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Found 21 results

  1. I switched to Adventurer class primarily because I want to get more 'outdoorsy' activities into my life. Therefore, the highlight/climax of my challenge will be either a short "hike" (might be more of a walk around the park) or a trip to the beach. It's difficult for me to find time to make a special trip for this kind of purpose, so that's why there's only one for this 4-week challenge. I suppose you could say, "it's not a priority", but it's a lot easier to do a bunch of small stuff than carve out a one- to six-hour chunk of my life for the purpose of doing something special. Hopefully, if I
  2. Greetings Everyone, I'm not new to NerdFitness but I am new to forum posting. I really enjoyed Steve's book and found myself saying "Yes!" aloud as I read it last year. I was especially inspired by the stories of people who share my love of fantasy and sci fi lit and found creative ways to integrate that into their lives. I sought out the website and the community and in the past six months I've learned a lot. But life seems to have thrown a new challenge at me and I plan to look here for help and support (also I will be joining as a full member soon). Ive been a power
  3. Well after taking the previous challenge off, although not totally intentionally (re; forgot about it and realized two weeks in)... I am back with two specific goals here. #1 - Reassert dominance over my lifting! What I mean by this is that my coach has me on 4x workouts per week and I have basically had the past month off of lifting, only getting in one or two workouts per day. I must get this worked out and hit those four workouts per week regardless of what else is going on in my life. #2 - Reassert dominance over my eating. While slacking off a little in the gym
  4. Hullo all. Weighed myself the other day, 206.4 (down a pound from last weigh in), still 21.6% body fat . I'm wondering if there is a good way to actually target body fat (other than slow and steady). I've been on this lifestyle change for about 5 years now and am still thrilled with the progress I've made thus far. I've maintained roughly the same eating habits for the past year or so (since the last time myfitnesspal stole calories away from me...still mad about that). I've been doing strength training (the "beginner's" bodyweight (now dumbell) circuit sin
  5. This is a plan I've made for my 12+ week cut I'm gonna start either at the start of February or March and I was wondering if anyone could read it and give me any notes or just confirm its okay-ness? :') This is meant to be a slow and steady, non-extreme cut as I really don't want to lower my calories too much for general mental health reasons~ Background: I've been lifting 3-4 times a week in a gym for about 4 months (non-seriously for about a year) doing a mixture of strength training (for squat/deadlift/bench/OHP) as well as hypertrophy accessory stuff, and although my main conce
  6. Okay, so, to try and commit myself fully to the process, I'm making it public. I'm intending to compete in a Powerlifting Australia meet on December 19 in Adelaide. I'm kind of freaking out a little about heading in to my first meet, and there are still some logistical issues I have to get past before I can guarantee that I'll be able to make it. Until then however, I had better make sure I’m doing everything I can to give myself the best possible result from my first competition. Before I step onto the platform I would like to drop at least 1, but ideally 2 weight clas
  7. Not with a bang but a whimper, Juni0r83’s not so triumphant return So it’s been a while since I was active here. Basically, not since the last lifting competition. And not a lot has changed. I switched from 5/3/1 to the Texas Method of Power lifters. And I’ve gained about 13.5kg. In four months. Yeah I suck. So, the Texas Method has been going really quite well. Which is to say that I’ve finally managed to get my training maxes to line up pretty much with my actual maxes from the last virtual lifting competition (once again, yeah I suck). And I’ve finally found a diet system t
  8. I'm competing on February 13 - two weeks from today. This challenge is to make sure I stay focused on that. I have 1.4kg to drop in two weeks to make weight as a 58kg lifter, which is where I want to stay. Goals are really thusly: 1) Train. Keep training. Make sure I'm ready. Get my openers sorted. 2) Finish my cut. Make weight easy. Try not to stress out about it, and try not to cheat!! 3) Compete. Hoping to set some masters records in my weight class. It's within reach. 4) Have a donut after the meet. Because of course. I CAN DO THIS. MUST NOT STRESS OVER MAKING WEI
  9. Hey guys, I was told in my welcome post that I might not be eating enough. So I have checked out BMR and TDEE pages. My fitnesspal suggest for me (pre workout couchpotato) 1200 kcal daily to lose weight. But for weeks now I have not been losing weight. I know not to go lower. Though with eating mostly veggies (stomach decease) its kinda hard reaching higher kcal intakes. Anyways the BMR and TDEE scales: which is best to use? BMR says (now with training 3 days cardio on xtrainer 45 mins, 3 days muscle aka the beginners body weight, one day rest a week) I need 1432 kcal base just at re
  10. I know my energy levels and mood will improve once I begin to clean up my diet and lose fat, and that exercising is a natural mood-improver, but I was wondering if there is something that would give me more energy, even on off days. Before I began working out, when I was at home, I would always feel tired, lazy, sick, and pretty much dead from the neck-down. It's not surprising when I considered that I spent most of my teenhood at home playing games most of the day. I was homeschooled, so I couldn't really be a part of a sports team, and at the time, I didn't think about my fitness all that
  11. Hey all! I've been pretty quiet on here (a lot of things happened and I got off track) but now I'm back and wanted to ask you guys a question that has been bugging me for a while... Do you exercise when hungry? Or when you've eaten? For me food is a major part of my life, I used it as an escape and a comfort during my depression years and now that I'm slowly climbing out of that hole I want to get healthier. I always hear horror stories about people who suffer with anorexia, and although I don't believe that will happen to me I wanted to know if what some of them say is true? Exe
