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Found 7 results

  1. It is not every one," said Elinor, "who has your passion for dead leaves.†― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility Initially this challenge was going to be easy. I thought I'm gonna take it easy. But I decided that I really needed to grow up and face some realities. Mostly in the way I handle stress and eating. So this challenge will focus on those goals. I love my current exercise routine, so I'm sticking to it and adding a couple yoga sessions a week at least to help manage stress levels. I'll track everything on MFP and my calendar, and share with you here. There is no grading system,
  2. About six months ago to the day I posted a very lovely post talking about how I was going to do everything right! How I was taking control of my life and starting to take care of myself! I had a plan and knew what to do and I was going to conquer the world! I was super motivated and on point ... for a while. Then, I basically forgot about it. The only progress I've made in that time is to make the scale bounce up and down by about a 15 pound margin and ended up back in the same place. I don't think I've even really logged into the website in the last five and a half months. Life came out s
  3. Six week challenge for Feb. 23rd - Apr. 5th Main Quest: Eat healthy 90% of the time and drop to >10% body fat. Fitness Plan: Monday - "Push" workout + cardio Tuesday - Cardio Wednesday - "Pull" worjout + cardio Thursday - Cardio Friday - "Legs & Abs" workout + cardio Saturday - Cardio Sunday - Rest Nutrition Plan: 90% healthy eating Two cheat meals a week max Challenge #1 - Lift weights three times a week. - Reward = +1 STR Challenge #2 - Do cardio six times a week. - Reward = +1 STA Challenge #3 - Eat healthy 90% of the time, two cheat meals a week. - Reward = +1 CON L
  4. My goals for this challenge are really basic: keep going to the gym, continue with the StrongLifts 5x5 program so that by the end of this challenge, I'll have been doing StrongLifts for 14 weeks;improve flexibility in legs, hip and back for future bodyweight challenges;eat less carbs (easier done now that the Christmas/New Years break is done),intermittent fasting 2x/wk, anduse determination to do those things I should be doing around the house (referring to a private New Years resolution).That's all.
  5. Introduction: Hi, I'm SirCharlesWatson and this is technically my second challenge, but I completely failed the first one. My first challenge was in January I think. I started it and then got lost in the shuffle. This challenge however, I'm kind of doing a running start. I joined a weight loss competition that started a week after the NF challenge started so I'm going to count the rest of this challenge as a whole challenge. My wife and I are both in the weight loss competition so it's a good motivator to do it with her. We've been tracking all of our calorie intake and exercising a lot more.
  6. I started my weightlifting journey about 9 months ago now because of a new friend of mine who is studying exercise science at my college (we met in a music class of all places). I am no stranger to the gym and have been pushing myself hard. If i had to say anything about myself, id tell you that i am the most passionate person you will ever meet. I don't back down, i don't give up, and i don't accept weakness in myself. when i feel like giving up, or like im not strong enough to reach my goal, i look myself in the mirror and ask myself what my beloved fiance would think of me if i made excuses
  7. Hi everyone, I came across NerdFitness about a month ago when for some odd reason, after a huge session of Assassin's Creed on the Xbox, I googled 'how to train like an assassin'...and what d'you know? There was an article exactly about that on this site! Since then, I have bought the Rebel Fitness Guide and have been on the Rookie Workout for the past 4 weeks. I also tried going Paleo but did the wrong thing going in head first, crashing out and feeling disheartened just 3 days later! BUT, I'm ready to try again. Frankly, for those 3 days I WAS Paleo, I noticed a big difference in my en
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