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  1. NEW CHALLENGE TIME! Due to recent and upcoming events, I have to change my priorities for a while. The main reason for this change is that I’m aiming to move out and live entirely by myself for the first time in June. Other than that, I have a wedding at the end of March, my 30th birthday at the end of this challenge (YAY), and my coworker invited me to her daughter’s quinceanera in June (for which I need to buy a dress ). I’m sure more things will pop up along the way - I’ll have to take them as they come. With the shift in priorities, and having looked back on what
  2. this will be a lot more updated over the days. Goal 1: Allocate time and use it wisely writing on my thesis. Goal 2: at least 2 muscle up, and 2 focused handstand training pr week. Goal 3: Get my habit back of daily meditation, pranayama and arm balance work. 5 minute of each pr day is enough, more is better Goal 4: Get rid of at least one thing that clutters a day on average.
  3. HELLOOOOO MY ASSASSINSSSSSS! So, I have decided to go light on exercise related goals and take on a bit of a personal boss-battle this round, MY RIDICULOUSLY CLUTTERED BEDROOM. I seriously have SO MUCH clothing in particular. PILES of clothes ALL THE PILES, and as I think "hmm it would be cool to maybe think about dating again sometime" I also look at my room and think "GOOD GOD I AM NOT BRINGING A DUDE BACK HERE EVER ACK." I need to be a damn adult and actually prioritize my time for cleaning and decluttering! Step one shall be wardrobe and if I get that done this challenge I wi
  4. I'm still pondering my exact goals but I am looking at something like this: Drinks water - DRINK MORE WATER. Aim for finishing two 16 oz water cups at work and 16 more oz in the evening (so 16 oz x 3 minimum per day!) I could probably also bump up my usual 8oz glass with my pills in the morning to be a 16 oz if I want to be extra! Does cardio - I have not done SHIT for cardio lately except dance and when my trainer decides to make me do HIIT every now and then. Which consequently HIIT feels terrible because my body is like WTF ARE YOU DOING, DUDE?! Ca
  5. Hey Druids, I'm joining the Circle this month, had a change of plans from my Monk activities due to injury, and also just general stress and need for self-care and things, and it feels like this is the place to be. Hello! The name of my post is the Utada Hikaru song featured in Kingdom Hearts, it really seems to suit what I need in my life right now: Simplicity in a hectic life, and clean pure eating and living to treat my body right and calm the heck down. Without getting into detail, 2 small kids, full time job (including drama there out of my
  6. IM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. I can't believe it's really only been a month or so. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. Do you ever have one of those times where it feels like your life has significantly changed in some way even though it hasn't been that long and on the surface things are more or less the same? Yeah..having one of those times! I guess a really stressful year ending with a trial of LITERAL FIRE and then my cat randomly dying is the sort of stuff that changes a person? Oh, life! I am pretty happy with where things are as far as exercise stuff so my only specific exercise related goal is g
  7. Maybe referring to the upcoming move as a cataclysm isn’t the best of starts, after all there is no Deathwing coming to tear my world apart, but right now that’s how it feels. My life will be upended, and I will have to build anew. And that’s great, but the build up to it is so far more stress than I’m able to properly handle, and trying to tell myself that it’s ok, that it’ll be fine, is not making things any better. Stress is my dragon, it is having an increasingly negative impact on my life, and I need to get it under control before it gets any worse. And that’s what brings me t
  8. BEHOLD the challenge in which I pretty much do exactly the same goals as last challenge, but with NEW silly pictures. (SO FANCY!) JUST KIDDING! I added one goal that is totally new! 日本語, bitches! :D! GOAL 1- STRENGTH Strength training at least 3x per week! this can be bodyweight training, aerial, or lifting. OPTIONS, YO. I am especially determined to get my chin up back some day soooo yeah ALL the hanging and pulling and ab work! GOAL 2 - RUNNING Running 1x per week! I sucked at actually g
