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  1. (Big thanks to starsapart for the theme idea!) This challenge should be less chaotic than last, but let’s knock on wood to be certain of it! That said, I still have a lot going on between a vacation to New Mexico during Week Two and entering tech/Hell Week for The Mikado at the end of Week Six, but hey, I’ve had successful challenges in the past for a lot more going on, no reason this should be any different! And I have an end-goal in mind to keep me motivated: making sure I’m as proud of my body as I can be for Cabaret rehearsals and performances this summer, because rumor has it, I’m going to have to flaunt it. Time to spirit myself away from poor body image issues to confidence and love for my body! MAIN QUEST: Get into Cabaret-shape! Because while this isn’t a production where they require all the Kit Kat Girls to be skinny/fit because they want us all to be of different shapes and sizes, I want to be as comfortable and confident in myself as possible! QUEST #1: Don’t Eat Like No-Face! [+3 CON, +1 WIS] One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to eating is eating sweets and snacks just for the hell of it. I don’t want to give up sweets and snacks altogether, but I do want to make sure that treats are for a good reason rather than just because. So 6x/week, if I ate anything in between meals, I’ll have to own up to you all on NF why I had it. Nothing is held against me if I had the treat for an acceptable reason; I get penalized if I eat outside my meals for an unacceptable reason. Ideally, I’ll do this every day, but I’m giving myself a freebie in case of Life. (Acceptable reasons: it was a special occasion (birthday, party, etc.), it was the end of the day and I had the calorie allotment for it or I planned for it, I was legitimately hungry (and I chose a healthy snack), it was immediately after a workout (and it was an appropriate post-workout choice), etc. Unacceptable reasons: I felt like it, it was there, emotional/hormonal turmoil, I didn’t want to be rude, etc.) A = 6x/week passed | B = 4-5x/week passed | C = 2-3x/week passed | D = 1x/week passed | F = never QUEST #2: Be Bendy Like Dragon-Form Haku! [+3 DEX, +1 CHA] While our version of Cabaret doesn't necessarily call for bendiness, I want to be as flexible as possible, which will help me in the long run for future castings and dance. I’ve been kind of haphazard on my flexibility routine lately, so it’s time to redirect focus to it. So, 4x/week, I will dedicate at least 15 minutes to good, long stretches. Yoga will also count for this, as well as stretching done in jazz/ballet classes. A = 4x/week | B = 3x/week | C = 2x/week | D = 1x/week | F = never QUEST #3: Never Stop Training! [sTR, DEX, STA] – exact stats TBD at the end of the challenge (5 pts) One of the fears I have about not dedicating any quests to my training plan is that I’ll let it slip, so this quest exists to make sure that I don’t. Every Sunday evening/Monday morning, I’ll present my workout plan for the week and stick with the plan the best that I can. Obviously, I won’t count anything against myself if I get sick or injured or if Life happens. What I will count against myself is poor planning and the “I didn’t feel like it/was too tired†excuse. No real ideal schedule, to be completely honest, especially since Week Two and possibly Week Six are going to be crazy enough! What I'll most likely fit in are dance classes, Stronglifts, bodyweight workouts, and running, and the flexibility exercises from Quest #2. Vague and optional plans are acceptable; sometimes, it'll just be better to give myself leeway, especially when I know I'll be presented with difficulties for xyz reasons. A = 7 days followed | B = 5-6 days followed | C = 3-4 days followed | D = 1-2 days followed | F = never Starting in Week 4, I will be changing this quest to a simple workout 5x/week with the intention of working out 6x/week, but giving myself an extra day of rest in case things get chaotic. This quest is actually a lot more bothersome than I thought it was going to be. The spirit of the quest will remain the same but with more freedom to change my mind on a day-to-day basis. I will still lay out my intended weekly schedule at the beginning of each week, but I will not be so strict in my adherence to it. A = 5x/week | B = 4x/week | C = 2-3x/week | D = 1x/week | F = 0x/week LIFE QUEST: Do Better Than a Ponytail! [+2 CHA] I need to stop relying so heavily on the hair and make-up artists when I perform, especially for two of my upcoming shows (The Mikado and Cabaret) where we have a huge cast of which I am not a principal but ensemble, and the principals will need to have the attention far more than ensemble members. So it’s time to learn how to do hair and make-up all on my