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  1. Hello! I am back on here after being away for almost a year. I have had ALOT of ups and downs when it came to my health goals. I am currently in a downward slope...I have felt unmotivated to take care of myself and my health. I am currently at the heaviest I've been and need some encouragement and motivation. I know weight loss and reading my health goals has a lot to do with mindset...so I need help getting the right mindset. I want to be at a healthy weight so I can better take care of my husband, and have more confidence in myself.
  2. In the previous episode, I discovered that I have essential high blood pressure ... i.e. high blood pressure with no other known causes. It seems to be causing blurry vision in my right eye as well, although my optometrist dismissed my symptoms .... he'll have to be replaced at some point. Also, I became a grandmother for the first time!!! 🎉 A combination of medications reduced my blood pressure to a range between perfect and too damn low. Also, it caused borderline low potassium. Hence, the combination was dropped. But, my bp has quickly increased as well as my weight (+ 3 pounds .... I knew it was water loss last month, but still .....). Well, that's disappointing, but I'm going to take it as a challenge to be addressed with lifestyle as well as (probably another change in) medication. So, this challenge will be focused on data gathering and lifestyle changes that will allow me to defeat the beast. I'm going to envision high blood pressure as the giant snake Jörmungandr. One of the big frustrations with having high blood pressure is that I'm already doing most of the things that are advised, although I've long been casual about the amount of sodium I get daily. But, in point of fact, I'm not sure how much sodium or potassium I eat each day. So, I am switching how I record food intake so that I can get a good estimate of sodium and potassium. As well as protein. Hence, I am switching to My Fitness Pal for the challenge. The free version shows sodium, potassium, and protein .... so that will be a good start. I'm not ditching the WW program yet, but I'm giving myself 5 weeks off. Tracking calories in MFP will be good enough. I could also dive in on meditation daily, but I'm going to limit the number of things I am tracking and changing. Ironically, too much change for the sake of reducing stress can cause stress .....
  3. Hi I've been on a weight loss journey. Down 70lbs in 2 years doing keto and little to no exercise. I started going to the gym in April to help speed up my process. I do light cardio and lots of weightlifting. I love it. My question is, since I've been going to the gym and eating keto I've been feeling really weak and very hangry. The scale isn't moving much even though I'm still eating the same as foods and amounts as before. Is this scale stuck due to gaining muscle? Or do I need to introduce carbs? Is it really just about being a calorie deficit or am I missing something? I still want to lose another 70lbs. Thanks.
  4. Hiya, guys! So a few years ago in my late-teens I suffered with disordered eating, namely, eating 700-800kcal a day, purging, etc, being quite underweight. Its been a long time since then or at least, about 5-6 years, and I'm just a regular adult who has always been petite but who has the tiniest bit of squish/body-fat after lockdown that isn't normal for me and that I want to get rid of - its making me feel really unhappy in my own body. I've tried since making better choices by starting to have salad for lunches at work and still having whatever the S.O makes for dinner, normally healthy-ish anyways. But without a way to really track what I'm doing I'm losing motivation fast and am not sure I'll even see results. I know that calorie counting works. I spent a long time doing it. But I've also spent many years slowly trying to forget how many calories are in every food, to not associate my morning coffee with a probably quite high number, etc. I'd make sure to have a sustainable goal and nothing like I used to. The pro side is that I know calorie counting works and its been a few years. But I'm worried about the what if - what if I undo a few years of work and start to feel guilty/obsess over numbers again? Once you know them they take years to forget and that's only if you're so lucky,' yknow? How can I ensure I do it without opening up old wounds? Is there anybody here with a history of disordered eating who managed to diet in a healthy way later on? I'd love some insight here. Thanks guys
