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Found 3 results

  1. Ahoy ye mateys! Omg he has a little hat! The names Rookie and I am finding myself back at the Adventurers door step I hope you will have me back! Last challenge I joined the Scouts to help me focus on my upcoming 5k Color Run (July 26). During that challenge I focused on doing my C25K, eating clean without counting calories and doing exercises/stretches to help with my horseback riding. During that challenge another challenge popped up between my future SIL, Mum and my friend... If I lose 55lbs by August 2015.. I get a free trip to Positano, Italy! So my focus is back on losing those pounds and getting a killer bod. Main Quest: Get to (and maintain) 190lbs by August 2015. Sub Quests: Do BWW twice a week (probably Thursdays and Saturdays) BBWW reference A: 2 workouts B: 1 workouts F: 0 workouts Journal my food daily (1 optional day a week) A: 6-7 days journalled B: 4-5 days journalled C: 2-3 days journalled D: 1 day journalled F: 0 days journalled ..... NOT SURE YET D: for my third one. -paranoid this thing will get deleted- Thinking something to help upper body strength. I suck at that but that could get covered in my BWW. Life Quest: Readddd more I miss reading and I have a lot of books. I would like to read some and then donate the ones I don't want to keep. Starting Stats: (I will update this closer to the challenge start date) Height: 5'10 Weight: 241.4 lbs Fat %: 41.1 Water %: 37.6 Muscle %: 34.1 Bone: 4.2lbs Motivation: To be more athletic for horseback riding I'm a bridesmaid at my brothers wedding August 2015 Positano Weightloss Challenge August 2015 (if I get down to 190lbs by then.. .FREE TRIP) Rookie my puppup He has too much energy. I really need to invent something to siphon it from him. Yup. Dat face!
  2. Welcome to the Kailersaurus exhibit!! The Kailersaurus is a simple creature, with simple needs. As the curator of this exhibit, I will do my best to translate for her. 1. The Diet - From August 1 thru August 30, We will put the Kailasaurus on a strict Whole30 diet. Our caretaker Danielle will accompany the Kailersaurus on this adventure, as she has done before. 2. The Activity - Six days a week the Kailersaurus keeps active. 3 of those days will include dinochores around the den, 3 of those days include running, yoga, or other fun activities. Either way, you are all welcome to come observe what she taken up on each day! For research purposes we'll report any activity in which she indulges. 3. The Rest - 4 out of 5 work days, the Kailersaurus will be in bed by 11 PM and lights/electronics out by 12 AM. No couch counts as "bed" in this context. 4. Life Quest - Last Challenge we put make-up on the Kailersaurus each day before work. This was wildly successful, and we would like to build upon that. In addition to make-up each day, we will now style the Kailersaurus to wear her hair down at least once a week as well. (No buns, braids, or ponytails)
  3. a>run "kailer's_email" Main Quest: Lose 40 pounds by my 26th birthday in 5 months (Current Progess: -26 lbs) Goal 1 – Homestar Runner 3 runs per week Finish ZR5K, then move on to Zombies, Run! 18 points possible, full at 16, half at 14 2 STA, 2 STR Goal 2 – Bubs Concession Stand Whole42 42 points possible, full at 40, half at 30 2 WIS, 2 CON EDIT: I will allow myself 3 diet sodas per week. We all know I've been struggling with diet recently and I think I still need this little cheat. If I find I'm not losing weight (or having other adverse reactions) I will reconsider. I will tackle the diet soda issue in a later challenge. Goal 3 – Trogdor The Burninator Burninate fat by staying active 2 times a week by burninating the countryside, the peasants, the peoples, and their thatch-roof cottages! Oooor.. any other non-running recreation. Feel free to E-mail me below with suggestions, but I reserve the right to DELETE THEM. 12 points possible, full at 10, half at 8 3 DEX Life Goals: The Poopsmith Clean up the house!! In addition to the Dino Chores, one point will be awarded for each night on which there are no dishes in the sink. 1 pt. per night – 42 points possible Teen Girl Squad – Cheerleader Hey guys, let’s go get ready to LOOK SO GOOD! Seriously, seriously, seriously, stop putting make up on at work. One point for every day it goes on before leaving the house 1 pt. per work day – 30 points possible 72 total points in Life Goals, full at 65, half at 55 4 CHA The Cheat The Cheat sneaks under the radar and throws bonus point raves. These bonus points can be applied anywhere to help boost poor scores. - 1 point per week on which grocery shopping comes in under $75 - 1 point per week on which I get a perfect Dino Chores score We start officially on 6/9/14! I will be updating until then (I am going to use the next 5 days as practice days ) I will update this post on Monday with starting stats.
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