own! It’s an essential skill for an actor, after all. I will spend at least 30 minutes a day 3x/week playing around with hair and make-up. Yes, I will provide pictures! And yes, expect ridiculousness since this is theatre training, not adulting training. A = 3x/week | B = 2x/week | C = 1x/week | F = 0x/week In Summary: 1. Mindful Snacking 6x/week (ideally 7x/week) 2. Flexibility Training 4x/week 3. Keep to the Plan 7x/week 4. Hair & Makeup Training 3x/week Attribute Point Distribution: ? STR | 3+ DEX | ? STA | 3 CON | 1 WIS | 3 CHA (5 points to be distributed to STR, DEX, and STA per completion of Quest 3 and what exercises I do over the course of the challenge. Tentatively +2 STR, +1 DEX, +2 STA) Weekly Recaps: Day Zero | Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four | Week Five | Challenge Complete! Mini-Challenges: +1 STA earned! +1 STR earned! +1 WIS earned! +1 CON earned! +1 CHA earned! Before Pictures: Measurements: Waist: 27" Waist @ Navel: 37" Hips: 37.25" Thigh: 21" Calf: 14.75" Bicep: 10.5" Wrist: 5.75" Neck: 12" (I will not weigh myself because I do not care about that, or I'm trying to force myself not to care about that.)
  2. Hi, this is my first time on the boards and I'm excited to meet like minded, motivating and positive new peeps. I started my fitness quest after I realized that if I didn't change my ways, my parents were going to have to bury me. I was an uncontrolled diabetic [A1c = 9.2], on insulin and about 3 other meds, using a c-pap at night because my weight was crushing me and cutting off my breathing. I would be so winded after 1 salsa dance that my legs would give out. I was 5'6" and ~252 lbs [114.3 kg]. I am currently going to a supervised diet plan that encompasses not just weight loss but they have behaviorist, exercise physiologist, as well as medical doctors to help you adjust your plan. I've also changed my diet to paleo and am loving it. I never realized that I was allergic to SOY and legumes. As soon as I cut them out of my diet - my skin cleared up and I lost ~7 inches off my abdomen. I reached my weight goal of 165 lbs [74.8 kg]. my A1c = 5, which means I'm totally off all of my insulin and only on 1 tablet of medication [my vitamins now out number my medications] But now I feel the "hard part" begins -- meal planning, budgeting, and coming to terms with my new body. Sometimes I feel like a baby giraffe -- gawky and awkward. My goal is to be able to dance all night. I love to dance salsa and am learning West Coast Swing. There are many workshops were you take classes all day and then open dancing from 9 pm to 4 am. I'd like to be able to do that. So, I think endurance strength training (with bodyweight) and vinyansa yoga intrigues me. I'm also considering taking a kinesiology class(es) about movement in general and nutrition to bulk up my mental muscles too. I'd also like to participate in the next challenge but not sure what guild to choose, any suggestions? Thanks for listening/reading.
  3. Hi! (I've just written up my story on my profile, but I decided I would share it here as well. Thanks for reading!) I'm pretty lucky to have found a huge passion in my life - swing dancing. Over the past three years I've been nearing the end of my undergraduate degree in Media Production - which I still love - but I've come to realise that I'd really like to work in an industry that supports my health and my love of dancing. I've only been dancing for two years - in high school I was very much into visual arts, drama, and english - but never had any physical activity as a hobby. In fact I hated sport and exercise and would decidedly avoid it. Dancing is the first time I've found an activity that I love so much and can still be creative, but to be really good at it I need to be athletic as well. My dream is to travel and compete at a professional level in the next 5 years, and to have people believe that I've been a dancer all my life. Huge call but I think I can do it. So far I've already been taking steps - I'm training with a swing dancing performance troupe 2x per week, I've really changed my diet over the past couple of years and have worked hard to educate myself on nutrition. I currently work at a health foods store part time (which I love!!), am almost paleo, and have just started lifting this year. My current goals are to: 1. Go completely paleo at some point 2. Squat and deadlift my own bodyweight 3. Do a full chin-up 4. Flexibility - Do the side spilts 5. Educate myself about exercise, strength, and fitness! My ultimate goal is to decrease my body fat and build muscle, to have the capacity of strength and fitness required to be a professional/competitive dancer, and to have developed sustainable habits that will carry my health through life. Would love to make friends with anyone on a similar journey!
