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  1. We are now entering winter. Usually in winter I dissolve into a pile of calories and weeping. Game plan: avoid that. So here's what we're doing. I'm dividing it into three categories: mind, body, and spirit. Mind: Discover new things. Read 2-3 nonfiction books this month. Continue the Great Musician Quest of 2017. (I have Apple Music now so sometimes I spend time wandering around "related artists" until I stumble into something new.) Time listening to music or podcasts doesn't count as "internet" time unless I'm ac
  2. It's been awhile since I've posted here, and of course I haven't done much to change my physique or anything else for that matter. But, that is ok, I forgive myself that I have severely slacked in my training both physically and mentally. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and due to that I have hardly any motivation to do much of anything save what I barely have to do scrape by to live. So, daily I'll do a post about what I've accomplished for the day and I'll try to share my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy homeworks for the day with you all. Today, I've managed to
  3. Bye Weeks Challenge Goals Quest One - Try something new Cooking! I love cooking and am always looking for new things to try so this goal is 1 new recipe per week. Quest Two - Mini fitness goal Changed to one extra day of weight training. So Weights 2x a week: Tuesday and Sunday Quest Three - Unadulterated joy Reading for pleasure. I don't do this regularly enough . It always makes my day better so 30 minutes of reading per day. Continuing with meditation also falls under this goal. Life Quest: Finish Papers before June 3
  4. Jakkals

    Jakkals slaap.

    Things are deteriorating around here. I am upset with myself, I should be able to cope better. I am struggling to get my brain to work, I need to rest more. I do have some bad depression signs, showering seems to be a chore again. I showered this morning after skipping it for four days. My brother invited me last week to see Blade Runner 2049 at IMAX. I enjoyed it immensely. Afterwards we ate Pizza. This was my third pizza for the year. And after the string of burglaries, last night we had a thunderstorm with lots of hail, and this morning most of the cei
  5. How auspicious that @Sylvaa poked me the same day the new challenge starts! I will be back later to actually post my challenge.
  6. Lincoln's Log Stardate [-4]94845.5 Well, I'm back. I decided to start here at the respawn point since I've been gone so long. These last few weeks have been very hard for me. My depression is coming back, due in part I think to the coming holidays (So it begins...), but also because of a couple of hiccups I've had in my personal life. Part of me thinks they aren't relevant to fitness, but they are hindering my ability to function, and that makes them relevant. Short version is this: I'm caught in a negative feedback loop of thinking "nothing ever works out" (which is a blatant
  7. My City of Ruins: A select few of you may remember me. I came, I did some challenges, I dropped some weight, and then life started life-ing me and I disappeared. In early 2015, I weighed 255 lbs. I joined a gym, started eating better, found NF, and in around 18 months, I'd just about scraped under 200 lbs, got myself a nice suit, and life was going... better. But interest started to flag, and a combination of work-related stress, family dramas, injuries, illness and dark depression took hold, and I went under the ice for a while. It started with some niggling aches and
  8. Thank you @Leigh for making sure I get on the right thread within 24 hours.... Whoops. *copy and paste* Back with the Druids after my respawn, since a lot of my goals revolve around being mindful while doing them. Along with things that keep me happy is getting outdoors… So I figured out when I respawned giving myself $1 for hitting goals that are a tad difficult has been working. Only way to keep this up though is keeping my budget to what I can live off of and side extra money, and helping to maintain myself. Main goals: - Daily DBT Da
  9. This challenge, I am ready to push out of my comfort zone and have a little fun. I've been struggling with depression and while I know I have good reasons to be sad, I don't want to be defeated by it. For this challenge, I chose quests to get myself back into healthy habits that I can maintain when the challenge is over. Also, healthy habits are awesome for combatting depression! Quest 1: walk 75 miles. This is the perfect time to incorporate a walking challenge. The weather is going to be pretty cool and dry here. 75 miles is about 2.6 miles a day which is a great place to star
  10. GREETINGS REBELLION!!I am Wraiven but those whom know me well call me Mitch Jnr. I have been working on leveling up my life and developed my quest log in a way to grow, not only for me but for the benefit of those all over the world. Since I can remember I have always been a very giving person and gathered joy from tasks that not only helped me be a better man, but also to help others grow too. Since my Father (Mitch Snr) passed away started really struggling with depression and anxiety in recent years and it's truly effected my growth and attitude towards what I always believed of myself. It
  11. GREETINGS REBELLION!! I am Wraiven but those whom know me well call me Mitch Jnr. I have been working on leveling up my life and developed my quest log in a way to grow, not only for me but for the benefit of those all over the world. Since I can remember I have always been a very giving person and gathered joy from tasks that not only helped me be a better man, but also to help others grow too. Since my Father (Mitch Snr) passed away started really struggling with depression and anxiety in recent years and it's truly effected my growth and attitude towards what I always believed of myself.
  12. I have seriously considered not doing a challenge at all, but decided to keep my ongoing chain of at least having some sort of presence on here. (This sentence does not make sense to me either.) The whining part is here: Things are really not going well at work. Like really not well. We have not had a single order in more than a week, and nothing to look forward to. My father was his usual unpleasant self today, so bad that I thought about suicide again. I took the dogs for a walk on Saturday, Vonk got caught in a snare, when I tried to help him he bit my hand
  13. Endor

