat me up. I am not complaining - I do really think they work well in building strength, and a lot of it has to do with my body having become accustomed to squats rather than deadlifts, but they still leave me
  12. "The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet."--Lao-tzu Copied and pasted from my intro post-- Goal: To have a BMI of 24.9 or less (136 lbs or less) by December 31, 2015 To do this, I will 1. Eat no more than 24 g of added sugar (none from HFCS) daily, 2. Eat only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and 3. Spend at least 60 minutes being active every day. This can be formal exercise, walking, yard work, house work, or active play with the kids. To log my progress, I will take monthly photos, frontal and side views, both clothed and in underwear, and I will w
  13. Today, I had Kashi cereal and almond milk for breakfast, a granola bar for lunch and chili with a handful of non-salted saltines. I was going to start Zombies!Run today but! it's a few degrees under zero here in the good ol' midwest and I'm sick (The plague finally got me)! So I'm going to replace this week's ZR training days (MWF) with a half-hour yoga session to stick to the 5/7 workout schedule. Something is better than nothing Vegan and exercise goals met!
  14. OK, so its been a year of depression, breakdown, recovery and world-change. Unfortunately its also been a year of inactivity and takeout and medical issues. It looks impossible for me to get to anything resembling physical fitness. So why try? This is why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbKkkZNwmN4 First things first. Time to wiggle that big toe. Self-directed six week challenge ZR5K 3 times a week Beginners Parkour workout 3 times a week Log everything I eat *before* I eat it. The deal is, I can eat any damn thing I want. I just have to log it before I eat it. You'd be surp
  15. Hello, Dear Reader! I'll be chronicling here my humble journey to healthier living. I much prefer "journey" to "battle". I understand that the way to healthy diet and active living isn't all pink ponies and purrty butterflies, that it requires grueling effort and lifelong dedication. But "battle" means fighting myself. "Journey" entails challenge, discovery, learning, surpassing myself. Why would I fight myself if I'm the good guy? So this good guy will log 3 things daily: 1 - Nutrition 2 - Exercise 3 - Goals "The unexamined life is not worth living," wrote Socrates. By examining these
  16. Hi everyone, i'll keep this thread as a battle log and try to keep it udated daily or at least every two days. You guys feel free to comment and suggest about nutrition an workout tips. Salute Monday 28th Breakfast: Banana and oatmeal and honey, 1 cup of black coffee. Snack: Almods and nuts and a glass (500 ml). Lunch: Roast chicken and oil and lime flavoured vegetables, manioc, sugar beet. Snack: Hardboiled egg and canned tuna Dinner: skipped (wrongly) In my lunch time i have 2 hours free, and i use this time to go my "gym", the Dojo where i train. Without weights there, i only have ropes
  17. Hello, all! I'd been posting over in Level 1, and then Starsapart helpfully informed me of this forum, too! My personal quest for this challenge: My major goal is get into a size 12, comfortably. My quests: 1, Do a body strength circuit workout 3x/week. 2, No more sugar! (fruit is ok, and I'm going to start out allowing myself one cheat day/week. I'll judge the cheat day's effect on morale and adjust accordingly.) 3, get hydrated! Drink 2.5 - 3 24oz bottles of water every day. Also, I have several food allergies, of varying intensity, and I tend to cheat on those that aren't so bad. But I
  18. Day Eighteen. Just discovered that there's a "Daily Battle Logs" forum. How did I not come across this sooner? No matter. I've been keeping a log of my meals/snacks and activities elsewhere, specifically a goofy notebook with "artsy"-looking horses on it (affectionately named, "Pony Book"). I'll start keeping track on here, too, so I feel a bit more of the accountability I'm looking for. Foodstuffs Breakfast: Apple + almond butter (homemade; delicious) Snack: Assorted nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts, almonds) Lunch: Pulled pork Dinner: Apple (apparently addicted to them today), green
  19. Accountability is a massive thing for me. I have all the will in the world to go and do something and get really good at it, but unless I have somewhere to write it down and someone to tell me what I'm doing is useless, or that I'm doing really well, then inevitably I stop and fall into old habits. Exercise is no different. Over the last 18 months my weight has yo-yoed, my lifts have increased and stalled and I've varied wildly in my body image. No more! By making myself accountable to you lot here, I will ensure that I stick at it. But to try and make it interesting for you too, I will writ
  20. So this is going to be my daily log of workouts on my path towards my goal as seen in Act 1 of my signature link. As I'm multitasking while writing this, it will lack a lot of the snazzy quips I'm used to writing, but hey we can't be perfect all the time. So really, I'm starting off with Day 6 instead of Day 1, but I blame that on temporal paradoxes, a slightly confused cockatrice, and an impossible to open jar of pickles. Today I started off with the Kenpo X portion of the p90X workout for the day. It was very similar in a way to the old martial arts training I did in the past, though
  21. New log! Background: Been doing some sort of barbell strength stuff for about 18mo consistently now, from SL 5x5 thru 531 and now TM. Have been (deliberately) eating ad libitum and so got big and strong and fat. Just did my first powerlifting meet and totalled 467.5kg in the 125kg weight class. Midterm goals: Get to a 500+ total. Lose some of this belly. A bit more biking. Methods: Moar Texas Method, I enjoy it - I'm doing a slightly reduced volume flavour to allow my 42yo carcass to cope with the load. Leangains recomposition eating plan (carb cycling, IF) rather than a cut even t
  22. PROLOGUE: The sun is bright and clear, as it nearly always is in the monastery. NomadJay’s wandering has brought him here. He naïvely attempted to cross the mountains in the early winter. One months later he stumbled down from the mountain passes into the village frail and half-frozen, just hours ahead of the first true winter storm. The villagers provided him a night’s meal and shelter, as custom dictated, and explained to him that winter storms block the passes for weeks at a time. The high passes, the ones he must use to cross the mountains entirely, are obstructed until the late summe
  23. Hello to any one reading! To try my hand at daily logging (which I have never done, really) and to keep myself accountable on things, I wanted to start a log. So here it is! I just moved from California to Maryland for grad school, so things are super different. I'm still getting used to the 3 hour time difference, even though it has been already been a week. I'm also trying to get back into my rebel-ness, which is taking a while. Since I graduated undergrad, I stayed at home for the summer before my big move. I slowly slipped of track. I started off good. I kept my diet pretty reasonable,
  24. History I was always relatively in shape because I played soccer all year round from elementary school up until spring 2009 (my freshman year of high school). Even back then though I did not have a lot of endurance nor was I flexible but I was confident in my own skin and loved my body. At 5'4" my weight averaged at 117. After quitting soccer I did not have any other form of exercise and didn't think I needed it. So young, so naive, but happy until about a year ago. Senior year of high school was a tough one. Not because of the typical senioritis (I actually got the best grades of my life that
  25. Day 1 - 04 / Jul / 2013 Hello friends. Today, i'll start my battle log (all kind of opinions are welcome). What do i say about my current status. - Man, 25 yo, 6'3", 198 pounds, 25% body fat (most concentrated at belly). - Current working out 3 days per week (at gym). - Trying to be 100% paleo diet. - 08h00 Breakfast 1: 1 sweet potato, 1 banana, 1 red apple, 1 cup of coffee (without sugar) - 11h00 Breakfast 2: 1 red apple. - 13h00 Lunch: 3.5oz tenderloin steak, 3.5oz chicken breast, 3.5oz fish fillet (pintado), 2.5oz grated carrots, lettuce, olive oil - 16h15 Meal: 1 Kiwi fruit
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