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Found 11 results

  1. As we enter the world of Anthem, we discover the story of a young Freelancer named Colwyn Plaigue and how he becomes one of the most deadly Interceptor pilots to fly the skies of Mirrus. In part one, we will see Colwyn undertake his first true test as a Freelancer and get a little taste of the action ahead. Profile: Colwyn Plaigue was not born into a family of Freelancers. In fact, he would go on to become the first Lancer of any sort within his families lineage. His Father was an Arcanist, as well as his mother and younger brother. To Colwyn, the ways
  2. For those that haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet...Well, shame on YOU. For realz. It's amazing. And it's awesome. And it's hilarious. And it's probably better than the first one.... Plus, there's Peter W-the star of the WHOLE FILM! With that being said. Let's dive right into the challenge, Sugarbear! Ad #1: The 10k Club I want to average 10k steps a day. Sitting down is the primary thing I do at my job and I hate it. I have 2x 15 min breaks, and a 30-min lunch. I want to set a daily standard and achieve 10k steps a day over the coarse of the challenge. That's about 5 miles
  3. *PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT* THIS CHALLENGE DOESN'T TAKE ITSELF SERIOUSLY AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. THAT'S AN ORDER! FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD POOLGUY'S, WADE (AND WOLFIE) Ok...So, with all the anti-hype rolling about, I'm saying "fuck it" to my goals and just surviving the last days of 2017. Yeah! Fuck it! We ain't got NO time for NO bullshi- Chill, Wade. Remember....no hype, please. Yes. Deal with it. As I was saying...I'm not worried about my goals but I do want to get back into good habits.
  4. Damn, what a handsome bunch of assholes you are. Hold on, let me capture this wonderful Kodak moment. Beautiful. That one’s going in the spank-bank folder. Now, down to business. You losers know why I called you all here. You invaded my fucking universe and all claimed to be the one true Deadpool. You've been involved in all kinds of fucked up shit and I'm the one getting the blame for all of it. This bullshit ends now. We're going to have a little competition to determine who is the best and the one and only Deadpool.
  5. "It's good to be home," Steve said, shouldering his duffel and eyeing mine as we made our way to the elevator. I just re-adjusted the bag on my shoulder. There was no way I was letting anyone carry my bag but me. Not at the Tower. No matter how chivalrous Steve was wanting to be. "Yeah," I agreed. "Yoo-hoo!" the voice echoed in the concrete of the underground parking lot. "Petra!!!" I looked around, half-recognising the voice. A flash of red sped between cars, and I dropped my duffle. "Wade Winston Wilson, you bastard," I called, a grin spreading across my face. "Baby!" Wad
  6. Continuing on from my previous challenge with similar goals and Deadpool goodness Goals 1. Stick with Half Marathon Training Plan I've got 8 weeks till my next half marathon and training is going well so far. I just need to stick to my training plan to run 3-4 times a week. The plan is to a long run on Sunday (unless it's OCR week), a recovery run Tues, speed or hill session Thurs and Parkrun on Saturday (again, unless it clashes with an OCR). 2. Strength train when not running incl GtG chin ups. Pretty self explanatory, do a strength training routi
  7. Hi Everyone, I have named this the Deadpool (Or Skull Poo L - hopefully you get this reference) challenge as my aim is to get back to how I used to look, fight some enemies and have a great time getting there. Hopefully at the end I will of gained a lot more skills and abilities and be better than where I used to be. (Would also be great to look like Ryan Reynolds) To be able to get there I will do what I love but also do some things I dislike to reach my goal. As we all know we only have a certain amount of willpower so will be aiming to minimise times when I will have to use this
  8. Oh, hi there. You must be the group of friends that my buddy Wolfie here tells me about. I gotta tell ya, you guys are pretty fuckin cool. I mean, look at the beard growth in this community! And the broga (BTW, I’m going to steal that and if you have an issue with it, take it up with my unicorn!) Who am I? Well now, that’s a silly question. I'm Captain Deadpool! No wait..just Deadpool. I do lots of cool shit like this gif below of me from my movie. That's Ajax I'm fighting-he's a nice guy to work with. I’m here to tell you all that I’m not doing this for free, though as mos
  9. So I may or may not have seen the Deadpool movie on Valentine's Day.... She saw it. She totally saw it. Yeah, Wade. That was obvious. ​Not to me, sweet cheeks! Can I get back to my story now? ​Yeah, yeah, sorry. You're doing the important stuff. The life-changing accountability... let me get out of your way- Anyway. I love Deadpool - who doesn't? - and maximum effort! has become my life motto, so I decided to make this challenge Deadpool themed. Because life is better when approached with humour, sarcasm, and a death wish. Couldn't have said it better myself. And yet you felt the need t
  10. Hey everyone I am back for my 4th challenge! I am using Deadpool as my inspiration for completing this challenge. The main goal of this challenge is to work on my weak links so to say. For me right now the three main things are core, flexablility and networking with other people. So without further delay here are my goals: Core routine 1X a week\ Handstand 1X a week +3 (STR) +3 (CHA) How can I be the mercinary in red if I can't manage to fit in the uniform?! so my abs routine is this: bicycle crunches 15-20r hanging knee lifts 15-20 r wood chops on cable 15-20 r swiss ball crunches 15-20 r ru
  11. Deadpool’s Challenge Of Deadpool-ness!: Rotate an MMA workout, a parkour workout, and flexibility work randomly to confuse my body. Maybe listen to music that doesn’t exist in our universe. Goal: Work strength, endurance, flexibility Reward: +4 STR, +4 DEX This challenge is to bring me to un-Earthly abilities in stamina and flexibility. My life goal for this challenge is to get a job in my field of study. As for random-ness, we shall roll a die: 1 or 6 is MMA, 2 or 5 is parkour, and 3 or 4 is flexibilty.
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