  4. Main goal: be a professional competitive kettlebeller! It's been a while since my last challenge! In the meantime I've finished my internship (which kept me away from here) and I also competed at the amateur level at the world championships of kettlebellsport. It was awesome. And I want more! And I want to do better. So here I am, with a very simple challenge setup! Progress video with 24kg, only need to do 50 extra reps per hand for a spot on the podium! Simple because I just need to get back into training a lot. It doesn't really matter yet what I do, as long as I'm doing stuff! So my first goal is related to just doing something; Goal 1: Dance dance! If I don't feel like training at all, I just have to put on the clothes, put on some music and then dance. If after 5 minutes of dancing I still don't feel like training I get to go home. Goal 2: Log the progress It's important to log so I can have proper progression, it's important to take some videos to check technique progress... and doing so here is extra fun! Bonus Goal: Fix all the things All the things that cause me stress. Stress is bad for training recovery. And the list of things is long. But I'm not writing down any specific goals because that'll put on pressure and add to the stress Complicated yes? The goal is only here so I can brag about it if I do something useful.
  5. Here I am, back for the next challenge after an abandoned previous challenge and a holiday at home which can only be described by this Don't get me wrong, it was very enjoyable, but now it's time to kick this machine back into gear and tighten the whole thing up a bit (or a lot). ___________________________________________ MAIN QUEST: EXORCISE THE DEMONS AND RESUME AWESOMENESS Goal 1: Meditate daily after getting up; for a minimum of 5 minutes | +2 CHA Mindfulness of breathing or mettabhavana. every day. seriously! yes, that includes weekends Goal 2: Don't skip dance class you lazy | +2 DEX street dance class every Tuesday skipped twice in December alone which is just stupid no more skipping Goal 3: Do 2 workouts a week | +2 STR Choose from: Bodyweight (Neila Rey or comparable) Ketllebells Swimming Running Life Quest: Make reading the last thing you do before going to sleep | +2 WIS No more Netflix until 2am ___________________________________________
  6. Hello Assassins! I'm Claire, and I finished up my very first challenge last session. I'm excited to join a guild this time around. I've been thinking quite a bit since then about what goals I want to set, and where I want to aim for. I've ended up deciding that I want to feel stronger, more resilient, more capable and happier, and I've chosen goals that I hope will help me get there. I also want to make sure that I cover both the physical and emotional/mental side of things. I've had a rough couple of years health-wise, but things are looking pretty good at the moment. Main Quest I want to feel stronger and more capable in myself, both physically and mentally. Quest 1: To Dance Again! (2 DEX, 2 CHA) A couple of years ago, I was dancing pretty frequently. I like partner dancing, and I've dabbled in various different ballroom and latin styles. Then a combination of dodgy knees and depression stopped me, and now I haven't been dancing for... 18 months? probably longer. So, my goal for this challenge is 1 Dancey-type activity per week Hopefully these will involve getting out of the house and interacting with other people, but if I need to do something at home that will count as well Quest 2 Stand on one leg (2 DEX, 1 STA, 1 STR) My ankles have always been my weak point - they get sore when I run, they get sore when I walk too long, they get sore if I hold them in a funny position.... so this challenge, I want to strengthen them, so that I don't have to constantly make excuses for them. My plan for