  5. I'm new and here for a place to describe what I'm doing, express my thoughts about it, get some feedback, and ideally participate in a community. Areas for exploration Physical Be consistently active, following my plan. Since I'm trying to do too much, figure out what's carved in stone and where I can be flexible. Dumbbell workouts three times a week will likely be foundational. See what happens when my planned hikes and weighted pack walks collide with my new jogging habit -- do I decrease my weekly urban hike? Kick jogging down the road? Leave the backpack behind? Take walks and do gentle yoga as often as they're needed. Diet Find easy ways to increase protein intake at all meals. Make better choices overall. Cook regularly and happily. Say yes to Gatorade on long walks. Rest Get quality rest. Take sufficient rest between demanding activities. Recuperate with baths, hydration and healthy food. If I need to take a week off again, focus on yoga and walking rather than sitting on the couch watching Star Trek. Improve sleep hygiene: decrease drinking during the week (glass of wine with supper yes, "one more dram" at ten o'clock no), screens off by 9:30, read before bed. Create room for prayer and meditation before bed. Build a habit of getting up on time. To Do (Zero Week stuff, hopefully) Sort out the indoor/outdoor shoe issue. Inventory and replace socks. Look into new jogging pants since the ones I've been working out in have holes in the butt. Probably get a new hiking hat. Prowling dragons If there is a sudden increase in my workload, I will either shorten my strength workout or go for a walk or do yoga on my break and do my strength workout after work. If self-esteem issues around exercising in public flare up, I will build up time gradually and do longer runs before work; the early morning dog walkers are generally chill. If Bad Thoughts attached to running flare up, I will express them in a neutral venue and judge how seriously I should take them; it might mean scaling back or letting jogging go for now. When unresolved issues that decide to be relevant when I try something new flare up, I will distract myself with more interesting thoughts (what even is the relationship between Neo-Platonism and Merkabah mysticism anyway?). Weapons True Names (being able to describe the problem helps tame it), a plan (make it easy) Virtues curiosity, self-awareness, courage
  6. Hello all. I am using https://tdeecalculator.net/ to calculate how much I should be eating but I am unsure of what exercise level to put. I have an office job but make sure to walk at least 9k steps a day and I do bodyweight fitness 3-4 times a week. I don't know whether this makes me "sedentary" or "lightly active". I am also conflicted because I have PCOS and I don't know how exactly that affects how much I should eat or what I should eat. I was on keto a couple of years back because I had heard it was good for people with PCOS and I got pretty thin (to be fair I was eating 1200-1400 calories a day too) but ended up stress eating it all back. My eating disorder therapist tells me that carbohydrates are important but I have trouble believeing it. They also say that I should be eating at least my basal metabolic rate (1657 calories) in calories to lose weight. I feel like I'm getting conflicting information from everywhere and no one really knows what they're doing. As someone who highly values structured numbers and orders, this is highly frustrating to me. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hi! Been doing IF for 7 days strict calorie control and macros. Day 4 woke me early with horrible stomach cramps. I ate carbs and egg with salt to resolve. Day 7 the stomach cramps came back and made me break my fast 3 hours early. Taking women MultiVits. Healthy 5"8 age 30 BMI approx 31 (Shy about weight!) Macros 40/35/25% prot/fat/carbs 156g/60g/98g 1500cal goal Light exercise: 2k jog twice this week Active job on feet Eating window is 13.30-21.30 Please help as I want to continue. I'm not feeling much hunger pangs but the abdominal cramps is awful. I'm worried that I'm harming my body. Has anyone had this? Thanks
  8. Hello adventurers ⚔️ On this 18th day of April 2020, I begin my food and training log, as a way to ensure accountability! I am a girl (or woman?) in my 20’s, 5’4", and 124 lbs. I have always been physically fit — I have a black belt in taekwondo and I have run a mile in 7 min 15 seconds. However, those milestones were achieved back when I was a teenager. Throughout my college years, I lacked the time management skills necessary to balance academics and physical activity. Now that I am back home, I hope to regain my former strength and become even stronger than I used to be. I do not wish to completely cut out any particular food groups from my diet; I rather want to simply practice moderation and limiting my consumption of processed foods. I also wish to use this time off to exercise 7 days a week, for 45 min each day, doing both cardio and strength training. So...first of all, my food intake for today: Morning: 1 bagel with cream cheese 1 cup of tea with milk 1 glass of protein, fruit & veggie shake Afternoon: 1 small bowl of fried rice with broccoli 2 small baked potatoes (seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil) 1 large cup of coffee with oat milk and 1 spoon brown sugar 1 bowl of chickpeas (Indian style) Evening: Jelly beans (~130 cal, 30g sugar) 5 small slices of homemade, thin-crust veggie pizza
