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Found 6 results

  1. Quest for the Dragon Balls Quest Start-Date : December 5, 2016 Phase I : Preparation for Long-term Journey I'm a super-duper newbie around here, so if I'm doing something wrong--let me know! Trying to get a feel for this setup. - - - I. Diet (Packing & Prepping for the Trip Ahead) Log foods, drinks, & other sources of calories everyday for the rest of the month. Cut daily sugar intake to <30g per day, to start. II. Fitness (Tinkering with the Radar) Light cardio 3x per week. III. LVLUP Life (
  2. Hey Everyone, I am back and I decided to make another 4WC after all. I have been watching Dragon Ball from the beginning and remembering why I loved that show so much. I have decided to use Goku as my motivation and embark on his Super Saiyan journey with him. So for the first part of my Super Saiyan adventure I am going to train under Master Roshi and get back a nice solid base of overall strength. So here we go Goal 1: Carry my Turtle Shell I am going to make another sandbag ruck that will weigh about 40-50lbs I want to go Rucking with it
  3. MAIN QUEST: Train for Half Marathon April is literally just around the corner. My main goal is to continue to train for the half marathon. I have a goal finishing time of 3:30:00, and I really, really hope to come in under that. The rolling hills of Kentucky might have it out for me, so I am looking for more hill laden runs as we get closer. I am in my final four weeks of training… and these next few weeks will be critical for me to stay on track health, wellness, and fitness wise. Goal One: Kame House - Training Goku spends the majority of his early training with Master Roshi at Kame
  4. My Mission: To create a maintainable fitness plan and get back to my pre-summer weight of 145. Summer is full of fun, beer festivals, and food. I have been able to stay within about 5-7 pounds of my goal weight (which I achieved back in May), but I’d like to quit making excuses and make fitness a habit again, rather than relying on my revved up metabolism to keep me in check. Kaio-Ken… TIMES TEN! (Goal 1) Workout 5x per week for 30 minutes or more. This worked out really well in my last challenge, so I am doing it again. Instead of feeling pigeon holed in one program, having the
  5. I had always thought that saiya-jin were a little strange for getting stronger after a fight, or somewhere where they really tested their limits. BUT after reading the recent post here on NF about becoming Anti-fragile, I have realized that it might not be out of the reach of people! My goal is to harness my inner 'anti-fragileness', and enjoy a classic from when I was a kid at the same time! One question... I am starting this quest of mine now, but, what happens if I am in the next 6 week challenge too? Am I to assume because this is all to get people into healthy fitness lifestyles, th
  6. Wooh Wooh!! First challenge as a Monk and second overall. Time to get to it then: http://youtu.be/bQAULthTBvA I've been too sedentary, this time around I'm determined to get moving. BBWW, walking to Morodor and KickBoxing are what I have on my plate for this challenge. I also need to eat more like a Saiyan; veggies and meat are the way to go! I also need to use this time to gauge my center, so it's on with the Yoga and meditation. I really need to learn consistency, so I will offer myself bonus points if I can keep on track. On to my goals! #1: Gohan's Wilderness Training: No more messi
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