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Found 4 results

  1. Lucky fire dragon pulls herself up and up and upside down Hi everyone, for those who don't know me yet, I am an amateur pole dancer who got hooked about 3 years ago and is since then slowly, stubbornly building some strength to actually do some dancing on this fabulous thing. It's totally addictive, gives me big bruises and even bigger fun, confidence and has turned me from sluggish desk worker into circus-nerd, active, stronger than I have ever been and roughly 10 kg lighter to when I started three years ago. Apart from pole dance I dabbled with aerial hoop, will get gymnastic rings for my birthday in May (whoohoo), love yoga, hiking, bathing, reading, travelling, music and of course all the gorgeous amazeballs in here Due to some work changes and challenges I was quite absent during the last two challenges and ... am embarrassed to admit... let myself go a bit. Well, contrast is our friend, right, so here is me motivated and dedicated for a proper tough challenge again Let's BRING IT ON!!!! (will have to look for a proper gif later, sorry) This time I'm going to do it all: spring clean detox get super strong, especially on PULL UPS train all the inversions and stay super focused with meditation powers The rough plan is there, I might still adjust some details later. Also this challenge will have different parts for each week as it builds up gradually and that will give me some room for adjustments if need be. 1. Get sparkling and focused I have a fabulous yoga book by Tiffany Cruikshank with a 30 day yoga detox program that helped me shed about 4 kg two years ago and will go through the progress again. Might shed less weight this time, but am hoping for some cm less and also noticed the cleaner my diet and the less alcohol I drink, the better my grip on the pole. Aaaaand it turns out that is a BIG motivation For Week 1 I will - drink a lemon drink every morning - do the detox week 1 yoga program every morning breathing exercise (inhale for 6 seconds, hold for 6 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds, same with 8 seconds and then 10 seconds for 3 rounds each or more) 10 x cat / cow 3-5 sun salutations A (forward fold, plank, lowering into cobra, downdog, jump to hands, forward fold, roll up) 2-5 sun saluations B (forward fold, jump into plank, up dog, down dog, lunge left with arms up, down dog, lunge right with arms up, downdog, jump to hands, forward fold, roll up) Savansana (after hoop and inversions) meditation (after savansana or later in day, see below) - add 5 of each pull up and chin up rows as well as tuck into straddle and crunches on the aerial hoop every morning - meditate for 10 minutes minimum every morning (can be done later in day if need be, but morning would be ideal) - do all this early enough that I can still do all needed desk work in the mornings and have the afternoons free for other things - do 3 rounds of fire breath every day - drink no alcohol except on Saturdays but only if I had at least 2 liters of water before - drink 2 liters of water or herbal tea every day - take measurements on Sundays 2. Get Stronger As I want to really really play with my rings when I get them and apparently you need to have pull up strength for that, pull ups it's going to be. Plus pole lessons at Level 2+ are really challenging me majorly so no more lazying around on that either - 3 x pole training at home / week (plus the lesson at the studio) - collect 50 pull ups or chin ups over week 1, negatives and rows count as 0.5 each -> will raise this goal in the weeks 2-4 3. Train all the inversions I have this fabulous feetup stool at home allowing me plenty of play with headstands without any pressure on neck or hand, so I could play more with that... or with handstands (I recently managed to kick into a wall handstand and hold it for the first time idk!!!!! That was so cool it needs repeating) ... or with headstands as we need them way more controlled for pole choreos than I can do right now - spend 50 minutes / week upside down Current status videos Here is the video of the hoop morning training with lots of work still needed on my rows as you can see. I'm thinking now that maybe I am positioning myself wrong and must go a bit more back to that when I come up the hoop is not at my head but at my chest rather... any hints? https://vimeo.com/161294594 Also can we still imbed videos in here or not anymore? Couldn't find yet how... Here is a video of some current pole projects: seat relax into hangback should ideally be switching from one into the other and back with as little hand help as possible (good prep for higher levels ) the handstand attitude with one leg away from the pole feels for some reason suuuuuuper scary, so it will be my bravery expansion for a while and the slide down needs more control and less hooking in with the bent leg, finally the headstand - goal is to lift straight legs up controlled from top of foot (i.e. not standing on toes like I did here) and then crunch up to hold straight away at the top of the pole (not use the help of hand below butt like I did here...) https://vimeo.com/161296316 Measurements and weight on Day 1 upper right arm: 29.5 cm upper left arm: 29.5 cm chest: 88.5 cm waist: 83 cm hips: 89.5 cm right thigh: 54 cm left thigh: 53 cm right calf: 35.5 cm left calf: 34.5 cm Starting weight 64 kg Squeeeeeeeeee EXCITED Best of FUN and SUCCESS and safe training everyone!!