this is Part A: ankle exercises every day Part B: Single leg balances 5 days a week Quest 3 Control the Snacks (4 CON) Overall my diet isn't bad, and I don't want to absolutely give up any foods, because then I get cross and unhappy. But I do have issues with eating way too much of some foods, and then feeling sick and guilty afterwards. So this challenge, I am aiming for: Maximum of 1 indulgence food a day Life Quest: Mental Homework (3 WIS) I want to look after my mental health, and I tend to keep putting it off as something that's not important and can wait till later. Well, later is now. This challenge I want to: Part A: Do mindfulness 3 days a week Part B: Write in a journal 2 days a week Grading I've never understood letter grades - I didn't use them growing up - so I'm just going with percentages here. I have finally allocated stat points! Measurements Height: 180 cm Weight: 95.9 kg Arms: 32 cm Chest: 115 cm Waist: 91 cm Hips: 112 cm Thighs: 68 cm Calves: R 45cm L 44cm Before Photos (Please forgive my dreadful picture taking skills)
  7. Fellow nerds! My bio I joined NF in July 2013 and had 2 pretty interesting challenges at the time. My challenge has a very weird name. I noticed that we - women - sorry for the generalisation - tend to be very critical towards ourselves. I realised that with no self-acceptance, it is very difficult to move forward from where we are towards what we want. After a very insightful holiday at my parents place, where I understood fully my relationship with food, I decided that I would love work on loving myself unconditionnally. I also saw that there was no point using food as a emotion revealer (any kind of emotion actually). I understood that I was striving for a perfection that doesn't exist. So I am going to accept whatever I am, whatever I do as the very best of myself and work towards being less judgemental towards myself. How will this apply to my fitjourney? Primal diet, planning and exercising 4 times a week, keeping a log. Main quest : Fit in a French size 40 (US 10, UK 12) and drop weight to 80 kg (158 lbs) This challenge main Goal : I want to weight 86 kg ( I am starting around 92) and be more energetic. I want to look at the mirror and giggle from pride and happiness on the fact that I hold on no matter what life did. I want to feel the strength and the feeling that I can accomplish anything that I want. I want to feel beautiful again. 1. I will follow a primal diet - up to 4 primal meals a day : lentils, hummous (convenient for lunch time) and occasional dairy. - no processed carbs - 1 non-paleo meal every 2 weeks - no alcohol (easy one) *****Ratings****** A. 0 to 1 non-paleo food B. 2-3 C. 3-4 D. 4-5 E. 6+ 2. I will exercise to detoxinate my body and recover all my energy - 3 BodyWeight workouts from NF Academy - 1 cardio activity at the gym - Biking to work at least 3 times a week *****Ratings****** A. 4 sessions of exercise B. 3 sessions C. 2 sessions D. 1 sessions E. No sessions 3. I will track my food / drinks /mood in a excel spreadsheet. I have a spreadsheet that I'll be updating everyday. My idea is to do that for at least 100 days, but I'll start bit by bit. *****Ratings****** A. Writing every day B. Skipping one day C. Skipping 2 days D. Skipping 3 days E. 4 + days Life challenge Journaling I want to save at least 5 mn everyday to write in my diary. I noticed that I feel good when I do that. *****Ratings****** A. 1 missed day B. 2 missed days C. 3 missed days D. 4 missed days E. 5 missed days Starting stats: I'll do the formating a bit later. I'll post updates at least 3 times during the week. My main difficulty is dealing with my emotional eating : I don't like my job and it is very frustrating sometimes since I am looking for something else and haven't managed yet to find a new one. I am ready for this, thanks for reading!