  9. Initial post removed because user is 15.
  10. ^^ Minor spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ^^ About me Despite the above, I am not a boy but a man in his 40s. A man who works from home and wants to see if his dream of becoming an author might just become reality; a man who wants to find a way to increase his inadequate income; a man who doesn't want the deteriorating health that comes a desk-job; a man who wants to see if his dream of becoming a game-developer might just become a reality (is there any Earthly reason I should not succeed at both this and becoming an author?) Epic quests Become a published author (not just one story or book) (I haven't published any yet) Increase my income to a comfortable amount Reach level 7 on the NF Diet and stay there Make a 3D game that people would want to play Challenge quests Write one Flash Fiction story per week of the Challenge Identify a repetitive work task and automate Get my wife's and my BMI to the ideal level, make sure that the Waistline app data has the carbs for all the food we eat, and start counting carbs Check studies into cholesterol (in relation to health risks) on both sides of the argument Put together the best computer I can from parts I've recently been donated Notes This is my second challenge. You can find my Level 1 challenge in Kokiri Forest. In my Level 1 challenge I completed a short story, that had been languishing for years, and submitted it to a couple of on-line competitions. This is the first time I've attempted to have my creative writing published and I want to continue that momentum. In this challenge I want to write stories in a much shorter space of time, in part to convince myself that I can. My current plan is to leave submitting these stories until the next challenge but this could be revised. I'm going to link to any useful resources I find during this process for any other aspiring authors out there. Automating work tasks enables me to spend more time creating (technical) products that can generate more revenue. With diet and exercise, I have actually dropped below my ideal BMI (despite the fact that I still have a bit of a belly). I'm now in the rather awkward position of trying to put on a bit of weight while my wife is trying to lose some. We are currently using the Waistline Android app to count calories. I want to move on to using it only to count carbs. However, there are some foods I've added manually and I need to check that I've filled in the carb details for all of them. Somewhere in here we also need to cut out pasta (we're working our way through the last pasta in the house). My wife is worried about cholesterol from the NF diet, especially as she's had a stent fitted in the past. I'm pretty good at research (although I'm not a doctor) so I want to find the best available information on the matter. Both CQ3 and CQ4 are part of EQ3. A friend has recently given me parts (cases, motherboards, processors, graphics cards, RAM...) from three computers that he's since upgraded. Two of them were pretty powerful. If I want to do any serious game development I'll need the power that these parts can provide. My job in this challenge will be to find the combination that's most suitable and put them in the same package. There's a bit of a thrill to this given that I haven't done it in ten years. In Kokiri Forest I completed a running quest as part of a half-marathon Epic Quest. However, having completed the Challenge Planning Worksheet for this challenge, that EQ did't quite make it here. I do plan to keep improving my running performance (it will feature in my Interval Training tonight) and that may well find its way into a future Challenge.
  11. Well, I'm still here. The weather out here has taken a turn for the awesome, and we've had a very snowy fall. I have a very interesting road ahead of me now. A substantial portion of my bandwidth is going into getting this house buying thing across the finish line. The above is the view from the window. Yes, in Colorado deer are everywhere. There are issues with the inspection, and I'm hoping the Seller can meet with me near the middle and get us across the finish line. This will be fairly vague, but I'll keep you updated with the effort. Pending any luck, I'll be closed before the challenge ends. Exercise, foam rolling, and diet. This is just an on going battle. Getting away from microwaving my food, sitting on my posterior, and not taking care of myself is just a perpetual annoyance. Good news is I have been taking advantage of the weather and going for walks in the snow. My goal is simply daily activity, foam rolling, and eating right 2 days a week. Start easy. Faith. A touchy topic, but I would be remiss in not listing the biggest struggle I'm in. While I was in Korea, I ran into a sequence of men who were excellent examples on the faith. A lot of my questions were answered, and I made the decision to take my faith seriously. This means altering 20+ year old behaviors. Fret not, I'm not becoming some holy roller, the more I experience, the more I know that humility is one of the virtues I need to work on. I don't know what the metric is to measure this by, but this is where the majority of my effort is going for the foreseeable future. - Murphy's Roommate
  12. Why are all the recommendations online all over the place? I can't find any consistency from post to post. I'm a 49 yr old mother of 3 (who feels 29 but certainly doesn't look it!). A friend recommended carb pairing??? I dunno. That's a new one for me. She sent me to carbpairforloss which, I’ve never heard of. I'll check it out and see since she referred them and had success, but was hoping to hear from some others. Anyone got suggestions?
