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Found 8 results

  1. Please give me feedback on my deadlift form. Thanks. https://youtu.be/p2U7cX-ydWU
  2. This morning I went to the gym and it was dead so I was able to get some videos of my workout. I did bench press, squats, dead lifts, and push presses. I have video of me using just the bar (45lbs), 55lbs, and 65lbs. Which videos should I post? Some of the exercises I do better with just the bar and others I feel are more graceful with some added weight. I guess I will start with videos where I just have the bar.... Would you critique me please? I would really appreciate the feed back. Bench Press: I find with the bench press my arms wobble a lot, not shaky because I can't
  3. I went to the gym for the first time today at my university: an accomplishment in and of itself. BUT I tried out weight lifting and it was AMAZING! I know it's not a big deal (everyone and their mom lifts now), but it's huge. I wasn't able to add much weight, but I always managed to do ten reps in a set and have about 5-10 sets per exercise with the bar (which is 45 lb). And the squats? I can squat over a hundred pounds! I mean, this is my first time ever doing anything like this. I'm sorry, it's just a huge accomplishment. At the beginning of this year, I couldn't even squat properly. N
  4. Krisptonite, cos I eat too many crisps, so they're like my Kryptonite. Like Superman. Sort of. Geddit? Puns! My Main Goal for this challenge is to get back into strength training and eating properly. This might seem like a simple, generic challenge, but It needs to be done. NO CRISPS! Be mindful of eating and watch out for bad emotional eating habits. My danger behaviour is retreating to my room with a massive bag of crisps. I need to not do that any more. I think I understand the reasons why it has been happening, so I will address them in my life challenge. This element of my challenge w
  5. So... my first challenge. Here are my goals for summer: Diet Eat a caloric deficit of 2500 calories per week. Cook or eat seafood at least once per week. I eat too much chicken and beef... need more Omega 3!No booze 2 days a week. I like wine with dinner and a bourbon warm-up... Time to cut back a little bit. Exercise Squat 160 lbs. 5x5Dead Lift 200 lbs. 1x5Reduce body fat to 19% or less (currently 22%)Level Up Take a weekend backpacking trip with my cousin carrying a 40lb pack at least 15 miles.
  6. I'm a bit late but fuck it! Short: Lose weight, build muscle Long: Get down to 13-15% bf. I am currently 82kg and about 23-26% bf. When I started: Deadlift: 40kg by 8 reps (on last set) Squat: 20kg by 10 reps (2 sets) Bench: 20kg by 10 reps (3 sets, 2nd set is more like 8-9 reps and last is like 6-7) Goals for end of 6 week challenge : Deadlift: 80kg by 8 reps on last set. squat: 50kg by 10 reps all 3 sets Bench: 40kg by 10 reps 3 sets I had been doing well with weight loss, when I started training I got hungry and put on a little weight, went up to 84kg, now fixed diet up a little a
  7. hello all! heres an overview of what i bring to the table, where i've been, and where im hoping to go. Nerdiness: Im a voracious reader. i play video games on my ps3. i play board games and card games. im a lab analyst. and i have a mildly embarrassing obsession with disney movies, animations, manga, firefly, ect. and i enjoy singing really loudly in the car. "Athletic" history: i taught swimming lessons for 7 years, and took a year of that to figure out how to swim butterfly without looking like i was drowning (the indicator being that lifeguards stopped asking if i was okay....or if i ne
  8. Tonight I dead lifted twice my body-weight! I weigh 80kg, so that's 160kg or 352lbs or 25 stone!! Second woot is the guys on my team told me how impressed they were with my muscle gain since September as a result of my gym sessions. The phrase "you're huge" was mentioned. I got home and danced around the kitchen. AND, it's cheat meal day!
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