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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. Are there any people here with physical disabilities? I'm mostly looking for other people, like me, who have permanent mobility disabilities. I'm a wheelchair user and there are some challenges on Nerdfitness that just don't work with my body at all. Anyone come across this and have any suggestions? Maybe we can get some official challenges in here for disabled members?
  2. Hello! I'm a chronically ill student nerd with more dreams than spoons. I would especially love to meet other disabled/chronically ill nerd fighters to share my journey with! A bit about me: I'm a final year vet student living in the UK I love to read, draw, paint and write. I'm a lover of sci-fi, video games and true-crime podcasts (my latest obsession) I suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which causes me chronic pain and weakness in most of my joints, and chronic fatigue, which is just unneccessary I'm also a mental illness warrior I'm current
  3. CW: Loss, death, cancer, Some of this is cross-posted from blunder-bolt.tumblr.com I have had an account here under the name "Kingclumsy" but combo of forgetting my password and coming out as transgender meant I wanted to change my user name. Bolt451 comes from my roller derby name "Blunderbolt" and my derby number. I used to skate with roller derby teams but a series of deep vein thromboses (bloody clots) left me with mobility problems and unable to skate, let alone take part in contact sports. I’ve got a plan for fitness and I hope I don’t set myself up f
  4. Hi! I want to do yoga. I had been doing yoga on the Wii for awhile, but alas I lost my remote and I could really only do a few moves. I'm also kind of disabled, well actually pretty disabled. The Problem: I have really bad knees that have been passed down for a few generations. I've had three surgeries with four screws all together and it's pretty hard to do anything active. Ya see, my knee caps like to jump ship and dislocate at will and because I don't have the proper bone structure to hold them in... it's a fighting battle. I'm also battling my weight (280 lbs) and when it's hard to e
  5. Ok, so here it is. I am making another challenge thread. I've been lovingly cajoled(actually, it's sort of a requirement to be in an accountabilibuddies group) into creating a challenge, and I think, I need to start breaking my REAL live challenges into 6 week, 1 week, 1 day plans. This challenge should have seen me starting in San Diego, but a double root canal(on the same tooth - that is - they tried to do one, and had to put it off for another day, so they still had to do all the same stuff the second day!) prevented me from going. pain, and sick from the antibiotics. but I'm here in C
  6. Alright! I'm diving in. Am I even doing this right? Main Quest. To do a single proper pushup. SMART quests - Strength train 3 days a week (don't push too hard, be safe) and walk at least a mile the other days. If I am ill, I am allowed to rest. Drink at least 1 liter of water a day. Figure out how to eat healthier within capabilities. Choose a motivation. I'm tired of a flight of stairs exhausting me. I'm done with constantly worrying that one misstep will cause me to injure myself. I want to get strong and healthy. I need to strengthen the muscles around my joints to hold them steady, si
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