  13. I want to overhaul my diet. I was looking at the make-ahead lunches. For the chicken and veggies with sweet potatoes lunch, is olive oil a no no? Is olive oil a no no in my whole diet? I'm looking to lose about 15 pounds. I'm a female 138 at 5'2".
  14. (Under Construction)
  15. Late to the party, whoops, but I did just return from vacation on Monday. I trailed off on the last challenge but don't feel terrible about it because it was insanely hectic - not the most stressed I've ever been, but definitely the most major events in a month. Plus at the beginning of the challenge I wasn't planning on the Italy work trip, and then that happened in the middle of everything. My healthy routines were thoroughly disrupted, but I still squeezed in a little exercise and some vegetables. I'm thrilled to be home, and in my own kitchen and bed again (not at the same time, obviously). After eating out most meals for three weeks, I am excited to cook balanced, delicious meals at home. Overall Goals My general life goals have changed a bit because, uh, I'm pregnant and all - so weight loss is no longer the primary aim. I weighed myself this morning and was unpleasantly surprised by the number on the scale, but the internet tells me it's normal to have gained 4-6lb at this point even though the baby is only the size of a raspberry, so I feel better about it now. I'm going to stop weighing myself at home because it makes more sense to focus on make healthy choices each day. I've cancelled my NF Coaching because I already feel a bit overwhelmed, and through work I'm going to be assigned an RN who will advise on healthy eating and exercise throughout my pregnancy. But I have even stronger reasons to eat healthy, and I won't be drinking ha, so I'm going to focus on paying attention to how I feel - more frequent, small meals seems to sit better with me these days. I am currently working to use up a lot of my pantry/freezer food which has been accumulating for...a while. I also want to declutter since we mayyy buy a house and move before the baby comes. Goal #1: Cook all the things Make (nearly) all our food at home, avoid relying on processed food. I'd like to get in a good pattern of meal prep and eating at home pre-baby. Document food here. Goal #2: Feel the burn Work out doing whatever feels good. Right now that's barre but I'd like to try to get running again if I can do it without chest pain. Aiming for working out 3x/week minimum, and walking on other days to aid digestion and circulation. Goal #3: Feed the fire Take extra kind care of myself. Give myself an 8-hour sleep window. Nap if needed. Meditate daily. I have FIVE WEEKS before our family vacation when we tell the family, and I have already told random coworkers in Italy (because finding out I was pregnant the week before the trip was anxiety-inducing), a couple coworkers I am closer to (because we were on vacation for a week and they wouldn't have figured it out from the not drinking anyways, and this way I was able to talk to a friend who had twins last year about it), and another friend (who I stayed with on the way to and from the Florida vacation, because we're close and it was nice to do it in person). Between now and the official family announcement at which point it will be public, I will probably tell a couple more friends because as an external processor keeping secrets is not my strong suit. It still feels completely surreal, but in the best way.
