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Found 7 results

  1. This wannabe mighty warrior was felled by their own brain nearly 5 years ago and is looking to get back into the fitness game! One of the symptoms of my brain disorder is fatigue, so I've been mostly housebound on a good day/bedbound on a bad day since 2018. My health has improved lately and I'm looking to do my best to make it even better! My goals: Do two workouts a week, even if you only do the warm up, or one rep. The important thing isn't consistent reps, it's not pushing myself too hard. Showing up and trying twice a week and collapsing on the floor after one wall push up is still a win-apart from maybe I'm not ready for that exercise! 1000 steps a day. Leave the village for something that isn't an an appointment once a week. Ideally I'll surpass some of these sometimes, but the goal is consistent baby steps and not beating myself up. Disability is unpredictable and that's not my fault! They/them or she/her
  2. Hi. Are there any people here with physical disabilities? I'm mostly looking for other people, like me, who have permanent mobility disabilities. I'm a wheelchair user and there are some challenges on Nerdfitness that just don't work with my body at all. Anyone come across this and have any suggestions? Maybe we can get some official challenges in here for disabled members?
  3. Hi everyone I used to be on the forum as Kingclumsy, a level three ranger/roller knight but I've created this account as my old user name didnt seem very appropriate given I've since come out as transgender! I also wanted a fresh start as my health and excercise has changed a lot tl;dr I'm limited to walking with a stick and have since aquired a handcycle (hand powered tricycle) and am limited to upper pody workouts Please check out my battle log in my sig for more information. I hope to get to know you awesome nerds again as I get on with my plan
  4. While leaving my apartment this morning, hand already on the door handle, I turned around, dodged my cats and marched into the bathroom to pull "Level Up your life" from the toilet reading pile. Then I walked out the door. So, this is the first day of my new life and I am spending it by writing a forum introduction in "How to use Outlook" class, before running out for a meeting with manufacturer representatives. That's my life. I have been hanging around the fringes of Nerd Fitness for about two years now, I am a member of Nerd Yoga (sad story, more on that later) but I haven't DONE anything, really. A bit on myself: My name is Kat or Fussel (Fluffy for the non German crowd). I am 37 years old and at some point in my life studied archeology before I had to give it up and do something that involves earning money... I restarted everything and now am a backoffice corporate account manager in IT. Basically, I sell a lot of computers. I was born with a mild case of Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome and spent my life slower, weaker and more injury prone than my peers. It would be a lie to say, I didn't let it stop me. I got used to being too fragile to be badass. Luckily not in my head and luckily the Force works without a strong body. 13 years ago I developed a bad case of rheumathoid arthritis that drove me into depression and at some point close to suicide. Funnily, the knowledge that suicide was an option kept me going when shit got real bad. I got my stuff together and my body back into something resembling working order. Like that it worked ok-ish until, 4 years ago, I started feeling that after 20 years, it was time to stop smoking. Gosh darn it, that was hard! But I've been clean for 3 1/2 years now and for 2 1/2 years now, I finally have the feeling to be able to breathe for the first time in my life. But that packed on some pounds. I shot to 180lbs with the help of cortisone and the lack of nicotine. I dropped a good bit of those already (163 lbs at present) but it's hard. So hard. Due to my body not working right, whenever i seem to have found something I can do... I need to stop. At any given time some appendix is not working right, feet, knees, hands, elbows..... you get the gist. And that is the one thing I am sorely missing on nerd fitness. I started with nerdfitness yoga (which I love) but with a brutally inflamed left wrist for the last 9 months, training is out. I wanna do the wall handstand. I just can't. I wanna do curls, but I can't grip a barbell. I love my kettle bell, but guess what...? So I stuck to leg strength, excercise bike... trying just to do something. Anything. Sadly, the only thing I can seem to stick with are my 3 mile walks home from work. There are times when I'm sorely doubting my gym membership. So, where are all the creative cripples with the workarounds at? Is there a group? A Mailing list? Anything? But that's not the only problem I have. Number two is motivation. The friends I train with are super inconsistent and it's extremely hard to keep going on my own. Accountability... I am totally looking for people to keep me on track. As we're all, probably. But aside from that: come talk to me! Tell me, how my use of the word cripple is totally inappropriate (I know you thought it, but sometimes owning it, is all you got). Come talk to me about Star Wars, about LARP (that's what I'm training for), crafting (sadly, spinning is off limits with the hand, but right now, I am building a new post apoc outfit!), music (guitar is, guess what, off limits atm), movies (just saw Magnificent 7. Holy shit!) and all things food and fitness. I'm looking forward to this new day and whatever it may bring As for goals? Short and sweet: run 5 k by new year and write a book. Greets from Germany, Fluffy
  5. Hi everybody without going into gory details 13 years ago I had an accident that required my lower right leg to be surgically reattached and as a result of secondary infection I have lost some of the nerve function in the lower leg. Can anybody give me any advice and or routines on the use of EMS machines as this is the only way of getting the muscles of my lower leg to work and as a result I have an atrophied leg on one side and no other means of balancing the overall appearance of my legs (I know they will never be perfectly symmetrical) any help would be great I have tried many the popular magazine forums to no avail please can anybody help?
