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  1. I need accountability, plain and simple. Weighed in at 199 lbs today, 40 inches around the largest part of my waist. Over the past seven years, this is the fattest I've been. I went through a transformation before, going from 240 to 170, and know what it takes to change habits. I still workout 4-5 times a week and am in pretty good "cardio" shape with some inclined walking and stairmaster. I lack mobility badly and my deskjob isn't helping that. My first goals are are basic but overarching to my strategy: (1) Gain back the willpower I once had - While I was in undergrad, I was able to
  2. Brass Here! As of monday past I have started my routine/eating. My diet hasn't been too perfect, but my portions have been good. On monday I built a routine using a couple articles from here, but afterwards found that it wasn't challenging enough. As I mentioned in my introductory (did I? I'm not sure I did...) I have been going to the gym since December. I have yet to see amazing results because I can't stick to a routine. One week I go hard, the next I make it once, maybe twice. I have seen a great difference in my overall look however the scale, and my inches, betray that Anyway long s
  3. Hi everyone! I just found this site this morning and fell in love! I need somewhere to keep a log, and I need help from others that may understand my situation. I am 38 and have a family. I work remotely on my laptop all day and my favorite hobbies are WOW and anime! Obviously none of this really involves movement, I mean, I don't even play the Wii! I live on a hobby ranch and have horses, goats, chickens, etc., so I do venture outside daily, but sometimes I try to have it down to a science....how LITTLE time can I actually do all of my chores! Anyway, I have lost weight and gotten i
  4. Restarting my log here so things don't get so cluttered. Level one of my tiniest habit goals complete. Onto level 2. (or maybe this is still the training tutorial but whatever) 1. Do two parts of the beginners bodyweight workout every day, before I go to work or in the morning. -back/plank -jumping jacks/push-ups -squats/lunges 2. Drink a cup of tea every day. Bonus: make a smoothie or roast some vegetables each week. This is something I really want to start doing but not sure I'm up to it yet. But if I do succeed during the week, more power to me. Can'
  5. My goal is to do 2 full push-ups every day. Right now this is more about building motivation and a habit than achieving any real weight loss/muscle building yet. I want to build this into some kind of workout routine but not until doing this little bit isn't a struggle. Because right now I'm just dealing with so much mental fatigue around weight loss and I know that won't change until exercise becomes as automatic as brushing my teeth. At least that's the idea anyway. I will reassess my status at the end of the month. 1/13/2013: done other things to feel good about: stood while I played
  6. Monday January 28 goal 1 reduce processed foods to 300 calories actual : success made food plan for today goal 2 work toward running 1/2 mile actual : did not run- sleet measured out points along dog walk goal 3 workout as per schedule actual : 30 minute stationery bike, strength workout cardio: 30 min rowing machine 20 min stationary bike 10 min ski erg
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