  16. In my continuing effort to reclaim the glory that was me & fitness circa 2016, I'm throwing some more spaghetti at the wall to see if I can get something to stick. Because YET-A-FREAKING-GAIN I was reminded recently (of course when waxing rhapsodic about my Nerd Fam trying to rope in a new recruit) that a: I was kind of a little badass back then, and b: I had my shit under so much control diet and exercise-wise that it was easy. So easy, I was Queen of the damn side challenges. So ... ummmm ... yeah. I AIN'T THAT ANY MORE. And on the one hand *channel hippie "I'm ok, you're ok" self* It's ok, But on the other hand, *channel me circa 2016* You know what works - head down & suck it up, buttercup. This shit isn't easy, but all humans can 1000% do it. Your bullshit excuses as to why you're a special snowflake are BS. And you know they're BS. I've more or less decided to break up with Soflete - we all knew that shit wasn't sustainable, but I wanted to give it a good run. DH is still in love with the programming, but even he's chilled a degree or two to make room for SUP. Things I learned from my time in the gym (Soflete and before that, with a trainer): Re-discovered that I hate being in the gym for more than like :45 at a clip I am waaaaaayyyyy too practical to be comfortable with dropping a shitton of cash on a trainer Said trainer was a damn waste of time physical-wise, but did help with things like injury prevention and my 'too much'/'hit the gas' gene I like lifting heavy things as much as I knew I would There is a way to lift heavy things that doesn't injure me That doesn't mean my ass gets a carte blanche to forget that I have legit ass chronic wrist and lower lumbar injuries I can build something more sustainable (thx basic-ass but actually legit just non-sexy NF weightlifting guide) So, what kind of spaghetti am I throwing at the wall this cycle? Back to yoga. My body just feels better when I'm working in that arena. And, my local bougie studio just lowered their prices pretty heftily per class - so, there's less of an excuse there. Aaaaaaaaaand, at least for now (who TF knows what's going to happen in May - Ramadan - and June - beginning of Summer), there are 3 classes being held at convenient times for my life. 2 11am classes on days I don't typically have anything planned + 1 5pm class on a day I do. So I bought a 10-class pack, and I'm back on the mat. Planning on also adding in 2 days a week of strength training when my body readjusts to being bendy, since yoga alone does not melt the lbs off how I want them to go. And working on not eating like an asshole (still), and trying to see if I can do that in a framework that doesn't exclude food groups or involve time on My Fitness Pal. Which I love and all, but I'm trying to see if I can be trusted yet to have some sort of natural balance. (spoiler: thus far, hellz to the no if I want to actually lose the 10 lbs I'm up). In Support Of Spaghetti Goals 1. Yoga 2-3x a week; work in weight training when I can, but when I do - 2x a week. 2. Travel is happening this cycle - and maybe new puppy homecoming, too - so life is going to continue to be cray. This travel is a real vacation for the both of us, so there will be tons of hiking and walking involved - for travel, just avoid foods that hurt. 3. Continue attempting to not eat like an asshole - avoid foods that hurt, limit my time being shitfaced to my 1 wine lunch a month + maaaaaaaybe either my monthly game night, or 1 other outing. Continue taking pics of my meals, trying to only eat when hungry, and eating enough to make me full but not bursting - despite the starving children in Africa I'm murdering by not having a clean plate (80s kid, yo - that shit was on TV) 4. Continue working to build and maintain my local network of support and peoples 5. Look further into the $ making things I've got kicking around in my head 6. Do something other than sit on the couch and watch YouTube if I'm home all day (see 4&5) And that's about it - 6 quasi-goals that really only boil down to 2 concrete goals + 1 general purpose 'be less lazy' goal.
  17. Hey folks. Bardic Garlic here. Very bardic. Very garlicky. A professor. 30. I live in SE Asia after 12 years in the USA. At the end of this challenge, I will be in California for a conference. I need to get ready to dish it out. This bard of the orient is going to face the giants and the gods! (The American folks are literally giant for me. I'm 5'5 (165 cm)). To get to Asgard, I will need to get approval from each god. SACRIFICE: I sacrifice bubble tea for Odin. My replacement is black tea with no sugar. HEIMDALL of BIFROST: Eat the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. - Track a visual journal of my food. - Make sure that each week I eat the vegetables, fruits, or grains of all 5 colors: red, yellow, green, black/purple, and white. ODIN of the GALLOWS: For 9 days and 9 nights he hangs... in a dingy pub downtown. - Pull up + Chin up 90 times for 3 out of 4 weeks. - Run at least 9 km a week - Improve my bench press and squat to 99 kg by the end of the challenge. (Stuck at 90 kilos for a while. Tips highly appreciated) THOR of the HAMMER: They ask for his fists but not for his feels. - Each week, sympathize with people who make you upset. - Reconnect with at least 3 friends. LOKI of the TRICKS: Craft him the tales he won't forget until the rebeginning. - Spend 6 hours a week on my lab manual. - Spend at least 2 hours a week on creative writing. That's it. Looking forward to hear from you all!
