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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I am Stronkey Kong. I've been on NF about eight years . I'm still fat and making the best of it. I just bought and started moving into a house... aka WIZARD TOWER. For the next two weeks I'm going to be packing and moving things over. Then there are projects coming. Lot's of projects. The house is 101 years old. It's in good condition and the living areas are solid, but the basement gets quite wet and even floods when it rains heavily. I now have grass to cut regularly. More chores than before and a bigger space to maintain and take care of. Also, I am getting a cat. Soon. My cousin found a stray and can't keep her. I meditate and am for all intents and purposes a Tibetan Buddhist of the Gelug Lineage. I am have it in my head to hit the trails and do some camping this summer, tho I will be quite busy. Right now my fitness goals are basically: Stay functional and limber and don't throw out your back doing stupid shit. Eating so I can maybe drop a few pounds And get some movement in so I can push back some of the medical trauma that runs in my family. I am also writing my fantasy novel again, and reading for inspiration. And, yeah, here's that big list I keep bringing up at the beginning of these things. GOALS WIZARD TOWER: I finally have my Wizard Tower. But that means things to do... I have to finish moving out of my old apartment and into my house... goal is by Aug 14. I have one major project that needs to be done ASAP, install a sump pit/pump. I want to be at least ready to start on that by challenge end. I need to go through my home inspection reports, and make a big list of repair projects. Also, add to this, listing improvements I want to make, then prioritizing and scheduling, so I can plan ahead for the future. Also, making this place friendly for my new house mate, Arya: MEDITATE: maintain my current streak since March 21st (127 days) MOVE: I have plenty to do to keep me moving daily. There's plenty of house chores and projects. If not I can go for walks or do some exercise. NOOM: There's quite a bit of daily stuff with Noom: Reading articles daily. Weigh in. Log meals and water Try to hit calorie goal READ/WRITE -- Set up a writing space in my new place and strive for 15 min per day. And get back on following my writing success guidelines.
  2. I'll lead off with the good news: I have a baby girl on the way, due in mid-November Wife & I are super excited, and also, you know, terrified. The not-so-good news is that I have several projects around my home that I've been putting off for (ahem), you know, six years or so. It's nothing too time- or labor-intensive, but they are things that need to get done before my daughter arrives! That is a weird sentence. I've got a couple of goals for this challenge. I'll be keeping it simple since I've got plenty to worry about in the rest of my life. GOAL 1: TRACK FOOD I need to go back to tracking 100% of food. I've put on a few stress pounds over the past few months, and I'd prefer them to be gone. It seems the only way to do this is to make sure I'm accountable for my intake, because otherwise I will just eat things and pretend that I didn't. GOAL 2: 10 TRACKED WORKOUTS PER MONTH Whether these are hikes with my dog or walks around the corporate park at work, I need to get 10 tracked & verified workouts in during this time. It's critical for my work health plan. I can track these with MapMyFitness, as that connects directly to the health plan app and auto-synchronizes. GOAL 3: FINISH PROJECT 'ENTRYWAY' My house has a tiled entryway. The walls in this room are light green on top, dark green on bottom, and split right down the middle by a terrible eyesore of farm-scene wallpaper border that is just the worst. I've known that it needed fixing for six years, had a plan for three years, and I'm finally working on making it happen. I have all the materials, at this point it's just time and labor. This needs to be DONE by the end of the challenge. I need to measure & cut the remaining pieces of wooden trim, stain them, and finally install them. It shouldn't be more than 8-10 hours of work, tops. Easily doable inside of this challenge window.
  3. I got a full size basement in May, but right now my Batcave is basic. I already had a small dumbbell set, some home made weights, and a macebell, but no space to use them in. My in-laws have some stuff I can get at Christmas: a bench, some floor padding, some loose weights which may or may not fit my dumbell bar. So I need to pick up some stuff and I want to minimize what I buy and how much I spend. Even Batman is picking stuff out of Wayne Enterprise's basement before he goes and just BUYS stuff. I want to scavenge, craft, or find for free, or quest for what I can. I'm going to see what I can do to make some spare cash to buy what I can't junk. I've already spied some scrap metal I can turn in for a few bucks behind my building. The wish list: Olympic Barbell - Picked one up as a Black Friday deal. 300# total weight for $180. That's about half of what I would normally have to spend. Barbell Rack - buying this. Pull Up Bar - I can do pull ups of the I-beam in the basement, but it's uncomfortable. I'd rather have a proper pullup bar. Floor padding - I want to muffle sound as much as possible. Deadlift Riser - The 45# plates for my barbell are a bit small so deadlifting is awkward. I want to get something to rest the plates on to raise them about an inch. Scrap lumber, basically. Parallel bars - For dips, basically. Super low on my list. Weight rack The goals: Find ways to quest for items Build the Bat Cave Get back into heavier weightlifting. Maintain running (30km per week)
  4. So, I bought a bike on craigslist. It rode all right and shifted decently even if something wouldn't let the derailer get the 2 innermost gears (it just stopped shifting, there was no noise or chain binding). So I proceeded to give my new (crappy) bike a tuneup and now the derailer seems a bit more broken. I can't decide if I changed something or if the obscene amount of gunk on the chain was keeping the derailer from making that knocking sound. What I did: Washed the bike with dish detergent. Washed the chain, gear cartridge, and derailers with Simple Green and a nylon brush then again with WD-50 and pipe cleaners (yes, really) Oiled all moving parts with 3-in-1 oil. Centered the brakes by loosening the bracket, closing the brakes and re-tightening. They appear to now be perfectly centered. And now the first two shifts on the gear selector do nothing (instead of the last two), the jockey pulleys seem to have grit in the bearings, and when I do pedal there is a knocking that seems to be the cage plate being slightly out of alignment and/or loose... So I've tried to fiddle with the limit adjusting screws and the tension adjustment screw (slightly different than my handy diagram that provides ~50% of my bicycle derailleur knowledge). I assume it's safe to ride (I only go about 1.5 miles to the train station) so even if I can't get it working perfectly I'm going to ride it until it brakes and just push the sucker home. Do you know when/if I should throw up my hands and go to the bike shop and/or order a new derailleur? Any ideas for things to fiddle with? Should I fiddle with the cable tension? Will I run into the exact same problems because I don't know how to fine tune a derailleur? Is spell check wrong and it really is spelled derailer?
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