  9. Adventhur kitteh reportin 4 duty! So, one again I have a challenge without any planned travel currently. What I do have is a lot of errands planned. As in a lot planned for me. I don't know about other people. But here is a list of the errands I must do or would be very good if I did: (EDIT: BOLD MEANS DONE) Real estate agent meeting (Mar 14) Hair dyeing (Mar 15) Second real estate agent meeting (Mar 15) Private showing (Mar 16) Insurance visit (Mar 17) Rest of electrician visit Fix the leak visit Get grass load to recycle
  10. Last challenge I had some mental health issues towards the end and so the last week was a bit of a wash. The quests I set for myself were doable, though, in the early weeks, and I'm aiming for similar goals this time around. GOAL 1: LIFTING Hitting all my workouts, and doing them to the best of my ability. I'm up to Rank 1B in the Barbell Battalion for the Rebel Strength guide, which has me aiming for 4 workouts per week. I'm aiming for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Metric: hitting all workouts Goal: 16/16 workouts completed GOAL 2: EATING
  11. Alright! New term, new challenge, new home! Well, I've still seven weeks before we even get the place, but it's a pretty big deal. I'm going to keep this challenge pretty short this time though. Exercise: Grease the Groove: Pull ups and dips have been added to my routine, but they are not proceeding as quickly as I would like. And, on my pull ups, I'm not quite getting to the bar. I feel like I'm getting the full range of motion in my elbow (i.e. I can't flex my arm any more). Maybe I need to widen my grip a bit to allow my back to move more. (Maybe I need to film it?)
  12. I realize today is the first day, but I am still ironing things out. Regardless, I will be here and I am going to do whatever it takes to get back onto the health train. More to come!
  13. Hi Everyone! My name is Ash. This is my first challenge as a Druid, and I'm hoping to set up a semi-permanent home here. I'm 25 years old, and I have a lot going on in my life. Too much actually. I work a full time job that is draining my soul away in order to pay the bills, and three (yes, you read that right, three) part time jobs to help pay down debt and save for my upcoming wedding. I volunteer with 5 community groups on a regular basis. I have a home with a partner, a dog, and three cats that needs constant attention. I'm getting married in October, and my family is making the wedding
  14. I tried last challenge and I'll try again. This year is mostly about making habits and sticking to them, keeping up with the habits that I have made and basically trying not to fall completely off the wagon. Goal 1: Everyday movement Walking - a k a day - one kilometre (or more) per day. Bonus if it's not to get somewhere but just for fun. Cycling - to (and hopefully from) work - twice a week Goal 2: Strength One strength workout per week. This can be a strength focused class at my gym, a bodyweight workout or my own hodgepodge. Goal 3: Nutrition Paleo breakfast 5 x a week Pa
  15. New challenge, not so new goals... But hey, constant dripping wears away the stone. Last challenge I was somewhat impaired because a nasty virus sent me adrift between bed and sofa, leaving occasional clear days for work and bare necessities. But I do not wish to complain. Selfcare was big, and it helped. I managed to set myself straight again with Paleo, which helped a lot, too. Mindfulness is difficult when your brain feels like a chloroformed cottonball, but then … here's to the February challenge! By the way, it is a leap year, and February has 29 days. 29 beautiful days to make the be
  16. What in the world has happened to my life? Ok, it's not that bad. And I know what happened. Life happened. I made some significant life changes, and my diet and exercise has suffered since October. I slowly let myself stop paying attention to what I put in my mouth. I got a new great job and it's harder to get to the gym. I let myself float through the holidays doing whatever the heck I felt like. I haven't focused on myself at all. I've let my life get hectic all over again and that crap stops now. GET MY LIFE BACK: Get my diet in order. I have gained 20 lbs since my lowest, but really
  17. I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. This year is my year, and I'm going to complete as many of these four week challenges as possible. I can do it. I can, and I will. Goal 1: Declutter. I want my room to be a haven for myself, and at the moment I have too much stuff. I've divided it into sections, and for this challenge I'm focusing on the floor. I have two crates of stuff that I want to be gone so I can use the crates for different storage (Christmas stuff and craft stuff). If they're gone by the end of the challenge, it's a win. If I get my Christmas and/or craft stuff