  18. Hello guys, rookie here asking for advice. I'm currently standing at 5'9ft, weighing 164 lbs, waist measurement of 34 inches and quite some stubborn body fat around my chest and belly (skinny fat build), 23 years old, male obviously. I'm trying to slim down to a waist measurement of 32 inches and possibly tone my body out. As of this writing, my current exercise regiment consists of the following: PART 1 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *10 second rest 2.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 inclined push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *10 second rest 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 wide push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *10 - 15 second rest 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 diamond push ups, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *15-20 second rest 1.) 10 jumping jacks, quick jogs in place for 10 seconds, 10 archer push ups on the knee side by side, 10 body weight squats done successively three times *30 second rest PART 2 - Done with a barbell with 15lbs plates or 30lbs 1.) 3 sets of barbell shoulder rows, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set 2.) 3 sets of bicep curls, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set 3.) 3 sets standing overhead press, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set 4.) 3 sets floor press, 10 reps each. 10-20 second rest per set PART 3 1.) 3 sets leg raises, 10 raises each. 10 second rest per set 2.) 30 second plank I aim to do this set of exercises everyday or at least 5-6 times per week. I exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach due to time constraints. Sleep is no problem for me as I usually snooze off about 9-6 hours per night, averaging on 8 hours. As for my diet, i've been extremely restricting my meals. Usually just having a glass of warm milk for breakfast, a small meal like a tuna sandwich, oatmeal with bananas or a small serving of fried tofu blocks for lunch and a small meal for dinner. I'm not too confident about my competence to count calories but my estimate has my calorie intake restricted at 1,000-2,000 calories max. With all this, i'm aiming to lose two inches off my waist and get myself a bit toned. I would like to ask the more experienced folks here if i'm on the right track or if i'm doing anything wrong. A little bit of history, way back in 2017 I managed to slim down my waist from 39 inches to 35 by restricting my meals and jogging daily. I regained a bit of weight early last year and shed it off by doing body weight exercises and restricting my meals in the same manner as i'm doing now once more however, I didn't get toned, only skinny fat. By the end of last year, I regained some weight again, going from a waistline of 32.5 to 34 hence here I am at it once more. I'm also a bit concerned about the effects on my metabolism and health my constant weight loss and maintenance endeavors may have. Hoping for the forbearance of the members of this forum for some advice. Thanks in advance
  19. Good Morn, Noon, Eve, one and all! This nerd has a goal to obtain! To become healthier person for my family and for myself. I want to be able to play with my kids and feel good marrying the king I love; for the latter, I only have 6 months to achieve this goal. I am an extremely self-conscious Queen with many mental and physical wounds to overcome. A mother of three; to two handsome princes, and a darling princess. I weigh in around 180lbs at 5'2" tall. My goal is to lose 50lbs to get back to my pre-baby weight of 130lbs. In order to do this, I have taken upon myself the Diet of Keto as well as plan to combine this with cardio and compound exercises. I don't have access to the Arms and Armory so I will have to train at home. Any and all advise is welcome. Thank you.