  2. Hello Yogis and Yoginis Yogic detox techniques have been practiced by yogis in caves of Himalayan mountains, and hardly reached out to general public. Yoga in current form is known for its poses and for it breathing techniques to a lesser extent. I would like to introduce yogic cleansing techniques (detox) which are performed using water only. There are some amazing physical, mental and spiritual benefits of these practices. There are four short one minute videos on youtube which introduce these techniques. Let me know what you feel about them? Youtube channel : Ankur yoga Cheers Ankur
  3. Why a Rockstar? A few people have called me a rockstar on different occasions in the past few months. The first time I was embarrassed then a few more people said it. I realized I loved it, so I am owning it and embracing my inner rockstar! I have recruited my colleague and we are planning to have a rockstar school year together. So rockstardom is an on going project of awesomeness. What is a Rockstar? What qualities of a rockstar do I want in my life? Confidence: A rockstar oozes confidence. Mind, body & spirit confidence is my aim. Kick ass body: A rockstar is in shape and ready to rock all night. I want to be up for whatever adventures come my way or I make happen. Fearless, A rockstar takes on life's challenges and lives large. Fun: A rockstar doesn't take life to seriously. Stylish: A rockstar dresses with confidence and personal style and is not afraid to be noticed Rebellious: A rockstar follows their own heart and lives a creative passionate life.Entourage: A rockstar doesn't do it all alone, they have support staff. I want to develop my own "support staff" and a positive rapport with the people around me. Favorite Rockstar Role Models:Sting: I love how Sting walked away from the security of a teaching position and followed his passion for music. I love how chooses to work with other amazing musicians and is open to many different styles of music. I love his writing skills. The man can write gorgeous lyrics! Eddie Vedder: I love his crazy, fearless 50 feet jump and crowd surfing awesomeness. I love his giving humble spirit. Patti Smith: I love her courage and her heart. She has an amazing ability to love.Joe Strummer: Risktaker with passion and meaningful purposeful rebelliousness! My road to RockstardomBlissaplineBodyloveFoodlove (Diet) Awesomeness Planning (Weekly Planning)"Entourage" (People-love)Confidence & Fearlessness CreativityBeauty & Style Blissapline I got to continue Blissapline! It is a joy to do I want to make this the priority. Inner work comes first and is the most meaningful to me. Daily Blissapline is spirit work; it gives me confidence and a calm attitude to take on the day. Yoga: Morning stretching and sun salutations Meditation: Silva methodGratitude: 3 or more per dayAdd:Kindness: Say something nice to a student before homeroom and during each class. Each week I should have said something nice to each one of my students, especially the ones that are quiet. Gold star program! for students in my AP class. Kindness to my family everyday. Blissapline Goal: Complete Daily Blissapline each day of the challenge (42/42) BodyloveWeight: 149.5Waist: 32" Hips: 41" Chest: 32" Bust: 41" Lt leg: 22" Rt leg: 22" Lt arm 10.75" Rt. arm 11.75" Bodylove Goals: Goal Weight: 140# Goal get my waist down to 30" Stay comfortable in size 6 Lifting Squat: 105# goal 145# Bench: 55# goal 75# Row: 70# goal 90# Overhead: 50# goal 70# Deadlift: 110# goal 130# Weight lifting goal: Lift weights 10 times this challenge. Foodlove Stay away from nuts and dairy Drink lots of water Limit breads, waffles, cake, cookies, etc... Limit sweets Eat good stuff; meat, fish, veggies Foodlove goals: No chocolate for the whole challenge! I don't always do well limiting my chocolate I think I need to be 100% chocolate bar free (I will get my chocolate fix with cocoa power in my coffee. Awesomeness Planning (Weekly Planning) Sunday: Awesome planning & Grandparents NightMonday: Creativity day (Life Drawing class); O & me Gym Time & Crockpot nightTuesday: J & me Time Wednesday: O day (Piano & Tae Kwon Do lessons)Thursday: Health