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Found 3 results

  1. Alright, so I'm AdderTwist, known (for now) as Grunkle Morgue. Obviously I like Gravity Falls. My heath isn't so great at the moment, and while I've got some strength to me in an emergency, I'm not doing so great. To give you an idea, here's a candid shot of me: I'm severely mentally ill, but also have hyperelasticity, some iron and vitD issues, and am currently sitting at 115 kg (~255 lb) and am only about 160cm (5'2.5"). I'm not that concerned about weight loss, though the ass is fat, but I am concerned about the possibility of developing insulin resistance. It doesn't run in my family,
  2. Hello - right now this is a placeholder, trying to get myself moving again for a respawn. Had some very good success with habit changes when I first came on board two years ago, then hit a number of life challenges and regressed significantly. Looking to respawn - will return and expand this into a challenge start. Currently 5'11" and 306 pounds. Joined NF originally in April 2013 at 308 lbs, did really well in changing behaviors, started working out, made small changes in behavior and diet and escalated these well over time into significant improvements. From mid-April to Sept I lost ov
  3. So I have a rash from Eczema and I've been told to try cutting out gluten from my diet. I'm moving to Texas in a week and I plan to try to cut out gluten from my diet then since I'll be in a new environment. The main issue is that I love carbs and breads and pasta (I will find a gluten-free mac and cheese otherwise this is doomed to fail lol). I'm trying to stay away from packaged food which seems to be people's main suggestions. What were some things you did to cut out gluten/bread/ grains etc? What were some surprising things you found that had gluten in them? (I know beer has gluten)
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