  8. Right, let's be honest... this will mostly be me posting pictures of my arse and my dinner and rambling, so if you're looking for a serious challenge this probably isn't a thread to follow! I'm mostly meeting my strength goals and I don't have a comp until next April, so I'm just keeping on trucking and doing what I'm told in the gym. Overall goals in the distance: 150kg deadlift80kg bench pressGreater confidence in myselfSelection for International competitionTop 3 -63kg in the UKChallenge tasks: Sleep more – Bad sleep really doesn’t help the lifting good. My challenge is to be in bed by 11pm at least 3 nights a week (aim is to get this to 5 nights a week)In bed by 11 3 nights a week on a graded scale over the six weeks +2 WIS, +2 CON Find fun in fitness again – Don’t get me wrong, I love to lift. I really love to lift, but I need to do something else sometimes. Part of my challenge is to find and book myself into classes that I can do on a rest day (I’d like to do pole dancing to help with the confidence issues, but possibly just yoga or zumba). Find a new class to attend +2 CON, +1 WISActually start attending said class +1 STA Accentuate the positive – This is one of my biggest issues. I get very depressed about my progress even when I shouldn’t (I’m pulling my old max deadlifts for easy reps and still sulking). I need to find ways to deal with the negative thoughts. It also affects me in my day to day life, with a tendency to burst into tears at the smallest negativity. Not only that, but I generally think I’m fat (sometimes) and ugly (a lot) unless I’m having a really good day. I need to get to grips with that!Find ways to manage my poor self-image +1 WISGet through the week without bursting into tears over something stupid +1 CON (per week)You’ll note that there are no strength-based challenge tasks. That's because I’m just going to carry on lifting in my battle log and keeping up with lifting isn’t really the challenge at the moment, it's all the stuff around it that keep me going! Please DO: Post kitten gifsRemind me to go the fuck to sleep if you spot me online after 11pm GMT (Sunday to Friday)Be supportivePlease DON'T: Pick apart my form in videos unless I've asked you to (I know what has gone wrong and I'm already working on fixing it)
  9. Chapter 02 Six weeks after she came to this place, Mera can feel her strength slowly returning. Six weeks since she almost lost it all and six weeks since she has been fighting to regain her superpowers. Six weeks of sweat and constant mental battles. With what result? She almost managed to push herself off the ground. Once. That's not good enough... Main Quest: 5 second free handstand Goal 1 - Balance Complete the 28 day handstand challenge over the course of the 6 weeks, which means 5 times a week. +1 DEX , +1 CON Goal 2 - Strength Do 3 bodyweight workouts a week +2 STR Goal 3 - Agility Go to dance class once a week (or do 30min cardio if there is no class) +1 DEX, +1 STA Life quest Yoga and Meditation 30 mins per week +2 WIS MOTIVATION MERA HAS MERA WANTS
  10. Hey guys! this is my second challenge, so my first one in the Assassins guild WOOT! heres where i'm at.... i'm not very outta shape body wise, i'm mostly aiming for healthier.... that means food and movng my body! I started Parkour a few months ago after moving to Bordeaux and I love it! I mostly chose it cause i needed something to replace martial arts while i'm here in the badass category I love it! I've also just started climbing once a week which has been so much fun!!! Now that i've started i need to mak sure i continue! My parents just bought a boat and so i'm gonna go visit for christmas in the Caribbean! WOOOOT! but because of that, i wanna look my best! Especially since we'll be super active while i'm there! I'll be learning how to kiteboard! (FINALLY!) i'l be also swimming and kayaking and hiking a ton, so being in shape is important! on that note! to do that: Main quest: be as fit as possible at all times (that includes my brain!). and run a 5k in under 24 minutes just through parkour and a little bit of running on my own but not properly training. (my 5k PR is 24:10ish) just for fun.... see if its humanly possible: my measurements are: Bust:34 Waist: 31 Hips: 35 so if you take an inch off of hips, and 3-4 inches off of waist i'd technically be the same measurements as the average model , and it'd kinda feel like sticking it to the man if i was able to get to those measurements..... But i'm not sure its humanly possible cause i'm definitely a curvy girl. but i figured if i am trying to slim down and get stronger, i might as well see if its possible!! Mini quest 1: go to Parkour at least 2 times per week! If i can't, then i've gotta run 3 miles and do 20-30 minutes of body weight training to make up for it! Mini Quest 2: do 10 minutes of codecademy at least 3x per week! (i'm already using my brain by living and studying in another language, but i need to use the more mathematical/scientific side of my brain!) Mini Quest 3: Go on a 30 minute jog at least 2x week! Life Quest: completely rearrange and clean my room so the energy is unstuck, and buy a bike! Nutrition quest: only sugary things are fruit! severely cut back grains (brown rice okay) Wish me luck!
