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  1. Affinity - a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, especially a resemblance in structure between animals, plants, or languages. Hi guys. Last challenge was just a little overwhelming for me to keep up with. This is not to say I didn't do well because when it was all said and done, I think I performed adequately. I just got overwhelmed tracking everything on top of balancing out my schedule AND posting it all daily. I just don't have that kind of time, lol. I wish I did but I don't. With that being said, I'm going to focus on a smaller challenge that just cover's
  2. This challenge has no theme. This is unusual for me, but, I can't seem to find anything that's really motivating me "theme" wise...and you know what? THAT'S OK. I am currently working from home for my day job, still working weekly at Costco because there an essential business, and doing my best not to succumb to absolute bored-ness during this quarantine. Life is... strange, as I'm sure many of us are experiencing. But, I'm gonna make the best of the situation! I had originally had plans to do a Division Themed challenge this go round, but because my working from home productivity
  3. Hello rebels! My friends call me Schmidt, I am a designer from Brazil and I'm gladly joining the revolution this January. For the last couple of years I've done nothing but to work - what granted me 10KG and lots of anxiety. In 2019 I tried very hard to change that, but I feel like I lack discipline (and motivation) to change my own routine. I found out about the challenges and decided to try it, taking it slow. For my first challenge I chose the following goals: Diet (pick two) Maintain a Daily Caloric Deficit (eat <1600 kcal/day)
  4. Hi Everyone, I don't have funny theme this challenge. What I need to focus on the moment is difficult: Keep working on food. Ms. Moros suggested that I work with her health coach for food stuff, and I agree. I need to get some help in this area, because what I am doing is not working that well. Focus on the evenings - this is where I lose focus for a number of reasons - I'm tired, some of my medicine is wearing off, and so on. If I do the few small things in the evening, I set myself up for success in the mornings, and Ms. Moros wants to do the Ro
  5. I’m tired of feeling bad. Bad physically, bad emotionally, bad self-image... not all the time, but enough. I have been a bare, brown, hibernating plant, trying to survive the winter and drawing what nutrients I could from my surroundings. But it has not been enough. I can’t rely on the change of seasons or the warmth or the rain or the love and care of those closest to me to bring me out of this hibernation. If I want to bloom again, it must come from within. ...Ok, that was dramatic. Enough of that! I’m taking a leaf (ba dum tsssss cos plants haha get it? Get it?!) fro
  6. For those that haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet...Well, shame on YOU. For realz. It's amazing. And it's awesome. And it's hilarious. And it's probably better than the first one.... Plus, there's Peter W-the star of the WHOLE FILM! With that being said. Let's dive right into the challenge, Sugarbear! Ad #1: The 10k Club I want to average 10k steps a day. Sitting down is the primary thing I do at my job and I hate it. I have 2x 15 min breaks, and a 30-min lunch. I want to set a daily standard and achieve 10k steps a day over the coarse of the challenge. That's about 5 miles
  7. I spent all of last challenge getting my mojo back. I think I've found it again, and I'm going to ignore it. Mojo is nice, but unreliable. Discipline is there for you no matter what. I'll spend this challenge rebuilding a healthy discipline. This is also something that came up for work. Spiritual formation was a topic that came up for personal development at work, and the word discipline came to me as a theme for where to focus my formation. (In Christianity Spiritual Formation are the practices Christians undertake to mature spiritually). When I thought of a gif for discipline I knew there wa
  8. Good day fellow gents and lovely ladies! What a BEA-utiful day it is at that. How are you? Ohhhhhh that’s soooo good to hear. Me? I’m doing great. Wait...BETTER than great! Why, you ask? Well, I could go into all the gory details but then it would ruin the surprise wouldn’t it? What surprise? Opps! Wrong surprise! Oh well...I guess since it’s all out in the open, might as well just roll with it. Ok, I lied. There’s no surprise. I used media tactics called “click bait” to lure you into my devious Spider-Man web of gross euphemisms and hard(y) me
  9. Moros

    Moros Reboots

    Hello Everybody, (insert bashful image here). So, my last challenge sunk faster than the Luisitania. There was a whole lot of (redacted) to deal with, as well as some good news - my son is getting married! So, I need to re-focus, and "go back to kindergarten." My goal is pretty simple - systematically rebuild my healthy habits, and add one-by-one until I'm back to where I was about a year ago. I'm not starting completely at ground zero - still doing Yoga and meditation consistently, but a lot of the ranger-specific stuff is not being done yet. That
  10. Welcome to 2018 A7X is one of those bands whose music rarely fails to get me off my ass and get shit done. Been struggling a bit coming up with a theme, so I decided to forget it for this challenge and just start doing good things. In the end, that's really all that matters, right? Big Why: Feel good/confident in my own skin Be strong & fit enough to do all of the cool things for a very long time I've been pretty undisciplined lately in most of my activities. There's a laundry list of things that I'm annoyed at myself for. And I can
  11. I'm not looking back, I'm looking forward. So, to start with an overall declaration: I am a person who does the things I need to do to achieve my goals. Each goal has it's own declaration as well. I'm thinking of making these same declarations, especially the overall one, for every challenge for the whole year, with only the details of each goal changing if/when necessary, sort of like a drawn out version of @Tanktimus the Encourager's line-writing exercise from the last mini challenge. I may add a declaration or two as I go, this is not a complete list of things I need to do to ac
  12. Hello Everyone! I've been a member of Nerd Fitness Academy for around 2 years already but I've never actually followed through with any of the goals until now nor have I ever participated in any of the forums so I'd thought I'd give it a try. I'm 29 years old and I don't struggle with my weight at the moment but I've taken up some really bad eating habits over the past few years that have made me feel lethargic and it's had an adverse effect on my quality of life. I took up a gym membership about a year and a half ago and I was on a pretty good (but not super strict ro
  13. INDEX 2017 December 2018 January February March April May June July August September October November December
  14. Last month was bumpy, but this battlemage isn’t going down without a fight. I spent a little too much time drifting in and out looking for motivation, and that was not time well spent. It’s a waste, just waiting around wondering when I’ll feel like doing x, y, or z, or wondering when I’ll find the time to do a, b, or c whilst actively wasting said time doing nothing. And I know that unless I give myself a major kick up the ass it will never be properly fixed. So we’re bringing back intense scheduling, otherwise I am going to do nothing. That is the sad and u
  15. Hi! My main goal is to build strength and stamina, confidence and positive self image by creating and crushing simple goals which lead to good daily habits. The things we do every day make up who we are. My challenges are: 1) pick a weekly motivational quote and think about it when I wake up to set the tone for my day 2) strength training 1x NF body weight workout, 2x @ YMCA 3) step class or cyclefit 1x per week 4) pick 2 dates on calendar for family game night That's it!
  16. Anavah enters the temple, ready to change her life. She knows that she has taken it too easy for far too long. She is ready...
  17. Machete

