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Found 7 results

  1. I’ve got a lot going on…marathon at the end of week 1, traveling for all of weeks 3-4. I’m stripping down the challenge a bit, but even stripped down, I know the goals will help me stay on track. 1. Run 3x per week. This is a maintenance goal for me. Did it this way to allow for recovery and travel. If I have a legit reason for missing a run, I can make it up in the following week. 2. 20 days of 30 pushups. When possible, add a set of 10 narrow pushups on the stairs. 3. 8 days of strength training, ideally 2+ per week. I’ve written out my program, including acc
  2. What's not to like about Madonna and JT? This one is inspired by my distance running training (have a marathon at the end of Sept and an ultra 3 weeks after that). I've decided that the key to training for these races will be REALLY focusing on the weekly long runs. So with a 4 week challenge, that makes a key 4-day goal. If I have 4 weeks and 4 days, what can I do in 4 minutes??? The goals: 1. Run 160 miles (in 4 weeks). This will be HARD. It would mean hitting my planned weekly mileage perfectly each week. I don't know if I can do it, but I'm gonna try. 2. Run 68 miles
  3. When I have some time, I’ll make a separate, more detailed post about the naming of this challenge. In short I dabble with tarot cards a bit. I find it relaxing, meditative and creative. I decided to do a reading for what I might expect or aim for in this challenge. There are many ways to do a reading. I decided to lay out three cards and to designate them as “body, mind and soul” (which is also open to interpretation, but my intention that the first card would tell me about potential physical gains, things to work on, or possible difficulties, the second would be more intellectual…things I mi
  4. GOOD MORNING! As most of you know, the new Pokemon Go game has gotten many people out walking miles (or km) beyond what they had done before on a daily basis. That's great, but more can still be done. I have developed a PokeGo Workout you can do in your neighborhood that can and will push many to your limits. I have been in the US Army for 7 1/2 years and this was one of the hardest things I think I have ever done to myself. SO LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS (Huns not included)!!!!! The goal - hatch an egg, any egg. Beginners might want to just pick a 2km egg, because this w
  5. Welcome friends. This is my new challenge. Main Goal! My ongoing quest to rid myself of extra, unwanted padding continues. This quest will see me through the rest of my vacation, and my subsequent trip back home to Korea, where my job will start up again. Near the end should be a fairly stressful time, but I'm planning on being fairly in my habits by then. I will complete my main goal through three quests. Quest 1: Run 150 kilometers total I'm hoping to increase my distance this challenge. In order to do this, I have set out a specific goal number. This also is a good way to keep track o
  6. My name is Fritz, and I believe in body building. When I was little, I always told my mom I wanted to grow up to be a male model, and at the time, it was a fully reasonable thing to say. I looked good, really good. I had some social problems because I never really learned how to to talk to people. My family focused a lot of its effort on supporting my brothers in their athletic journeys, and much less in mine, I don't blame them for this because they played football and my sport involved me swimming back and forth between two walls for hours on end. Even I was bored of it. I was really thin,
  7. (Not actually what my ID stands for.) --- I'll summarize my goals and tracking methods pretty concisely. GOALS: Primary: Drop 10% (20% -> 10%) body fat in 4 months, which at time of posting means November. Estimated to lose around 20-lb. Secondary: 1000 raw total (squat, DL, bench) in 2 months. Add 10% to all sub-300 lifts by August (2 months), 5% to all other lifts. By November, 10%/20% added to lifts. Auxiliary: Re-obtain a respectable running pace. 6 minute mile, 13 minute 2 miles, 19 minute 3 miles. PROGRAM: I'm currently following Texas Method, however I fear that I may be gr
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