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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Adventurers! I'm posting this topic early because I was late the last two challenges. Alright, here we go! 1) Get down to a healthy weight and finish school by summer. I'm hoping for 130 lbs. by June 1st. and I'm keeping track through MyFitnessPal. A friend of mine and I are both trying to lose weight together and I've lost a pound already, though it could have just been water weight. As for school, I want to complete the culinary program this year and decide whether I want to continue into the baking and pastry class. 2) Keep up with exercise. At least 30 minutes of DDR and a few minutes of weight lifting five days a week. I want to be strong for my dream job. I also want to get a really good pedometer or activity monitor and make sure I'm doing well. Maybe I'll walk to Mordor 3) Keep in touch with friends. I tend to lose track of time and friends when they and I get busy. I'm also not that social by nature. I do care about my friends, though, and want to keep them and keep in touch with them. 4) Try a challenge. I'm going to look at the Adventurer challenges and take one to try. Wish me good luck in starting the year off right!
  2. Hey there. Getting a late start on this, since it only popped up on my radar this morning. Excuse my scrambling. Name: Naniwatt. Pleasure to meet you. Level: Goose Egg. Race: Half Dwarf. Down to earth, stubborn, bit of a gut, rather friendly. No beard though. Class: Ultimately, Body of an Assassin; Mind of a Druid. Height: 5' 6" / 1.67m (Did I do that one right?) Weight: 215lb / 98kg Ultimate/Main Quest "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.†― Socrates Six Week Quest I'm here to improve my stamina, which right now is nothing to bring home to mother. By the end of the six weeks, I'd like to pass any song in this series on Heavy: Right now, I'm comfortable at 6 or 7 footers with the occasional 8 that leaves me totally winded. I know where and when to step, but that pesky lack of endurance is killin' me Smalls. So this means... Minimum of 15 songs on either Standard/Heavy three times a week. Take my Pokewalker out for a walk/jog/rollerskating/whatever suits my fancy at least once a week. Just to get up and move more.Eat more fats, drop out the carbs, resist the snack foods. Sticking close with stuff like meat, butter, eggs, heavy cream, garlic, nuts, bacon and cheese. Mmm...Kerrygold. Life Quest I need to get back in the habit of drawing more. Comic pages, portraits, fan art, whatever. I spend too much time relying on a computer to fill in the gap between what my brain can picture and what my hands can draw. During the six weeks, I'd like to set time aside on the weekends to get something done. Anything. Which makes this a pass/fail scenario in grading. Alright. Let's get down to it.
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