    Machete: 24

    We all have 24 hours in a day. Somehow I manage to spent the majority of it f-ing around on Facebook. Zero Week: Going to try to figure out where all the time goes. Breakdown Monday: 1030 Wake up [WAKE UP TO BREAKFAST--50 minutes] Breakfast to 1120 Schoolwork to 1230 Lunch and video watching to 1430 Gym (and driving) to 1730 Traffic to 1820 School and drive home to 2115 Cook and DDF to 2205 Driving etc, bet at 0000 Tuesday: Wake up at 0500 0600-0700 class GB, school work to 0930 class to
  18. Rangering back up again, due to my incessant need to do all the things all the time. I imagine the main goal in this challenge would be prioritization, time management, and accountability. 1. Weekly Task List Because I've gotten used to [what I perceive as] chaotic and overwhelming schedules, I tend to wing it in life. Not only does it make my schedule even more unmanageable, I tend to miss a lot of important stuff as well. As said in Extreme Ownership, discipline equals freedom. I'll be working on my task list and priorities at the beginning of the week, and do my best to acc
  19. Here is where I'll post my wods, progression, and daily feats! I'll be trying my best to live Ramikadyc, which means in Mandalorian, living life to the fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity, motivate others and make yourself stronger physically and mentally. In keeping a log, I'll be able to see myself get stronger and help by keeping me accountable! Enough talk, let's do it
  20. I've been thinking about challenges in general the last few days, and i came to the conclusion; a challenge is something you're not sure you'll succeed in at unless you actually have a good crack at. Not something you could choke down in 10 minutes like a steak sanga or a few tinnies. Mind you this is not revelatory, for me, or for any of you, just recontextualised into NF forum Challenge country. So without knowing the way challenges are built these days, I'd like you to meet "3 things i don't think i'll able to get done in the next 4 weeks unless i give them a red hot poke"
  21. Play Time is Over. It's time to stop screwing around and start acting like an adult on a consistent basis, and kicking ass like I've done before, and I know I'm capable of doing again. Since January of this year I've been... inconsistent at best. I could make a few excuses(psychological recovery from a breakup, work being super busy, overtraining myself into a bit of Achilles tendinitis), but ultimately that's pretty irrelevant to this topic/challenge. The point is, the stuff that sidetracked me in the first half of this year is for all practical purposes behind me, so I need to
  22. So I just found out today that I have officially become labeled the "health guru" at my office, a little nicer than health nut or fitness freak at least. I definitely think that it is important for everyone trying to get healthy to ignore the naysayers who are just unhappy that they have not stuck to the regimen that you have or have the discipline that you have cultivated over time. Don't let them drag you down with "sorry, we don't have any kale flavored ice cream" (yeah I actually heard that one). Take that win, laugh with them on the jokes, and keep it up. I am taking this as a win, since
  23. Intro: I depend on exercise for good mental health. I learned this a couple of years ago and developed quite a healthy lifestyle, in which I've been thriving. I made exercise an absolute priority for some time, but life changes, and I'm facing a bigger challenge now -- graduating form Law school (last year!) -- and I had to channel time & money resources into that goal. So I had to give up my gym membership and my instructor, and with it went my gym routine, which guaranteed the discipline to attend workouts. I have a gym at home, in the apartment building I live in, which I sh
  24. I JUST FINISHED SOMETHING!!! As in, I just finished a project. And I did not cut corners. YES. YES. YES. Also, I achieved it by working on it regularly, every day, and not pumping in hours of work just before the deadline. I cannot even explain how big an achievement this is for me. Ok, it's not perfect. Not by far. However, I worked on it until the end and did not stop working on it until it reached a level I was satisfied with it. Despite a deadline approaching, I did not just stop working on it because "this has to be done", but rea
  25. Hi friends, A little about me - a few years ago I moved from a small town to Los Angeles for college. I'm studying business, and geek out a lot about technology! I love talking about tech trends and love the entrepreneurial spirit in Socal. I also am a huge fan of avocados. However, I've been struggling with body image/ weight issues my whole life, constantly being told by parents that I needed to lose weight. I've never felt comfortable in my own skin. Weight loss history: I've consistently been gaining weight since middle school and had never seen the number
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