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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. Are there any people here with physical disabilities? I'm mostly looking for other people, like me, who have permanent mobility disabilities. I'm a wheelchair user and there are some challenges on Nerdfitness that just don't work with my body at all. Anyone come across this and have any suggestions? Maybe we can get some official challenges in here for disabled members?
  2. Hello! I'm a chronically ill student nerd with more dreams than spoons. I would especially love to meet other disabled/chronically ill nerd fighters to share my journey with! A bit about me: I'm a final year vet student living in the UK I love to read, draw, paint and write. I'm a lover of sci-fi, video games and true-crime podcasts (my latest obsession) I suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which causes me chronic pain and weakness in most of my joints, and chronic fatigue, which is just unneccessary I'm also a mental illness warrior I'm currently very deconditioned due to recent worsening fatigue which has left me unable to consistently exercise, but I'm working with a wonderful personal trainer to very slowly build back up to regular exercise I'm a vegetarian with food aversions and an unfortunate dislike for a lot of healthy food (ouch) Goals! My short term goals are to improve my diet (less sugar, more veg) and build back up to a consistent, manageable, varied and enjoyable exercise routine Medium term goals include building up my muscle strength again to where everyday activities are not so hard on my body, and reintroducing running Long term I want to build tons of muscle, get really strong, take up all the other sports and exercises that I either used to love or want to try, and be able to handle and lift my heaviest patients without damaging myself. That's pretty much just for starters! I'd love to meet some new people, find an accountability buddy if possible (someone else with similar health issues and/or goals would be wonderful) and if anyone has any tips for me I'd very much appreciate it! And I think that's everything I wanted to say...
  3. CW: Loss, death, cancer, Some of this is cross-posted from blunder-bolt.tumblr.com I have had an account here under the name "Kingclumsy" but combo of forgetting my password and coming out as transgender meant I wanted to change my user name. Bolt451 comes from my roller derby name "Blunderbolt" and my derby number. I used to skate with roller derby teams but a series of deep vein thromboses (bloody clots) left me with mobility problems and unable to skate, let alone take part in contact sports. I’ve got a plan for fitness and I hope I don’t set myself up for a fall and don’t follow through with this. If anyone reads this I’d be grateful if you pestered me into keeping up to this. I’m mostly writing this for myself to poke myself into doing this. Quick explanation for people who don’t know me that well and it starts on a massive downer. I lost my brother, Ian to cancer last year year, in the space of seven months he went from diagnosis to passing away. It’s been just about six months and it still effing hurts sometimes. I’ve set my mind to do something positive out of this in the grand tradition of raising money for charity and in Ian’s tradition of doing something epic with probably minimal preparation. A few years ago Ian tried to enter a charity London to Paris cycle ride but didn’t get a place on it. I can’t remember if he missed the deadline or didn’t raise enough money or just didn’t get a place but still wanting to raise money he instead cycled from his then house in Feltham, Greater London to my parents’ house in Dursley, Gloucestershire. He did this in a day. A quick google maps tells me this is approximately 110 miles and nine and a half hours of cycling. This was a relatively easy trip up the Thames valley and then cross the far harder Cotswold Hills. Apparently he got to mum and dad’s and pretty much slept for 24 hours. So in honour of the big bearded one that was my brother. I’m going to do the return trip. Dursley to Feltham. Hopefully in a day, but I’ll settle for two. There’s only one major flaw to this. Medically speaking: my legs are knackered. Again, apologies to people who know me well. Owing to an abnormality in my circulatory system I have a problem called post-thrombotic syndrome in both my legs. It means I can’t walk that well or for that far, I can’t run and I definitely can’t ride a normal bike! Instead I have a reyhatri handcycle. So I’ll use that My upper body strength is and always has been atrocious. Hills are really evil on this bike as it’s big, heavy and awkward and a quick google looks like there’s either several ranges of hills in the way or a big detour. The date I’had set myself for this big trip is around the sixteenth of May. It would’ve been Ian’s thirty sixth birthday but this has been delayed to to health problems. I’m going to self indulgently blog about this. Feel free to pester me into doing this, or follow me on any of the following, or here. I’ll try and keep this up to date with my training and other thoughts. Twitter: @bolt_451 Instagram: bolt451 Myfitnesspal: Blunder_bolt
  4. Hi! I want to do yoga. I had been doing yoga on the Wii for awhile, but alas I lost my remote and I could really only do a few moves. I'm also kind of disabled, well actually pretty disabled. The Problem: I have really bad knees that have been passed down for a few generations. I've had three surgeries with four screws all together and it's pretty hard to do anything active. Ya see, my knee caps like to jump ship and dislocate at will and because I don't have the proper bone structure to hold them in... it's a fighting battle. I'm also battling my weight (280 lbs) and when it's hard to even go for a walk, it's doubly hard to want to get active in the first place. Your Part: I need help making a yoga routine that will be okay with my restrictions without being too difficult. (I also don't really want to do chair yoga because let's be honest... it's a little embarrassing.) The Restrictions: The doctor has instructed me not to do any deep knee bends. No lunges. Pretty much anything where my butt goes the same height or lower of my knees is a No-No. I also get a decent amount of pain when I sit "Indian style", so that's something to mention. The Plea: Please help!!!!1 I'm a yoga noob and I just want to do something good for my body. If you have any relevant questions, please feel free to ask. If I can get even a bit of help, I'd be grateful. TL;DR: I have crap knees and I need someone to make me a yoga routine based around that.
  5. Ok, so here it is. I am making another challenge thread. I've been lovingly cajoled(actually, it's sort of a requirement to be in an accountabilibuddies group) into creating a challenge, and I think, I need to start breaking my REAL live challenges into 6 week, 1 week, 1 day plans. This challenge should have seen me starting in San Diego, but a double root canal(on the same tooth - that is - they tried to do one, and had to put it off for another day, so they still had to do all the same stuff the second day!) prevented me from going. pain, and sick from the antibiotics. but I'm here in Clermont, Florida, in the shadow of the Mouse. here are my simple goals again: Food Fitness Function Food - try to eat paleo with very soft food - not easy. Fitness - do something every day - movement(walking or dancing), strength - certain exercises, and physical therapy Function - yeah, I need to function. - something to do with the house/home every day. And working on my therapy for me. And, I'm reading books - and working on marriage issues - as in, exercising our marriage muscles with books, and counseling, and practicing good communication skills. This could be Family! My sig line is very barren, because I was so disappointed in myself, and felt that I needed to wipe out my past. but, here I am - I will try to post once each week.
  6. Alright! I'm diving in. Am I even doing this right? Main Quest. To do a single proper pushup. SMART quests - Strength train 3 days a week (don't push too hard, be safe) and walk at least a mile the other days. If I am ill, I am allowed to rest. Drink at least 1 liter of water a day. Figure out how to eat healthier within capabilities. Choose a motivation. I'm tired of a flight of stairs exhausting me. I'm done with constantly worrying that one misstep will cause me to injure myself. I want to get strong and healthy. I need to strengthen the muscles around my joints to hold them steady, since they aren't going to do it themselves.
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