  18. So this will be the last challenge of 2015. I would like very much to make it count. To make it count, I need to choose my goals wisely, and try not to put too much in too short of a time. My lower back hurts, and I have issues with my spine in the neck area (tingling fingers can tell a lot about this). So it is bad for me to not be physically active. Besides that, I feel constantly stressed and harrassed with too many things going on. Quest one: do Yoga 3 times a week, sometimes - as the flow goes - in combination with Pilates. Basically, do "Yogilates." Side track to this: log step cou
  19. My main life quest is to improve my body composition. In order to achieve this, I need a solid foundation upon which to build a more balanced life. My goals for this challenge focus on improving habits, routines and creating a more healthy way of life. 1. Walk! STA+1 CON+2 I have already got into the habit of walking in the evenings (avec dog) but on weekdays I sit at a desk, looking at a computer screen for 7+ hours per day and I need to take proper breaks. I will buy a timer, bring it to work, and at some point in the day I will get up and take a 5-min walking break. So look out Mordor
  20. Since last year, many things have happened in my life, and not all of them were pleasant. Last spring, I discovered NF, did a challenge amongst the Assassins -- and in the summer, I sort of ... disappeared. Not only from NF, but from many parts and aspects of my life I used to love and which stealthily fell behind, disappearing in the shadows. Friends, creativity, joy of life. Somehow, I didn't put up much of a fight and now I see that this was a mistake. No matter what life presents you with, there is always more to it than "just functioning." This year, I turned 49, and yes, it did make me
  21. Back from a great (but too short) vacation. Not much skiing (only 20+20+15 Km), but on all other days I went 1000m uphill (half of it on snow-shoes). Plus the days at my sister's, running/fighting/biking/throwing balls with my nephew. All in all I had plenty of outdoor quality time, which I really needed. And I came back without any extra weight on me, which is something I never manage to do when my mother is around. Now back to business as usual. And as often happens with me, this challenge will be shorter and it will end on 30th March. That makes 27 days in total instead of the usual 42
  22. My father died the day after Christmas (deep breath). People following me know I had a lot of family health drama last year. His death was not unexpected, but compounded my desire to be better than my genetics. BADASS WOMAN Part of my level 50 involves reducing my consumption. I did very well last challenge, and this time I am taking on one of my biggest problem areas: the kitchen. Cleaning out the worldly possessions of someone you love does something to you. It certainly reminds you that stuff is just that. I had already started my decluttering journey, and I'm ready to deal with my kitche
  23. At this point I need a non-fitness related challenge to level up. It seems a trend among monks Target 1: fight the telephone (and win) As of today I officially failed my life quest of last challenge. I have the name and the number to call, but I panic every time I have to pick up the phone. I have never liked to make phone calls, but this thing has become unmanageable. So, this is my big task for this challenge: call hospital and make an appointment with the surgeons. And since all this should happen in Dutch, I had some daily Dutch practice: 5-10 minutes of conversation with a colleague at
  24. I suffered a difficult setback last challenge after being rushed to the hospital for an Emergency Appendectomy. I'm still recovering. I'm still not happy about it. Unfortunately, it triggered other discontentment that I had been holding at bay. I did very good last challenge with one specific de-cluttering goal, and this time I'm going to up it to two. I also need to make myself work on a side venture I am starting, and giving myself some goals in that area should help. I am officially on a really crappy plateau, so I need to figure out something to do about that. Either ride it out, or find a
  25. First challenge for me so I'm going to focus on improving just a bit in each catagory and see where I'm most comfortable. Going to focus on mostly dealing with anxiety because I have reacently started getting severe migrains. They are so severe that I'm at the point of doing anything to prevent them but I would prefer to treat them the natural way. so for six weeks I will be : ~Giving up caffine in all forms but hot tea, diet soda and migrains are a no-go according to the doctor. ~transitioning to the paleo diet by cutting out sugar and complex carbs(God I love wheat thins heh) ~Learning to
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