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Found 6 results

  1. Hey y'all! I'm Sparkle, a 24-year-old lady in the final months of her master's degree eager to join the Nerd Fitness party. Long time lurker, first time poster, as some people would say. My class/leveling system is a trifecta of broad categories. First, there's the badass fitness stuff (Assassin class). Then there's learning creative talents and indulging my need to Make Cool Stuff (Magelet class, aka Fledgling Magic Maker). Last but not least is gaining independence and the skills needed to jump into new situations gracefully, skills like learning new languages and traveling solo (Princess cl
  2. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp aga
  3. I thought it would be nice to have a place where cosplayers can get together to discuss projects and to get help and advice on their builds and such. Whether you are a newbie or a pro there is someone here that might need you.
  4. So my centaur ears have pricked lately, noticing there seems to be a fair few others around who are picture makers - drawings, designers, character artists, illustrators, anybody who makes things appear in two dimensions is welcome here to train and practice! The thread title is taken from the NFer named Hulk In Nerd's Clothing, without permission (sorry, Hulk). It seemed to fit perfectly with my personal philosophy that art is nearly all about practice, and being able to draw is like a muscle: you don't just train it once, you have to keep it strong with regular workouts and consistency. Yo
  5. Right, so here we go. A log of my stay in Cambridge, England. Let's just start explaining how I got here. I study animation at an art academy in the Netherlands. During our study we have a so-called "Minor" to do, which technically means you get to do a different study for half a school-year, as long as you have a logical reason to be studying that. Right? Right. Since I've been studying animation, I've noticed I really like the directing part of making a video, which lead to looking for a minor where I can learn to specialise in film directing. Since my own school doesn't offer directing a
  6. Hisme's Fight with the Chimera Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, but despite the challenges I have so far in my life been thankful for the monsters. Even though they are terrible they teach me important lessons. From the Siren of Shyness that I battled growing up to the Workaholic Witch that I struggled with one year in college, I was lashed, I rose up again, and I conquered. I was awesome. Then came the Chimera. The Chimera is a particularly terrifying monster because it's a mismatch of several other beasts. I've had smaller chimera enter my realm before, but once I glimpsed them i
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