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Found 2 results

  1. Last month I managed to keep myself afloat. I currently don’t know how I am going to get through the next 2 months. I finish my course in July (assuming I pass), and I’ve already started applying for other jobs, and I had a GP appointment this morning because I can’t cope with the pressures they’ve put on me. I’ve been climbing 5 times since my "6 times in 6 months" aim, and I’m just not feeling the excitement anymore: but these are dates I could go to ‘get my money’s worth’ and feel I’ve worked through this block. - 5/6 Jun - 23 Jun This month, I'm stealing @Lilmissbri's format because I felt it may help me to actually show what I've accomplished and how I'm balancing (or not) work, home and health. And because I loved it, I'm theming this around Darksiders II. Despite never finishing it due to a glitch, and not getting far with I because it wasn't as cool as II, III has been announced and I am EXCITED. Absolving War’s Crime - Career Path "My brother, War, stands falsely accused of unleashing Armageddon upon the human race. His fate concerns me. Yours.. does not." Goals: Complete 3 things a week towards my online business. (3 points) Complete 2 things a week to finish my PG course ASAP. (2 points) 5 points a week / 25 Trainer’s New Moves - Strength Building “To bring humanity back from existence? Madness.” Goals: Three workouts a week. (3 points) Use dumbbells once a week. (1 point) Complete Shivanata once a week. (1 point) Attend climbing twice across challenge. (5 bonus points) 5 points a week + bonus / 30 Possessed Weapons - Healthy Attributes "How many times would you have me kill him!?" Goals: Eat 2 veggies everyday. (2 points across week) Mindfulness: Only eat when hungry. (1 point) Pick healthy over unhealthy once a day. (1 point) Log extra exercise. (1 point) 5 points a day / 175 [I couldn't make this number work better] Combo Moves - Write Daily "And what is your use, as a door-stop?" Goals: Write daily (1 point) 1 point a day / 175 Loot - Read “The greater risk is do nothing.” Goal: Finish reading Steering By Starlight 1 point for the month / 1 Despair & Dust - Family & Home “This is no place for a horse.” Goals: Clean the kitchen, tidy bedside-table and sofa-dumping area once a week. (3 points) Make a healthy meal twice a week (2 point) 5 points a week / 25 And sicne my week 0 began yesterday: Absolving War’s Crime - Career Path Business: 1/3 PG: 1/2 Trainer’s New Moves - Strength Building Workout: 0/3 Dumbbells: 0/1 Shivanata: 1/1 Bonus Climb: 0/2 Possessed Weapons - Healthy Attributes Veggies: 2/2 Mindfulness: 0 Choice: 0/1 Extra: 1/1: 1.7km + 0.8km Combo Moves - Write Daily Write: 1/1 Loot - Read Read: 0/1 Despair & Dust - Family & Home Clean: 0/3 Meal: 1/2
  2. With the upcoming release of the Fate/Apocrypha anime i decided to go with a Fate Stay Night/Fate Grand Order theme. In short this is a anime/game where Heroic Spirits from histroy/mythology fight for a Holy Grail that will make any wish a person has come true. The show/game has 7 different classes and i have those sorted with the goals i have for this challenge. Saber: Train my body I am going to continue with my Startbodyweight Routine on MWF and on the off-days i will GtG (Greave the Groove) on my Pistol Squats and Archer Pull-ups to get better with them. With the goal of doing 10 reps on the off days. Start Bodyweight Routine on Monday, Wednesday & Friday [3x a week] = __/3 = __/21 Greave the Groove on Pistol Squats & Archer Pull-ups, 2 reps everytime i am in my hall-way - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday/Sunday [3x a week] = __/3 = __/21 Archer/Lancer: Improve Endurance Last challenge i made a great start again with running and i noticed good improvements, for this challenge i am going to run 3x a week. On week days a run of 3,5 - 4 km and in the weekend go for a 5K run. Each time trying to run longer and with fewer breaks. Run 3,5-4 km on Tuesday & Thursday [2 times a week] = __/2 = __/8 Run 5K on Saturday/Sunday [once a week] = __/1 = __/4 Assassin I am going to continue my Headstand Training and my daily #5 Minute Flow. I saw nice improvements with my Headstand Training ending the last challenge with a hold time of almost 2 minutes. Everyday i am going to start the day with my #5 Minute Flow and on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday/Sunday i am going to hold the headstand. #5 Minute Flow [Every day] = __/7 = __/28 Headstand Training [3x a week] = __/3 = __/21 Caster In the past i used to do a little bit of Duolingo to learn a new language but i always half-assed it, this challenge i'm going to up the ante by practicing German & Swedish. I am also going to read 3 light novels of Spice and Wolf volumes 6,7 & 8. And cook atleast 4 new easy recipes from "15 Minutes Paleo". Duolingo German & Swedish [Every day] = __/7 = __/28 Spice & Wolf Volume 6,7,8 [Read all 3] = __/3 Cook 4 new recipes from "15 Minute Paleo" = __/4 Rider/Berserker: 100% Gaming Darksiders I didnt quite finish Bioshock Infinite in the last challenge so im putting it on hold for now. For this challenge i am going to 100% complete Darksiders Darksiders [Every day atleast a hour] = __/7 = __/28 Ruler: Support Besides to the people i regularly follow i am also going to follow 3 other Rebels and encourage them all 5 days a week. And update everyday on my own progress. Follow & encourage 3 other rebels [5x a week] = __/5 = __/20 Update own progress [7x a week] = __/7 = __/28 Master: Other Didnt really know where to put these goals so i decided to put them in other. These goals are mostly orientated towards my daily habits. Like cleaning and tracking my food (for the first time). Use my Pomodoro system to clean my apartment every day [7x a week] = __/7 = __/28 Track my week days food with MFP [5x a week] = __/7 = __/28 The next post i will explain a bit about the Fate Universe. How it started, what shows/games there are and the best watch order and upcoming movies/shows. And each day i will explain a bit about a Servant class with a bit of History of the Heroic Spirit i picked for that week.
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