  6. I keep missing the very start of the challenges. They're offset from my school schedule and I never remember by how much. It's summer in SoCal and it's disgustingly hot, which makes just existing difficult for me. I'm hoping I'll have more answers after my Wednesday appointment, but so far, we just know I have progressive neuropathy that's being caused by an auto-immune disorder. I used to be a Warrior, you see. I'm still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that two years ago, at this time, I was planning to not only run a 10K in 2013, but also start entering powerlifting competitions. I was in a car accident in April of 2013 which left me with torn ligaments in my right ankle; surgery fixed those in January of 2014, and then the auto-immune began to manifest in October. It's a struggle, I won't lie. I used to bench 115lbs; now, I can barely hold on to a glass. On good days, I can lift 5lbs. Because it's so hot here, currently, I can't run. But, I don't want to lose progress. So, here are my challenge goals for the next five weeks: GOAL #1: Improve Muscle Strength It's so very important that I maintain muscle strength throughout my entire body. I enjoy running and I enjoy lifting; and I can't do either of them the way I used to, so I need to do something different. For the next, well, five weeks, now, I want to incorporate a 5-lbs kettle bell workout into my routine 2xs a week. I need to find one, of course, but I'm a researcher, so I'm sure this won't be a problem (I'm also a procrastinator, so it gives me something to do when I should be doing homework). If I was sure I could get back to my normal weights, I would; but I do not have that guarantee and I'm quite hard on myself when I miss goals. GOAL #2: Improve Inner Peace I need to do yoga. Period. We have a lovely garden in our back yard and there's a fairly good open spot that I could put a mat down and do meditation and yoga. I would like to start doing that over the next 5 weeks, 5xs a week. It should help with flexibility and maybe help calm the ridiculous cramps in my right leg (which is the leg that was damaged in the car accident...which is why it's the one that cramps all the time). I would love to be able to do some seriously impressive yoga, like handstands and such; but, again, I don't know if my body will allow for that, safely. GOAL #3: Improve Mental Health I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday this week. I'm hoping that I will be able to convince my natruopath neurologist that the natural route we've been trying isn't working at all. I've had, recently, anxiety attacks that have left me non-verbal; I've had severe focus issues; I've had extreme nightmares that have me waking up, screaming; and I've had incredible insomnia, partially as a result of the horrific dreams. I don't know if the mental health issues are the cause of the neurological issues, or vice versa, but I'm getting to the point where I can no longer function. It's difficult for me to talk about with medical professionals because they never believe me.... I've gone from a mostly ENFP to a mostly INFP, (though I'm really more of an ambivert). Within the next 5 weeks, I would like to find a mental health plan that works for me and stay on it.
  7. i used to love lifting up to 200lbs squat. 100lb Clean & Jerk...which i gather is ok for an older gal. but the coach moved, the ankle gave out (persistent hole in cartiliage and a bit of bone damage - what they call a paratrooper injury - when you land funny and your talus mashes up against your tibia in a way it doesn't like). the medical establishment said variously 1) lots of people would be happy w/ your mobility. 2) maybe try yoga. 3) sit on the couch and ice until you recover this re-injury phase 4)stop doing balance work you're stressing the bone 5) stop lifting and try these HLA injections and get on the bike. 6) don't eat any carbs. so i rested and iced and injected and said F*** this i need to move. so i began lifting again, i was happy but the ankle wasn't. (denial, bargaining grief etc) lost a bunch of weight on low carb diet but i live with serious athletes 6 foot 8 hard body husband eats carbs ALL THE TIME because a casual run for him is 8 miles and his weekly ride is 4000 feet of vertical. so the weight came back because i like to eat what i cook. BUT as Steve says, you can't outrun the fork. particularly if you can't run at all. so re the fork as the top line. i have no problems passing on dessert. i'll just have to adopt that strategy for the after dinner drink. seems like that could easily be a big impact. or any food after 8 PM really. we already have a farm share delivery - so plenty of good veg. and re movement a little movement is still a victory. and too much - risk of injury (and compensatory eating) i may not get half way to mordor but as the british PSA says, i'm still lapping everyone on the couch. so i'll keep the pilates but add groan some yoga or other workout i can do sitting down. are there places to log your daily actions here?
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