  12. Namaste Druids!!! Main Quest Stronger than before! OK, so thats an inside joke with my friend but for this challenge I want to be healthier in everyway. As always, time to be my own hero. Side Quest See how long I can avoid alcohol and my other sins, time to cut back on things that are considered vices so I have more time to focus on what matters Instead of drinking and what not, when Im stessed, I need to workout! Strength Quest I can barely bench 135, lets get that down and increase 1 point for every lift over 10 the amount of pushups I can do from barely 15 to twice that 1 po
  13. I'm Back! I was gone for about a year and no surprise, I didnt get to far on my goals BUT IM BACK! I'd say I've been through alot recently and I cant wait to start this path to health, I just kicked depression in the ASS and I'm so excited about this new motivation I have!!! So yeah, Lets get started! Main Quest!!! To build a foundation for a healthy life, to create repeatable and fun ideas that I can follow to success, which would be to be my own hero. 84 points possible!!! Side Quest Alpha! Keep going to yoga twice a week 2 points each time total of 24 Bonus= d
  14. Right, here I am trying to lose this 20-30lbs I have been wanting to shift forever, to appreciate myself, become stronger, build healthy habits and try not to binge. Recently. I have been doing really, really well with the not binge eating; I read a book which I think helped quite a lot - but that's not to say I haven't had slips ups but I am on the right track.. I posted a thread in the Weight Loss section and got back a lot of good advice, I also read a lot on these forums and think the input and information is far more helpful than where I was before. I'm gonna cut my calories a lot. I h
  15. Main Quest Still want to lose 15 pounds, but now I also want to get strong and lift heavier weights. To achieve this, I have three specific goals: Stronglifts 5X5 three times a week, according to the training plan. This is my first time using the weight part of the gym so it is a little intimidating, I have been doing strength training 3X a week at home since February but it is all either body weight or with 15lb dumbbells, so I am excited to try out heavier weights and see if I get good results. A – Completed all 18 workouts B – Skipped 1-3 workouts C – Skipped 4-6 workouts D – Ski
  16. Hello, I'm brand new to this site. I've tried "getting healthy" many different times, but this is the first time I've ever actually tried for things like an accountability. I'm looking at the Paleo diet and have some questions/concerns. Questions -Is chewing gum okay on the Paleo diet? When I have it, gum tends to help me to not overeat, but I don't want to consume something horrible for me. -How about tea? I love earl grey. I usually sweeten it with honey and splenda. I'm assuming that I should probably cut out the splenda, but is sweetening with Honey still okay? -I'm assuming things like
  17. Hi all, This is my first time here, but I've been reading Nerd Fitness for years. I've always been what I call a couch potato fitness/diet guru - I've read all the books and all the blogs, I know a lot about a lot of different theories, I've tried numerous different approach to dropping weight and getting healthy....but none of it really works and I don't tend to stick with it - within a few months I'm back on the couch with my bag of chips. Well in a few days I turn 31. I get married in 3 months. We're thinking about a family. And I decided a month ago I wanted to get as healthy as I po
  18. This is the dawning of a brave new world. No more hesitating, it's too late to turn back now, yeah! Back again for my third/fourth go around. I've given my goals careful consideration and thought, and here's what I've come up with, complete with moderately clever names and what-not. Drop and Give Me Ten (or at least six) Six would be nice. I've managed to lose a bit of weight over the past 5 months, but it's been slow. I thought perhaps if I make it a concrete challenge, that I might do better over the next 6 weeks, because goodness knows I do hate to lose. So the goal is to lose at
  19. Here are some of my thoughts on weight loss. By full disclosure I have lost 35+ pounds twice doing Weight Watchers and 22+ pounds twice on two separate fasts. So, you’re trying to lose weight? Well, I have the two most important things you need to know right here. No kidding. I don’t care what weight loss plan you pick; Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Primal, South Beach, Sugar Busters, or Aunt Martha’s family plan. If you don’t do these two things you will either fail or not be as successful as you could be. And I’m going to stop with the teasing and give you these two magic
  20. TLDR: Experienced dieter friend may be sabatoging himself. Do I bring it up or butt out? Facts: 1. Very good friend and I have boring monkey desk jobs are on chat all day at work. We talk about everything, including, when we're eating lunch, what we're having. 2. He has succesfully done a low carb diet in the past, losing over 100 pounds. Then he got very sick, had to have major surgery, and gained it all back an more over the next few years. 3. Last summer, I happened to read "Why we get fat and what to do about it." Since then I've lost 50 pounds on a low-carb diet. 4. In tha
  21. Hi Everybody. I made this spreadsheet about a year ago. I put quite a bit of research into the math behind it, and I can guarantee you it's pretty accurate. I've just started dealing with google docs, so this isn't exactly the most pleasant-to-look-at spreadsheet, but I know that many of you will find it very, very useful. Please save a copy of this to your drive. Please do not override this version. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnGMZqWIG4MHdHVXOGhYNmlxRlNmenQtaFUtelFEdWc&usp=sharing What is it? Many people do not know how to calculate their calories burned throu
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