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  1. In my dreams, I am the Dragon Warrior, a fierce combatant and companion of the Furious Five. Then, I wake up and realize I am a big, fat, clumsy Panda. If I want to fulfill my destiny, things have to change. Starting today. Last challenge, I made a big announcement (and general tirade) of my new diet manifesto...and then never implemented it. So, this challenge will be about focusing on one of five aspects of the manifesto each week (thank you, Cheechoe), hopefully culminating in a final week of 2013 of dietary victory! Week 1 (and the few days leading up to it): Wait for it.... This is about waiting for hunger before eating EVERY TIME. Week 2: Food is fuel. I need to remember what food is for: building muscle, energy for the day. Superior quality foods are the priority. (Follow the Primal Diet guidelines, UNLESS having a very specific food craving, i.e., not just "I want something sweet", but "I want pumpkin cheesecake with whipcream") Week 3: Is it Worth It? If I am not choosing a fueling food, it had better be something really worth it, either in taste or emotional connection (aka, the Christmas cookie). To help with this decision-making process, I will use the Whole 40 Guide to Nutritional Off-Roading EVERY time I am faced with a craving. (And I will post it here for accountability.) Week 4: Savor the Flavor Take the time to actually enjoy the taste of my foods, not just throwing food down my gaping maw. No eating at the computer or in front of the TV or while reading, etc. etc. etc. Be mindful and appreciate the food. Week 5: Where is Full? Full is when I am no longer hungry, not when I feel "full" (which is actually, "too full"). Hopefully, this will be easy to do after nailing mindful eating Week 6: Putting it all Together: The Dragon Warrior + the Furious Five Pretty self-explanatory. Integrate all 5 aspects of the plan. Hopefully, will be pretty easy. Life Goal: Open the Dragon Scroll Write 50,000 words of my novel before November 30th. (NaNoWriMo) I am already sadly behind, due to exhaustion from my new job, but honestly ANY work on my novel would be awesome, so here's trying, right? Side Quest: You may have noticed an absense of monkery in this here monk challenge. This is deliberate because a) my new job and NaNo are time consuming and exhausting and I really need to nail the diet and not use up my willpower too much. Sooooo...I'm only aiming for 3 days of Yoga for Martial Artists per week. Anything more than that will be gravy on my full plate.
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