  20. My goal is to post a daily plan here every morning, including food, goals, and fitness. Then the next day I will reflect on what actually happened and set new goals. Th 12/27 Food: Breakfast: Greek yogurt + all the coffee Lunch: Scrambled Eggs, Broccoli, Afternoon Snack: Skinny Pop, Nuts Dinner: Slow cooker chicken recipe Movement: Gym. 15 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes body weight / kettlebells, etc, Personal Goals: Declutter 10 items Put away new Christmas gifts Paint hallway
  21. Hey, Nerd Fitness n00b here. One thing I've noticed, both here and in general, is that articles (and freebie PDFs) about healthy eating are always phrased around weight loss. I am well within the healthy range for BMI, and am trying to be a healthier person, not a lighter person (potentially even a heavier person, but I'm aiming for healthy first). My diet, however, is absolute garbage, and I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. What changes in most of these guides when the goals are health-oriented, as opposed to weight-oriented? Referencing the Nerd Fitness Ten Levels guide would be fine, as it is currently open on my computer in any case - I am a "1000s of tabs" type of computer nerd. Thanks! - dorkylilelf
  22. I want your input on whether the following diet can result in a slimmed down appearence: Breakfast: protein shake (like this one) Lunch: quinoa lentils avocado Dinner: refried beans corn tortillas black olives nutritional yeast hot sauce
  23. I haven't been here for a year, but I'm back for the sake of the challenge accountability. I want to focus on diet this time around. I've started picking some of my bad food habits back up, and since January I've regained a couple of the pounds I lost in 2016/2017. I want to lose another 15-20 pounds instead of gaining more. This challenge is going to focus on improving my eating habits and losing weight again. Specifically, I want to cut down on sugar and stop snacking between meals. I've been better about fitness than diet. I haven't really had much direction this year, but I'm fine with what I'm doing. I'd rather spend my mental energy on my new job and on music than improving fitness. So my fitness goal is to continue as is: get at least 10,000 steps a day, do two strength training workouts a week (30-60 minutes each), and at a minimum get 30 minutes exercise every other day. Finally, I'm taking violin lessons after a long hiatus. Finding time to practice is hard. Extra challenges: Memorial day weekend, a week-long business trip, a long weekend trip, a going away party for a friend moving out of the country, and all the usual little celebrations and occasions when there's social pressure to overeat at least a little. I've got a list of other things that I'd like to do, but I want to prioritize weight loss and music right now. I'll mention the others and may use them for mini-challenges. No screen time for an hour before bed time. Get up an hour early to walk, do yoga, or otherwise work out. Speed walking workouts. I did a 4k speed walk race and finished with just over 9 minute miles, faster than I've ever run. I want to see if I can translate that to 5k walked in under 30 minutes. Make online dating profiles. Specific Goals: I'll be printing out a calendar to track my progress on paper. Diet: Sugar: Less than 5 g of added sugar in a day and no cookies/candy/chocolates is excellent, worth a sparkly sticker. 5-25 g of added sugar and a single small cookie/chocolate/etc is pretty good, worth a non-sparkly sticker. 25-50 g of added sugar or 200 calories of cookies/chocolate/etc is significantly more than ideal, but it's the most I can eat and still have a not-too-bad day nutritionwise. I get a black squiggly mouth face. I want to limit this to one in the whole month. More than 200 calories of cookies/chocolate/etc: I get a big red frowny face. Regular meals: Two/Three meals and no snacks: Sparkly sticker. Small healthy snack because I didn't adequately plan for meals and get distractingly hungry between meals: non-sparkly sticker. 1-2 snacks of fruit, vegetables, or something healthy and under 100 calories between meals for no good reason: black squiggly mouth face. More than 1-2 between meal snacks, too many calories, or junk food as snacks: big red frowny face. If I'm not eating regular meals because my schedule gets screwy, I may change this up. Tracking: If I track the day on the LoseIt! app, I get a smiley face. If I don't track, I get a frowny face. Fitness: Meeting minimum steps and workout goals: Smiley face. Not meeting minumum steps and workout goals: Frowny face. Violin: Practice 60+ minutes: Music notes. Practice 30-60 minute a day: Gold star. Practice less than 30 minutes: Squiggly mouth face. Don't practice: Frowny face.
