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Found 2 results

  1. I know that this is very early, but starting 20 December I am travelling around Mauritius until mid Jan, so I thought I'd get my thoughts in here now and then I can update it with goals and the like closer to the time (and it'll be on my Tapatalk, lol). In 2014, I prepared to train for an endurance race, that unfortunately we couldn't get entry to (can you believe they sold out 30k entries in an hour). So instead it's given me an additional year to get fit and train for the 2016 cycle tour (if my best friend doesn't have her wedding on the day - I think she said I'm maid of honor) and make more adjustments to my lifestyle. I have 5 really big goals that I'll be focusing on this year and every little goal I make will be moving towards achieving these big goals. I've also taken the decision not to take part in a 6 week challenge in 2015, but rather to do monthly challenges here on my battle log (I will still be active in the challenges though, not going anywhere). I just need to take the time to focus on small, short goals (6 weeks sometimes feels too long). You can see my 2014 battle log to find out what worked for me and what hasn't. So the Big 5 (oh lol, just realised how funny that is me being from South Africa): Get down to 100kg (so lose 27.2kg) and/or down to a size 42/18/117cm pants Up my cycle game - at the rate i'm going, the endurance race is years away - by establishing and being firmly entrenched in a training program Have brought on enough retainer clients to quit my day job and focus on my company full time Have paid off at least R60k in debt Jan 2015: R5'747.25 paid - Total: R5'747.25 Have saved up R40k for our Holland trip and put at least R20k into an emergency/wedding fundI think they're pretty lofty, but totally attainable by the end of 2015. As long as I remain focused and disciplined (I've even worked in some wiggle room for illness, travel, emergencies etc). Here's to 2015 being a success. Challenges: v2015.1: Slowing it Down v2015.2: Month of Love
  2. MAIN QUEST: Balanced Days Cook Food for Self: 5 points (STA) Cook anything, minus desserts, that will be consumed and written about on this thread. A = 7 or more meals cooked B = 5 - 6 meals cooked C = 3 - 4 meals cooked D = 1 - 2 meals cooked Long Walks/Hikes and Running: 5 points (DEX) do at least one activity each day A = 35/42 B = 30/42 C = 25/42 D = 20/42 Research Biochemistry and Digestion: 2 points (WIS) Find research studies and textbooks that explain biochemistry and digestion. Talk about the things found on this thread. A = found and read more than 4 articles/books B = found and read 4 articles/books C = found and read 3 articles/books D = found and read 2 articles/book LIFE QUEST Pay $500 to credit card: 2 points (WIS) Plain and simple if not easy A = 450 to 500 on card B = 400 to 449 on card C = 350 to 399 on card D = 300 to 349 on card :smiley_simmons:
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