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Found 5 results

  1. Not sure what this challenge holds for me, so I'm coming in with an open heart. Stay tuned, because this is the mindset that usually means the doors get blown off. ❤️
  2. So after originally posting in the Ranger's forum I've been thinking on the journey ahead. I am stiff, and could probably stand to do a primer to get back into fighting form, so to speak. So Would I or should I join the Druids for a time since yoga is going to be a big part of my beginning or will it be okay to stay with the Rangers since they're more a cross-fit/ functional fitness minded group? Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated... Within reason.
  3. Challenge #2 (Sept. 15th – Oct. 26th) Main Quest: Part 1: To be happy with what I see in the mirror, and to feel healthy and STRONG! Oh, I almost forgot to add in... Part 2: To push my daughter in a half marathon by the end of 2015. Still a HUGE part of my goal, so I'm doing the Hal Higdon Novice 5K training plan to start off with. Side Quests: Quest 1: Running This is my most important quest. I am determined to push my daughter, so I will keep running my current schedule of 3 days a week. -Run 3 days a week, following the Hal Hidgon 5K novice training plan to the best of m
  4. I turned 40 in July.I was not in a good place, either mentally or physically (see exhibit a)I'd read NF before, years back. I'd always found it interesting, but stuck to my own routines and diet and read it more as a bit of fun (on how to be a real-life assassin etc!).When I turned 40 I happened to chance on the site again.This time the site saved my life.I set myself a target of six months. I wanted to see something noticible by then...I enclose pics of the change so far....5th Aug to 29th Sept... That's two months... Now I'm interested to see where I'll be in another four! . . .I compare tha
  5. Challenge #3:Trials of Fire and Shadows Courage is our most powerful weapon Anyone who followed my previous challenge will know that I’ve been planning to take a trip to New Zealand to visit the woman I’ve been in love with for 7-8 years. There are so many barriers keeping us apart it feels like a losing battle in my moments of weakness. The financial barrier is the most obvious, but there are other emotional and mental barriers that are preventing this. Working out gives me an outlet to vent my frustrations, hone my body, improve my overall mood, and makes me feel like I can take
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