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Found 3 results

  1. There’s absolutely no need to painfully inject adamantium into your body to get that beautiful, totally shiny, unbreakable adamantium skeleton you’ve been dreaming of, you can build it yourself in the comfort of your own home… yes, you can, really, no pain. Well, some pain may be involved. But not much… How much, do you ask? Hmmm, do you see that barrel full of icy water, my dear? Just get in and we’ll talk… Main goal. Complete the Wim Hof course, so as to become The Wolverine. Starting the challenge at week 5 of the course – it doesn’t seem to involve moving to Svalbard yet Thinking on how intense this is going to be from now on, points are going to be generous here. Same as last challenge, it is an all or nothing goal, I do it or I don’t do it. 2 STR 2 DEX 2 WIS 2 CON Second goal. Exercise. Anything that helps to become The Wolverine, counts: self defence, running/sprinting, dead hangs/pull-up prep, push-ups, abs… 1 STR 1 DEX 2 STA 1 CON Third goal. Don’t throw everything in the trash. I’m getting back to work in a few days, and there is big danger here of getting overwhelmed. I am quite active at this moment, with plenty of exercise, the WH course, music practice and so, and soon my free time is going to be reduced. The goal will consist on being attentive and see whether I need to reduce my activity, by how much, and how much time it takes to adapt myself to the new routine. 2 WIS If I succeed in finishing the course and I get all my points both from the course and the exercise goals, stats will change and I will start at Level 0 as The Wolverine, won’t be a Wood Elf anymore.
  2. I've been working on pull ups for about 2 months at this point, even from before I found nerd fitness. I started with your stereotypical pull ups, just moving myself about the height range of my head - chin over the bar, head below the bar, repeat. After coming here and reading a wealth of information on the subject I found that a true BEASTLY pull up is done from a dead-hang, every rep. Just even reading that I knew I was in trouble, and it was humbling to even try more than one at the start. My goal for about the last month has been to hit 3 sets of 5 of true dead-hang pull ups within a bodyweight circuit routine, and today I finally DID IT! Actually I made 6/5/5. I've been stuck around 5/4/4 for weeks, so this felt like a pretty big deal for me! Oh and the pants: today I'm also wearing a 34 waist for the first time in years! W00t!
  3. Elastigirl sat in her favorite chair, reading a good book, sipping tea, and enjoying some dark chocolate. She thought she heard a small noise, looking around and seeing nothing, she resumed reading. Then she felt a small breeze blow over her, startled she looked up from her book but still she saw nothing. Puzzled, she got up from her chair so she could investigate. That was when she heard a voice coming out of the shadows “Did you think your training was over? It has not even begun. There is much to learn.†. Elastigirl strained her eyes trying to see who was speaking, “who is this, and where are you?’ Hearing a noise behind her, she spun around “Here, “ said the voice She gulped as she saw who had been standing in the shadows, it was none other than Batman,the Dark Knight himself . Elastigirl stammered,†I am ready for more training, but uh, why did they send you? I usually get my missions delivered by bird†The Dark Knight stared silently at her for a moment then he said quietly, “And weren’t you just complaining how outdated that method was? Elastigirl decides the best answer is to say nothing and wait for further instructions. The Dark Knight continues, “I wanted to save Gotham, but I was powerless to do so, much as you are now†I was willing to undergo the training necessary to save my city. Do you have the will to act? If so follow me†Elastigirl nods, ready to do whatever necessary to train. She also secretly hopes that the training mission will involve at least one ride in the Batmobile. The Dark Knight steps out the door silently, and he and Elastigirl disappear into the night. Elastigirl’s Ninja Training: Goal # 1: Ninja- assassin Leanness They never show the food and diet control part in the montages, because, well let’s face it, that’s the boring part.* But really no training montage is successful without it. You can workout all you want, but if your eating is out of control you will never be assassin lean. If I want to be a true ninja-assassin I need to get my eating back under control, after some holiday laxness. *exception to this is the Rocky montage where Rocky awesomely slurps down raw eggs. 1) Week 1 30 grams net carbs/week 2 35-45 grams. /week 3- week 6 between 40 -60grams 2) Journal at end of day and how I feel (hungry full energetic…) 3) Once a week measure and record : weight, blood pressure, waist Points= 5 CON. There may be a couple evening where we eat at a friend’s house, and even if I am low carb during the day, I still may have to go over a bit, and that is fine. Ungraded from old challenge to continue working on -Keep walking 4 days a week-15 minutes Water-first thing in am,after exercise,tea and/or in afternoon, water while prepping dinner, herbal tea and/ or water in evening Goal #2 Patience and Agility: A Ninja understands that invisibility is a matter of patience and agility. 1)Deadhang: be able to hold a deadhang for 30 60 seconds consistently with effort level of 6 8 30 seconds with a 6 effort 2)Handstand: be able to hold a wall handstand for 60 seconds consistently with effort level of 6 POINTS= 2 STA,2 DEX Goal #3: Mind Your Surroundings 1) Mind Surroundings: Focus Do my workout quickly and with focus, no web surfing during workout POINTS = 4 CON Fitness plan to get there: Kettlebell Rite of Passage including deadhang practice Mon-Wed-Friday /daily handstand practice Mon-Friday /Tuesday and Thursday kettlebell TGU’s/ walking Life Goal: Theatricality and Deception are powerful agents: Unfortunately I do not have a supply of cool defense weapons discarded by the military at my disposal. As an Ninja trainee- I will practice with what I have- Mr. Incredible and I use to play computer games together frequently but we have neglected this lately. Neither one of us have played Portal, and the dark months of winter are a great time to renew our skills. No super specifics of how much time, once we start, I’m sure we will play plenty. This goal is just for fun. Had some serious goals in previous challenges, now we need to exercise our play muscles. POINTS= 2 CHA Side Goal: We are going to Disneyworld/Florida in spring, so I need to get busy planning it.
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