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  1. Hi to all! I am signing up for my first NF Challenge! i'm pretty excited about this as i think it may help me over the next months, and maybe my whole life. I am a big LoTR fan and i love the concept of going on a Life Quest with you guys! I am a student in the last year of my bachelor's degree (Landscape Architecture) and well, it's tough, on the mind, on the body, and i find myself slipping, even as i can see the end of the tunnel... I have a busy schedule (like many of us, i know) but as a student i have to work on the side to earn "survival" money and i bring loads of work home with me in the evenings and week ends. Time off and vacation are something i have very little of in general. I am lucky enough to be a reasonably healthy person but i find i am not able to focus properly on my daily tasks. I procrastinate quite a bit when i should be working on an assignment. My mind keeps wandering to "unimportant" things... I struggle to keep up with everything... So you may say : this is a FITNESS challenge, not a motivational course... this is not the right place... adding extra work is not going to help... I thought so too, but i find that keeping in physical shape helps the mind focus, keeps the brain more efficient, and makes me keep a tighter schedule. If i don't have some form of physical activity, i just go insane... but i need DISCIPLINE So, i signed up recently for martial arts at Fight Move Academy near where i live. I really wanted to do MMA - the toughest thing there is. (i have done Nin jutsu and Kung fu, and rugby too) I tested a course and had to admit i don't have enough experience and chose to do Muay Thai to start with. I've been training for a few weeks now and i just - love -it! It's keeping me fit, and full of energy - i feel i can actually DO more stuff, even if i have less time! So now that you have some background, here are the objectives: MAIN QUEST: Forge overall discipline QUEST 1 : keep up the daily/weekly rituals i have already set up : morning workout and meditation. Muai Thai training twice a week minimum. QUEST 2 : spend minimum 2 serious hours each day on my course work. With NO procrastination. QUEST 3: minimum 6 hours sleep every night LIFE QUEST : Short term : Get my degree - Get good enough to train in MMA Long term : forge self discipline MOTIVATION : my motivation for this challenge is to discipline myself into keeping a healthy balance between my physical, mental and financial health. I need to get stuff done but i don't want to ruin myself doing it. Better discipline will help me optimize time and energy. I hope this challenge will help me get better! So cheers to all who are signing up for the challenge i hope we all get better at living a healthy and fulfilling life! V
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