Club Day; Lift and sauna after workFriday: Social Night (Happy Hour or Art Masterminds) Saturday: Family Fun Day Monthly Special Days at least one during this challengeFriends Night for OFriend Night for me (Concert w/RL 10/4)Happy Hour w/work friends (9/26)Guys' Night (Boys only movie night 10/4)Date Night (10/11)Nature or Outdoor Fun Days (Fall foliage hike)Family Health Club Night (9/27)Art Masterminds Night Spa Day - Henna hair treatment and facial (9/19) Awesomeness Planning goals: Each Sunday I will spend an hour planning for the week and checking my calendar . Each week I will plan time for health, work & fun. "Entourage" (People-love)What I mean by this is; the people who help me and I help them as well, win/win situation. I already have a daily babysitter to get J on and off the bus and helps out evenings and weekends as needed. I want a work assistant, I had a great kid last year who was awesome and loved to organize things, this year I have kids that hang out after school and make my room worst rather than better. So I need to find another good helper. I am going to delegate more "jobs" in the classroom. I am going to find a financial advisor as well, I am not managing my money effectively I need to get better at this and if I have help it will get done. Entourage Goal: Find work and finance helpers to make my life better. Confidence & Fearlessness I want to develop this but I am not sure how I am going to address this…. Maybe a mantra and a bold action of some kind... Creativity: I am taking a life drawing class. I want to have some new work to enter into shows. I have only done two shows this year. Beauty & StyleSkin: I have had problems in the past with break outs and redness, I changed my diet and things improved.Hair: I went all natural with my shampoo, I want to keep experimenting with natural products. Next is toothpaste and cleaning products. I want to figure out an all natural deodorant.Style: I love Zulily on-line shopping with awesome prices; but no returns. So I am buying more dresses and skirts. For a number of years wore black pants to work everyday. I am not going to buy any black pants!!! I had a closet full of boring black pants. I am going to wear dresses or skirts and tops with great shoes or awesome boots. I love wearing dresses. This makes me happy. Beauty & Style goals:Keep away from nuts and dairyTry two more all natural beauty productsBuy more colorful dresses and skirts, cool shoes & boots (Fall and Winter wardrobe) Have fun with what I wear, enjoy my clothes and my body Reward:???I am not sure… Money for a trip?A chocolate bar?
  4. jtggodqos - detox Main Quest ultimately, I will achieve a body weight of 130lbs and a body fat percentage under 25. Goals Exercise: I vow to adhere to the following workout plan every day, with the rare exception.Mon, Wed, Fri: upper body (bench press, military press, seated row, bicep curl, tricep curl, lat pulldown)Tue, Thu, Sat/Sun: lower body (calf raises, squats, lunges)Diet: I vow to refrain from consuming more than 1700 clean kcal every day, with the rare exception.Alcohol: I vow to refrain from purchasing any alcohol, with the rare exception.Positivity: I vow to post one positive thing every day. My Motivation I vow to adhere to the above requirements, because I'm fucking sick of how I look, and I'm tired of this Depression.healthy eating and regular exercise are good for the body, alcohol is not; and positivity is good for the soul. Notes the "with the rare exception" clause must be validated by Brian -- if he deems it acceptable, then I can invoke it. this ensures I don't let myself "cheat" too much.I must input every day's progress on both my spreadsheet AND my NerdFitness thread. this ensures accountability. Alcohol Notes I'm going to look into going to weekly AA meetings.I am already permitted to purchase alcohol on the following days:Friday, August 1 - Monday, August 9 (MechaCon in New Orleans)Friday, August 8 (for the next day's TMNT party)Saturday, August 16 (long-planned Gurlz Nite Out)if Brian and I go out to dinner Links spreadsheetMyFitnessPalFitbitFitocracymy blog
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