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Found 3 results

  1. So, it's been a while since I've been on the site (almost two years). Got sick and then was overwhelmed with life, grad school, excuses, etc. I've lifted on and off but haven't really made any long term gains because of inconsistency. Lots of life things have happened - got my PhD, started a new job, husband started his own business, life craziness. Best part: I'm finally done with school! I want to get serious again and make some gains. This challenge is all about consistency. Without further ado: 1. Lift 3-4 times a week, Danger Method I started this week and feel like this, but in a good (?) way: 2. Meal plan/grocery shop on the weekend I can do this and am set for the week with good food choices if I do. Just do it. 3. Get up before 7 AM and don't hit snooze Will use this awesomeness that The Rock created. This will facilitate the other goals. Getting up earlier means getting home earlier so I can workout before dinner, make dinner, and not be sidetracked because it's late and I'm hangry. Life Goal: Keep a Bullet Journal I have one, but have not used it yet. The requirements are fairly loose here because I am still learning how. BONUS: Pack pre-workout snacks on lifting days to keep the hangry at bay.
  2. Having made the dangerous trip to the miserable hole-in-the-ground known as Gildgrizzle, Stonefist surveyed the surrounding landscape. Yes, there was potential here, but it would take a lot of hard toil, time, and not to mention malt beer and ripe meat off the bone. First things first, dwellings must be dug. The upper layers around here were sandy loam, relatively easy to shift. Just as well, as he was still a novice miner. For the size of dwelling he'd imagined, it would take shifting quite a bit of weight, but he had a secret weapon, a method created by some mysterious entity known only as "JDanger", an ill-fated name indeed. But then, a dwarf's life was frought with danger, from murderous carp to lack-of-booze-fueled tantrum spirals. He was commited, he was ready. It was time to STRIKE THE EARTH! Ahem, flowery prose aside, I just finished my recruit challenge (2nd time around). I've been lifting for several months now, using Starting Strength as a template. Finding that I just can't keep adding weight every time, I've decided it's time to try a different program. So what better program than one made by a member here at NF? Looking at the program, I see right off the bat that it'll probably kick my arse, if all goes well, I'll be lifting over 2x the tonnage I have been! This definitely will be a challenge allright. In order to add some DF flavor to the challenge, as well as having a measure of my success, I have decided to keep track of the amount of weight shifted. The danger method helpfully comes with spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets), complete with volume calculations. Inserting my starting weights, I get a total volume of about 50000 lbs for the first week. This will be my goal, then. Over the course of 6 weeks, I should have shifted 300000 lbs. Using the density of sandy loam (78lbs pr. cubic foot), I can estimate the size of the excavation at Gildgrizzle's lvl 1. Assuming a ceiling height of 8 ft, 300000 lbs of loam would equal an area of 480 square feet. Not exactly a mansion, but at least it's a start on the living quarters. Of course, not hitting the goal will result in a smaller hovel. Conversely, a bigger total will equal a larger fortress. I will keep this updated with a running total of the size of Gildgrizzle.
  3. I started on the Danger Method 15 week program last night and I figured I should do a log here to track progress. I'll go ahead and list my estimated 1RMs as a starting point. Squat - 290 Front Squat - 225 Bench Press - 200 Shoulder Press - 110 Deadlift - 340 First workout - Block 1, Week 1, Day 1 - 06/29/15 Bench Press -100 x 5 x 2 -120 x 5 -140 x 3 -135 x 10 -122 x 10 x 3 Squat -145 x 5 x 2 -175 x 5 -205 x 3 -195 x 10 -176 x 10 x 3 Good Morning -135 x 5 x 3 Ab Wheel roll-outs -3 x 8 Sliding Floor Ham Curls -3 x 8 About all I can say is that 10s are harder than I thought and the pump is real.
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