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  1. So last challenge, I chilled out so much that I forgot to post much on the forums. While the time away was a nice break, I've rested and recuperated enough. Like many others, my workout schedule has suffered over the holidays. Time to get back to basics. Motivation: I absolutely love this feeling of being able to wear what I want without self-consciousness. I love bounding up stairs and running after buses without feeling like I'm going to die. This. I want to keep this. Main Quest: Climb, Ninja, Climb! Preparation For Ascent... I'm really not a marathon chick. Long distances really bore me. So does spending more time than I absolutely have to at the gym. I dig short, sweet, communing with nature. I'm challenging myself to keep on maintaining throughout the winter in order to be in prime hiking condition, come spring. Fitness Goal: Love Thy Workouts (+3 STR, +2 STA) Namely: 4 workouts per week, mix of 3 weight sessions & 3 cardio sessions. Need to be especially diligent, as I'm cutting back on the personal training sessions (once monthly). Digital tracking has never worked well for me. Instead of fighting against myself, this time I'm going to track the old-fashion way - scribblings on a wall calendar. Diet/Budget Goal: Love Thy Body (+3 CON, +2 WIS) Somewhere in the first part of the year, I'm taking a trip to China. I'm also saving up for a mortgage - scary new territory ahead! Need to severely cut eating out without dampening the fun. Here are the tentative 'rules' I've cobbled together with the help of my Stealthy Ninja Bastards: Pre-purchased things don't count (groupons, gift card balances, generous friends, etc). The goal is net zero balance in the Restaurant line of your budget.This doesn't equal Anti-Social month. Have potlucks. Dinner parties. Tea at your place or theirs. Go to a play. (I will be attending many.) Brew coffee/tea for on-the-go. Or have it at work. Try not to slip in pre-packaged food / soups / meals into your grocery budget. This is all to get you prepared to pack enough food for your day! Take that balance and put it towards something nice/useful. For me, I'm imagining my next trip / downpayment. Don't try to overcompensate by going hog wild on the grocery budget. It might go up a bit because you're not eating any meals out, but it's also not the time to buy those bacon covered truffles (I have no idea if these exist in a grocery store. Probably.) To help me on this challenge, I'm subscribing to a cool list I found on Lifehacker. All She Cooks: 52 Weeks of No-Repeat Meal Plans. Life Quest: Body Hack (DEX +5) One of the reasons I don't stretch enough is that I don't incorporate it into my day. As with many people at a desk job, moving around and being mindful is essential. I'll be looking into ways to turn stretching into my norm. Any suggestions / programs / hacks on what works for you are highly appreciated! It all may look basic, but I also have a few side projects on the go. I'm getting used to reviewing on a quick turnaround basis for a local lifestyle site, and that's fuelled a few creative projects. Amazing how a little reorganization can refocus your energies! But on this forum, I'll stick to the things that I absolutely need. Thank you all for sticking with me! Here's to a fantastic 6 weeks- full steam ahead!
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