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Found 21 results

  1. Here I am again. After a few very enlightening challenges I have the feeling I've come to a crawl. But that's better than a standstill, isn't it? For April, I'll return to the basics. Nothing fancy and not too much. Although my goals seem repetitive (and I have a nasty voice telling me "AGAIN? You are incompetent, you can't do anything, you're not making progress!", which is a little difficult to ignore), I'm still... well, crawling. Soon I'll be able to walk, I hope. Goals for April: Dairy free (with the exception of selfmade Ghee). That's not an easy one - I don'
  2. The Introduction Hello, dearies! If you can't tell from the above gif, I have been watching a lot of Once Upon a Time lately. At first I thought of it as a guilty pleasure, but then I started to realize that this show is actually quite good. Modern takes on fairy tales, not only having kick-ass strong female characters but the entire cast essentially being strong female characters, having Disney characters being gay, amazingly creative costuming and makeup, and overall incredibly imaginative plots that totally switch everything up that you thought you knew
  3. Happy New Year Nerds!!!! I am so excited about 2016. 2015 was an amazing year for me, I went to Camp Nerd Fitness and it really reshaped the way I view my life, my goals and fitness. I also was luckily enough to join an amazing team of Ranger Ambassador’s on the boards here and get more involved in NF which I am really enjoying. I finally started power lifting, something I’ve been working up to basically since I joined NF via body weights and dumbbells. Real world related, I went to Alaska and got a new cat. I got engaged. My fiancé and I got our own place when our roommates moved
  4. All right nerds, I need food ideas. I have a little one who is cute as can be...but boy does she have a sensitive tummy. To make a long story short; because I am nursing right now I can no longer eat the following. Dairy (substitute almond milk and earth balance cheese sub. Are too depressing) Peanut Wheat Beans Broccoli Cauliflower Cabbage Brussel sprouts Chickpeas Or anything really spicy. I am really struggling to find recipes that my whole family can eat while mixing it up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Hi! I'm Catherine (Cutebug) and this will be my first Challenge as a Ranger. I've been indecisive about my guild and staying as an Adventurer, but I think I have found my home. My Main Goal, as always, is to LOSE WEIGHT. Challenge #1 - Cut Out Dairy (cheese and milk) for 6 weeks. This morning, while walking to work drinking my tea, I felt the usual bit of "ickiness" from drinking milk. I don't *always* feel icky or bloated when I have dairy, in fact, it's mostly only if I have lots of cold milk, but it does occasionally happen. And I thought to myself, WHY am I making myself feel icky??? T
  6. Obligatory Pre-Challenge Brain-Stuffs: I've had a lot of success over my past few challenges, my last one was a bit of a let down because life threw stuff at me but I still managed to overall improve myself I think. However, while I've seen vast improvements with my health, strength and flexibility, I feel like I haven't been seeing much progress looks wise. And while most of my brain is like who cares you're stronger and awesomer, there's that part of me that is like... but summer is coming (here?) and I'd really like to rock out a bathing suit and not feel super self conscious. I know this
  7. So, after reading and trying to cook more Paleo-ish in the kitchen for the past couple of months, I have decided that I need a place to store all my newly experimented Paleo-friendly recipes somewhere on NF so that I can refer back easily and possible share them with fellow rebels who are looking for easy & tasty recipe ideas. The recipes here follow Paleo principles (i.e. no grains, legumes, processed sugar/food, starchy stuff, dairy, & alcohol). Also, because my own dietary constraints, I don't cook anything with beef, lamb, pork, bacon, or any other type of red meat. Eating and
  8. So I have essentially breezed through my last two challenges. I don't know if I would say they were easy, but they were definitely doable and I knew I would probably come out with mostly A's on the other side when I was putting them together. I do, however, feel like I have made some serious progress. I'm on a 48 day yoga streak, am lifting a barbell pretty easily, and making better nutrition decisions overall. I am starting to see some real changes in my body. My habits are becoming much more habit like, as in I just do them as part of my routine, and much less like I have to constantly remin
  9. I am doing the exact same challenge as last time. ok, so maybe I don't want to be THIS big... but I DO want to be strong enough to do this easily. Short story: There is NOTHING like doing a few Kino MacGregor videos when you are 259lbs to make you realize just how weak and out of shape you are. (except I lost 10 lbs last challenge, so now it's 250...but still) Over the last 10 years, I have addressed and dealt with a lifetime of trauma and abuse, and changed dramatically, but also gained 100 lbs. The last 2 years have been about coming to grips with the fat me and loving myself d
  10. ok, so maybe I don't want to be THIS big... but I DO want to be strong enough to do this easily. Short story: There is NOTHING like doing a few Kino MacGregor videos when you are 259lbs to make you realize just how weak and out of shape you are. Over the last 10 years, I have addressed and dealt with a lifetime of trauma and abuse, and changed dramatically, but also gained 100 lbs. The last 2 years have been about coming to grips with the fat me and loving myself despite what my body looks like...and just recently I turned a HUGE corner with that, and it's time to move on to the next