  11. I have traveled from my previous guild, The Adventurers, to join the mysterious Assassins. I've been lured over by circus tricks and hula hoops. My main quest is the same as last time, however my goals are drastically different. I've also taken walking out of my goals this challenge but it is a habit that I have kept up these past two weeks so I will continue walking. It feels good to be out in the sun during the day. Main Quest To love myself for who I am and gain my confidence back. Getting healthy will be a bonus to feeling confident again. Goal 1: Daily hooping practice (+3 STR) I really want to get this down. Hooping is a lot of fun and I enjoy the time spent outside. I want to aim for at least 5 minutes of waist hooping each day. This way I can actually waist hoop. I've been avoiding waist hooping because I haven’t figured it out yet. After the five minutes of mandatory waist hooping, I can move on to hand hooping and other trick learning. I’m also going to try and record at least one session a week, to track progress and correct my form. Goal 2: Focus on the movements (+2 DEX) Once a week, on Saturdays, I want to learn how to belly dance. This will help me with my hooping goal since you need to know how to move your body. I’m not very coordinated when it comes to dancing so this should definitely help. Goal 3: Focus on the positive things. (+1 WIS & +1 CHA) I’m doing a repeat of this one. Spend five minutes each day to write down the positive thoughts. I have a journal this time around so I feel this will be better than my last challenge. I may post some of these thoughts up here. That way I’m more active on my own thread. Life Quest: Put aside $1000 (+2 WIS) This is something that I need to do. I have a ‘bill’ that needs to be paid in July and I rather not deplete my savings account by taking care of it. I’m putting it here so that I keep myself aware of it. I have a tendency to forget about things I don’t already pay on a monthly basis. Diet Quest: Avoid Eating Out (+2 CON) This is partly to help save money and partly to eat better. My husband is on board with idea. Actually, it was his idea. Limit eating out to once a week. We were able to do it this week. Let’s give 6 weeks a try! Here's to an exciting challenge with my new guild!! Tracker Goal 1: 6/7 5/7 5/7 2/7 0/7 1/7 | 19/42 Goal 2: 1/1 1/1 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/1 | 2/6 Goal 3: 7/7 7/7 6/7 3/7 2/7 1/7 | 26/42 Life Quest: 92.5%92.5% Diet Quest: Week 1 1/1/1/1/1/1/1 7 Week 2 1/1/1/1/0/1/0 5 Week 3 1/1/1/1/0/1/0 5 Week 4 0/1/1/0/1/1/0 4 Week 5 0/1/1/1/1/1/0 5 Week 6 0/1/1/1/0/0/0 3 Total = 29/36
  12. Why just hold each other accountable when we can share dance-offs? This is an accountabilibuddy group for those of us that have dancing as a goal, dance for workout, or whatever. We're talking all kinds of dance here - crazy-dances while you're home alone, competitive dancing, hoop-dance, pole dance: You name it, we want it! I want to dance-off! What do I have to do? Nothin'! Well - almost. Sign up on the accountabilibuddy spreadsheet, introduce yourself here, and off we go! Please do: Share your favourite dance-songs Challenge your buddies to dance to certain songs If you want - post videos of your best/worst/craziest dance moves! Post many many crazy dance gifs Have fun! Dance more! Share the joy! This group is open to everyone! No matter if you're in a guild, or just found NF, jump in, have fun and pop that booty!