  24. NightWatcher woke up, groaning and holding her head in her hands. She glanced around the cell, initially thinking she'd gotten back to the undead asylum... But that couldn't be right. This place was too shiny, and she didn't remember flying back... Everything came back at once. She'd meant to go to one of the smiths, somehow gotten to a strange library bigger than any she'd seen while she was alive, and then there was that dragon... No scales, surrounded by crystals. Which meant she was in a new prison... she glanced at the nearby bonfire and tried to warp back to the Firelink, and felt... ...nothing. Not even the sense that Firelink was somewhere out there for her to find again. Scrambling to her feet, Watcher rattled the cage door, hoping for a loose hinge. A careless jailor. Anything that could get her out of here. The door held, and she heard something stir behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, NightWatcher saw more of the grotesque, misshapen people with crystals coming from their bodies. Reaching back out of habit, and glad to find her glaive still there, she turned to face the things that she'd been locked up with. Long story short, I got derailed in the middle of the last challenge (and still into the beginning of this one) because of my current job hunt.. Which currently just feels overwhelming and impossible. I'll flesh this out more later (cause I'm off break in a couple of minutes) SQ1 - yoga - which I've been not doing, and I can feel myself wearing AAAAALLLLLLLLLL of my stress between my shoulder blades. SQ2 - food planning - I'm doing ok with tracking my meals, but tracking after and planning ahead are two different things. SQ3 - running - time to start outrunning the undead again. I'll be walking at first more than any running 'cause my Chiropractor doesn't want me to overdo it and reinjure myself LQ - find and apply to at least 5 jobs per week
  25. All around us, it was as if the universe were holding its breath . . . waiting. All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both. G'Quon wrote, "There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities – it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender." The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain. Big Why I have respawned more times than I can count. And I think the main reason is that my big why wasn't strong enough, or big enough, or revisited often enough. I always start out strong but then something happens to disrupt the routine, or I get distracted, or lose focus, and it all comes crumbling down again. I was having a deep conversation with my partner and he said, "I wish you could just be happy with yourself the way you are, and I think you would be happier overall if you just accepted yourself as you are, instead of constantly trying and failing." I understand what he was trying to say, but I think there is a fundamental part of me that says, "You could be better." It says, "You weren't always like this, and staying this way is a failure." There's a logical part of it that says, "A healthier lifestyle would be good for your mental health because endorphins are a great remedy for depression," and "Most of your depression and insecurity comes from being unhappy with the state of your health and appearance, your inability to buy clothes, the loss of looks you once had under pounds of extra flesh, and being too unfit to do things you used to be able to do so easily." So, while I appreciate that he was saying what he said from a place of love and with the hope that I would love myself as much as he loves me, and be happy with myself in who I am now, I think that I will respectfully disagree. I deserve to be in the best condition I can be. I owe it to myself to look after my body. When I know what the right choices are, it makes no sense that I keep making the wrong choices. SMART Goals/Quest list This is a master list; I won't work on them all at once but I will work towards these big goals with the challenges. Nutrition: 1. Eating planned meals according to macros: 33P/29C/38F 2. Weighing and tracking food on MFP for at least 30 consecutive days 3. Phasing out carbonated drinks (including diet soda) in favour of water, tea and black coffee. 4. Cutting down on sugar and processed foods over time. 5. Reducing take-out meals to 3 times a week. Mental: 1. Getting control of my depression through meds and therapy. 2. Improving self-care such as brushing my teeth at least twice a day for a month. 3. Meditating every day for a month. 4. Overcoming social media addiction. 5. Updating progress here at least once a day. 6. Using my bullet journal to manage my time effectively. 7. Doing deep thinking about relationship stuff to improve our communication. 8. Tidying the apartment for 30 minutes every day. 9. Completing a konmari of the apartment before we move to Ecuador. 10. Quit smoking. 11. Developing real life, sincere friendships. Fitness 1. Exercising every day (30 day fitness challenge app). 2. Building a regular workout routine (on paper and in practice). 3. Developing a yoga practice routine on my rest days. 4. Spending at least 30 minutes outside each day (once I have left China and its air pollution). 5. Swimming at least once a week. 6. Do a 2 minute plank. 7. Do a pull up. 8. Run a 5k. 9. Climb a volcano. And if anything pops up to throw me off track, I will be prepared. After all,
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