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  1. Hey all! I had a really tough time trying to figure out where I belong for this upcoming challenge. I thought long and hard about joining the druids, because I was looking for some peace of mind after coming to a resounding crash at the end of the last challenge. However, I love this guild far too much to want to leave, and as such, thought long and hard about what activities I wanted to do for this challenge. This particular challenge comes at a rough time in the year for me: Finals! (And, you know, the holidays) Finals are extremely stressful, which means that I need to really step up my game and stay on top of things, which leads to my first challenge: Challenge 1: Adult Better/Be a Better Student For heaven's sake, I'm 22 years old, living on my own, and need to get it together! Here are the subchallenges for this challenge: - Clean the house every week, from top to bottom. Having a clean house will make me feel more organized and less distressed by my own chaos. - Be an efficient study-er. I need to focus on studying, which means I need to be out of the house by 8:30 at the latest every day to get to school to do work. - Not go over my budget: I'm currently unemployed, which means that I need to limit my spending so I can make it to winter break so I can go back to my job and make some money (Even if it's just a couple hundred dollars). My grocery limit is $55/week (why is healthy food more expensive than junk food?! ) My "social spending" is limited to $20/week. Obviously, my bills need to be paid, as does my rent (good-bye, money!!!) That's how I feel about my finances, at this point. I don't want to ask my parents for money, because I feel incredibly guilty when I do (they raised me to be independent and to provide for myself, which makes the no-job thing all sorts of painful). That being said, I'll probably have to ask for money for next month's rent.... and maybe January's too Challenge 2: Begin the day with a sun-salutation, at least five times a week (Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday optional). I tried doing this almost every day for the bye-weeks, an on the days I have, I've been more productive, and generally feel better about myself. Challenge 3: I'm actually not sure what I want to do for this challenge. I have two options for this: The consecutive burpee challenge, in which I would do sequentially increasing burpees everyday. (Day 1: 1 burpee, Day 2: 2 burpees, Day 3: 3 burpees... Day 42: 42 consecutive, nonstop burpees) OR Do 10 consecutive full push-ups. Both would be fantastic, but I'm not sure which to do for the challenge. I know that I don't want to do both, because if I'm going to be out of the house by 8:30 every day, then I need to keep my workouts short and precise. What does anyone else think? I'll figure out points a little later on.
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