  11. Hello sweeties! I am the Lady of Gallifrey and this is my first challenge. I have been living a pretty sedentary over the last few years, but I've started taking steps to change that. I'm hoping that the support of the rebellion will make the change a bit easier. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes that will come over the next six weeks!! Update (2/24/15): I've realized that I'm trying to do WAY too much for just starting out. I'm making some adjustments today, and may make a few more throughout the week. I'm looking at this week as a opportunity to refine my challenge goals
  12. UPDATED: MONDAY, JANUARY 12TH So.....2014 didn't end as well as I had hoped. I'm up 4.5# and 1.5% body fat since Thanksgiving. I wasn't really doing much to lose weight over the holidays, but I'd hoped not to gain either...c'est la vie.. But I'm ready to get things going again for 2015! It's going to be a really great year...I can feel it!! FITNESS GOALS FOR 2015Get down to 25% body fatDo one pull-upStart taking aerial classesGreatly improve on five yoga poses GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGEComplete the challengeReduce body fat by 2%Make noticeable improvement on yoga poses CHALLENGE ACTIONSStrength
  13. Im facing the facts here: I hate the gym, I hate walking in to the gym and doing a bunch of the same exercises with my one gym buddy or going by self and awkwardly looking around thinking ok so what am I doing, when really all I want to do is Burpees and lunges and pull ups (which I know sounds a lot like crossfit but have you seen how much that shit cost) SO for the next 6 weeks My goals are simple 1. follow the 6 week work out plan that I have already pre made STR: 3 DEX: 3 STA: 3 2. Continue to eat well, Minimum sugar, no gluten or dairy and make sure to eat protein (im bad about eating
  14. Prologue Alright, so although the last challenge [link] didn’t go well, I’ve decided that I am ready to move up to level 2 and the “real worldâ€. My dream is to be a monk or druid, but right now I’m on the adventurer course. I think considering my current fitness level and need to build solid habits, this is the place for me to start. Here we go! Starting Stats Weight: Neck: Bust: Chest: Bicep: Forearm: Waist: Hips: Thigh: Calf: Goal 1: Go Dairy-Free This is a goal for my last challenge that I failed miserably on. I hope by giving myself more
  15. Why yes, yes they are. That being said, what the hell am I doing? Relaxation and Recovery are NOT my strong points, so it could be argued that I never stop "doing something", and that may be true, but why do I never "feel" like I do anything??? Perhaps because I don't "do" what is important to me. Why not? you ask. That IS the question. I have said before and I will say it again, I feel like my life is nothing but a series of chaotic events that I just manage, rather than actually living and enjoying my life...and I am starting to REALLY hate that. So, the ever present question in my head is
  16. A little background before we begin: between my sophomore year of high school and my senior year, I lost 40 pounds. In the first four months of college, I gained back THIRTY. In the last four months, I've lost fifteen. Most of that is thanks to diet and the yoga class I've been taking at my college. Since the semester's about over, I figure I'll need to keep on track by myself. Main Goal: lose that darned freshman weight and be 180 again! This challenge is all about shedding that last fifteen pounds so I can start my fitness journey back over again, instead of qwoping backwards past the st
  17. Who knew Princesses weren't born with immunity to all harmful illness or disease? I certainly didn't. So enters the emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel that decided to come around on my break between challenges. Although, to be fair, my several weeks of discomfort in the last challenge's end were clearly indicative had I done something about them sooner. So here I am post surgery and another challenge has begun, clearly there will be no fitness goals to speak of, other than increase activity gradually as tolerated. But the diet...ohhhh the diet! After no food for 9 days, it seems logica
  18. Hey everyone, This is my fourth challenge. My bigger goal is body recomposition -- burning fat and adding muscle. I'm an overweight noob so at least I get linear gains still. In the past I've done the usual, workout 3x a week, eat these macronutrient ratios, fix form, blah, blah, blah. These are ongoing battles that I feel require more experimentation, and I'm learning a lot of complicated stuff trying to figure out the best plan for me. If you're curious about that struggle or my latest crazy experiment, go here. In the meantime, for the challenge I will be focusing on some other small
  19. Cindy-Loo


    Hey all! My fiance and I are trying to get away from dairy products, and we are totally addicted to whey protein powder. At least two shakes a day each. So I'm wondering if any of you have tried any non-dairy protein products and what your experience is with it? Thanks!
  20. So I love a lot of things about this woman's food blog and cook books. If you don't want to follow the recipes exactly, her flavor combinations are great inspiration for other things! Here's a recipe I really like, pretty much copy/pasted. I tend to cut way down on the oil, and I use ground cumin (which I still toast very lightly in a skillet). Dressing: 1 tablespoon cumin seeds 1/3 cup / 80 ml extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon honey 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt, plus more to taste 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper 10 ounces carrots, shredded on a box grater o
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