  13. Mad Hatter's MasterChef Challenge This challenge is all about food. Delicious, yummy food. I love cooking but having lived in too many hotels to count in the last half year I'm badly stuck in a cooking rut. In this challenge I will battle against myself to come up with creative and scrumptious new dishes. Yes, yes, there will be pictures. Main Quest - Become a masterchef Goal #1 Food porn (+3 CHA +2 WIS) Every week I will complete the following 3 challenges: The Mystery Box - in which I have to cook something using ingredients of YOUR choosing*^. The Skill Test - in which I will try a brand new recipe designed to challenge my technical skills.The Copy Cat - in which I will attempt to reproduce a fancy 3 course restaurant meal.*Disclaimer - I eat or at last I'm willing to try most things but I reserving the right to veto any ingredient that don't strike my fancy. ^Current mystery box ingredients: OxtailPig's cheek (if I can get hold of it)MusselsInsectsTurkey + beetsTripe (maybe)Scallops + cabbage + baconEscargotReindeerChicken heartsEggplantCinnamon breadLeekArtichokeSauerkrautFresh sardines (or replacement)Kurkuma (turmeric)AvocadoGinger dessertCinnamon mainChicken breastChocolate souffleYogurt Goal #2 Made from scratch (+3 CON) All food I eat must be as close as possible to single ingredients. If I want curry, pesto or cake it must be made from scratch. One free pass/week is allowed. Work lunches or where social conventions dictate otherwise are exempt from this rule. Goal #3 Tracker (+1 CON) I will loosely track my macros and don't stray too far from my calorie and protein goals and hopefully lose a bit of fat in the process. ... Sidequest #1 Dancer (+3 DEX) I recently started belly dancing and I'm really enjoying it. Even more recently I found out that there will be a student show in May. This will be a great opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone and get me one step closer to my epic quest. Right now I'm however too caught up in the steps and technique to be able to dance freely so I will add 1 hour of cumulative practice each week. Sidequest #2 Consistency Between acrobatics, dancing and gymnastics I have a full plate right now (ha!), but I still want to find time to focus on strength and stretch. This is what I'd like to do every week, and I'm adding in this goal for maximum accountability. Gymnastics 2x/weekAcrobatics 2x/weekTribal 1x/weekStrength 2x/weekStretch 3x/weekHandbalancing 5 min 6x/week... Life goal - Dressmaker (+3 CHA)I will make at least ONE wearable item. I've been wanting to learn to sew properly (as opposed to stitching stuff together in random cool ways) for a long time. Now that I'm reunited with my sewing machine, it is finally time to make this happen!
  14. It's a new dawn, and with it comes a new day and a new year. Snowflakes fall outside my window, rare in this part of the Shire. I just had breakfast, and already my thoughts wander toward elevenses. I am Roswenthe. I am a hobbit, and a bard. As a bard, I dance, sing, play viola and ukulele, and most of all, I make my living by telling stories. Some here assign me the term "assassin", but I love people. Love to tell their stories, and love to hear their stories. Unfortunately, some bouts of ill health, along with many hours penning my epics, and the many snacks of hobbit life, has left me with some work to do to make my next journey. In early fall, I broke my foot, and it sidelined me from many of the things I like to do. I spent extra hours writing, but none dancing, and only in the past few weeks have been recovering to the point where I can dance again. MAIN QUEST I want to lose 15 pounds in the next six weeks, and gain some consistent habits. GOALS 1. 20 minutes working out, six days a week (not on Sundays) - plan to alternate walking with dance and Classical Stretch 2. I created a healing diet over the holidays, and I want to stick to it during these six weeks. It has similarities to Weston Price or paleo diets, but I do eat sprouted grains and slow-rise sourdough, along with more raw foods. I have done paleo in the past, and cannot accomodate the amount of fat since I don't have a gallbladder. 3. Drink at least five glasses of water every day. (Will go up next challenge) LIFE QUEST More than anything, I want to finish my current book, which is the third in a series, and move on to new projects. I'm more than halfway through, so I hope to finish it during these next six weeks.