    Fight in the shade

    Long Term Ranger...first time Monk. Long post but it's mostly for me so skip to the goals if you like I won't be offended I've been away from NF for a few months. I haven't told anyone IRL...and I haven't said it out loud...but privately I'm fighting through a sea of work stress and other issues and I've been dealing with it by internalizing and self sabotaging and I've been mostly aware of it the whole way. Ridiculous I know but also irresistible, a cycle I have seen over and over in my past, very damaging but hard to resist. I've been working 60 to 70hr we
  14. Jakkals vat dit dag vir dag. This coming month is going to be hectic. We have got a deadline at work with an order that needs to be delivered before the 25th of July. We are also expecting visitors around then, and I have to make and finish my competition knife before 1 August. So, keeping this challenge small, one of the most difficult ones I've ever done: No time wasting on the internet before 20:00 in the evenings. If I do that, hopefully the important things will get done.
  15. Hi, so I've hard the worst year so far. I graduated out of one of the most premier colleges in my country with an engineering degree but I wanted to pursue writing/filmmaking/game design. So I quit my first job and joined a screenwriting gig and then moved to writing for videogames. Things were great but then the game I was working on flopped and I was laid off. Meanwhile, I had 4 string of flames that ended so terribly and iconically they can be part of a movie. Also, because I was so disorganised, I was dead broke. I had to move out of my home and live with my friend for a while. I wen
  16. This is the beginning of my journey, and I need your help. My name is Lindley. I am an ICU nurse with a really shitty night schedule. I am 5'1" and the heaviest I have ever been at 163 pounds. I was in a very unhealthy five year relationship, had two sons with the individual, and am now a single mom. I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, binge/purge, and PTSD. Now for the thing that sent me over the edge... June 12, 2016, I woke up and discovered my 5 week old son (Ronin August) had died from SIDS during a nap. Ne
  17. I'm late but I'm here! I took an extended week zero thanks to traveling. I got home a couple hours ago so figured I should put up a challenge thread. My spreadsheet will be added to this post when I create it, lol. I'm actually going to be doing my challenge officially for the month of June, but since the NF challenge started yesterday (oops) I'll still post along. I knew starting a challenge on vacation just wasn't going to happen. My depression has been bad, and I've identified one reason was my efforts to date go in waves and the current waves have been super crap
  18. Hello, well after saying I wouldn't do a challenge... And then I started to procrastinate on the forums... Craving the community, and being on the forums is a little better than binge watching anything that seems appealing. With the start of a new challenge, I'm also realizing how much I need to narrow down my goals.... Back to the basics challenge! Week 1: 1. Powering up my Light Magic: 0/7 A walk in unpaved nature and 444 words of writing a day, helps keeps the worst of depression away. 2. Check in with my BuJo Daily:
  19. Jakkals

    Jakkals is blou

    I have depression. It is bad. I am coping. I will get over it. For this challenge: 1. Keep a mood journal. This will be a little pen and paper exercise. I have seen some patterns in how I feel, it will be an interesting exercise. 2. Work on my battle log. My battle log has been ignored for too long. It is time to tick the boxes again. The normal rules apply, there are no minimums, as long as I do something. Onwards and upwards
  20. Hey y'all I've been a member of NF since 2013 but I usually stick to the Facebook group. Well, I introduced a friend to NF last night and we decided we're going to rock the next challenge together. Since I've hardly ever been active on the boards over the past four years, and because people change over time, I figure I might as well reintroduce myself. I used to be "salambander" but I've been using that name since I was 14 and I'm a little tired of it. I'm a kindergarten teacher in China, and I review books on my blog in my free time so
  21. I'm going a little backwards. My week zero I am being super strict. Don't throw things, but it's my "detox" week. I'm not going to take detox tea that gives me diarrhea or anything - I'm going to hardcore clean up my food. Then, for the actual challenge, I'm going back to more reasonable goals, so that I'm not setting myself up for failure. I can do one week. I CAN DO ONE WEEK. Spreadsheet here
  22. I'm up for this challenge! It's been several rough months for Harihead, and my brain and body are out of whack. I'm desperately seeking stability. What I'd like from the Rebellion is high accountability. There is no hiding or shirking. We are serious unto the death!!! Life Goal: Return to the weight and fitness I had when I worked from home, instead of in someone else's office. 4 Week Challenge Goal: Restore stability. I have suffered wounds of body and spirit. This is the challenge to reclaim myself. Diet: Lo carb, high good fat. Pe
  23. I hope this subject is not too taboo. I was diagnosed with clinical and situational depression years ago. I'd rather not get into what happened, but I found normal routes of therapy nad drugs not working for me. Instead I found being busy, and engaged the best way to keep it at bay. Works great for a Nerd Fitness mentality when it is constnat challenges and improvements. Sometimes things happen and I slip, I have found that I must take small steps to get back to a regular routine before I can accept new challenges. Jumping back to a regular routine is overwhelming and can cause a recession i
  24. I had a bad last challenge, and my brain is not really cooperating. I wanted to do all sorts of things, but I know myself well enough and are aware that while I am in this condition I am lucky if I just cope with life. So for this challenge I will only do one big thing at a time. And I will start tomorrow with an Input Deprivation Week. For one week: No reading books. No reading blogs. No reading newspapers. No going on Facebook (even just to post). No watching TV (shows, sports, news, anything).
  25. Hey guys, I kinda just abandoned my last challenge and then skipped the next one. I fell into a really bad depressive episode so I didn't have any energy - never mind motivation - to work on the challenges (or get out of bed really). I'm feeling a bit better now, so hopefully I can do this one. I wouldn't say it's the last time I get one of these episodes, they tend to come and go in cycles. Also I'm nearing the end of my degree, so I'm experiencing a ton of stress between doing my assignments and thinking about life after graduation. (You guys must get so sick of my FT gifs and p
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