  15. Terinatum's New Groove Quest for the Balanced Life Mission Quests: Working Out -- 1 point STR, 2 points each DEX and STA -- ODD DAYS: BW and DB exercises and EVEN DAYS: Dancing (keep up my lung capacity work, since I'm not running much over the winter). A = 33/42 B = 29/42 C = 25/42 D = 21/42 Cooking More -- 3 points CON -- feel affection for my kitchen. Two meals per week. A = 10 B = 9 C = 8 D = 7 Eating Better -- 2 points CON -- keep focused on better foods. No sugar after 4 pm. A = 33/42 B = 29/42 C = 25/42 D = 21/42 My Life Quest: Working for Myself -- 3 points STA, 2 points WIS -- I'm going to do 10 minutes of a personal or household project every day. I will keep a daily log of the time and type of project(s). A = 33/42 B = 29/42 C = 25/42 D = 21/42 Side Quest: Do Ranger Mini Challenges BadAsses Accountabilibuddies Thread - Goal -- 5 Regular Push Ups before Jan 1st BATTLE ON
  16. Dren

    Life Is Good

    Age: 29 Height: 172 cm. Weight: 69.5 kg. GOALS FITNESS AND FOOD: Go to the gym at least 4 days per week, ideally 5. This is the routine I want to return to: Push Day, Pull Day, Swim/Active Rest, Push Day, Pull Day, Rest. Stretch every night before bed. Take a packed salad + protein + complex carbohydrate lunchbox, plus fruit, a big water bottle and/or flask of herbal tea, every day I have classes (4 days/week).LEVEL UP MY LIFE Be out of bed by 7:30 am every weekday. Work 9 - 5 every weekday, and set SelfControl to block social media sites until the end of my work day. FITNESS ROUTINE PUSH DAY: Weight training with emphasis on "push" activities.PULL DAY: Likewise, but opposite.SWIM DAY: Half an hour gentle swimming at the 30 m pool at my gym.ACTIVE REST/REST: In addition I tend to a 2 hour dance class on Tuesday nights and at least one or two nights of social dancing at other points in the week. I'm hoping to go for many long walks with the new boyo as well.(Weights and reps info to come after my first session back) NOTES Photos to come!I've decided to start a challenge again because I've fallen into some bad habits over the last month - I was doing very well, then had a great holiday/field trip (11 days hiking in Wales + a long weekend of dancing) which made me very happy, but knocked out my routine. I'm an MA student and am feeling the pressure from my studies. I also recently had some relationship issues, which are now resolved. My response to these things was to sleep as long as possible every day! I'm seeing a counsellor now, as a 'real life' accountibilibuddy - I thought checking in with the lovely folks on the forums here might help with the day-to-day.
  17. I've always wanted to be more fit, and pursue pakour, rock climbing, and urban exploration, but never had the right motivation. Until I found Nerd Fitness. Now, I'm going for it! Time to level up, for realsies! I love cats. Great agility, speed, as well as style and grace. My challenges are based on the greatness of felines. Fitness Goals 1. Getting Ready :Do the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3 times a week. Nuff said. +3 Str, +1 Stam, Con 2. Endurance and Speed: My wife can run a mile in 12 minutes. I'm a smoker, and have ehhhh stamina. I'm good for short distance, but not much more. Run 2 times a week minimum. This goal is to match her 12 minute mile. +2 Stam +2more if I can make it in 11 minutes. 3.Sweet Cat Agility Part 1: I was contacted by another member of the Rebellion who is also interested in parkour,(Calling you out Denniah!) and just starting out. I live a block from a nice little park, so I got some boards and set it up. My wife is also going to practice. Practice precisions, rolls, and general flexibity at least once a week. +2Dex, +2 more if I practice twice a week for all six weeks. Personal Goal: I can't dance, and my wife loves to. It's annoying that I play drums, can do 3way independents(play 3 different beats at once) and just feel awkward trying to dance. Our two best friends are both attractive women that also dance, and we go to clubs all the time. They go out on the floor, and I feel like a jackass standing at the bar drinking.That's lame. I play Call of Cthulhu with a dance teacher couple, so I'm going to tap that resource for some kinda lessons. Take my wife and friends out dancing. Do it with some style and panache, and be confident about it. +2 Cha.
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