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Found 3 results

  1. The earth is getting hotter. The trees are drying up and strange creatures are starting to appear. There are insects and reptilians of every description taking over the land. To touch the ground means pain, agony and burns. To be out in the environment, you cannot last more than a few minutes without respite. This is life in Tucson, AZ. Dizz wanders the desert, watching it change from a temperate paradise to a burning hell. She must adapt or die. She meets a lizard and it is glowing with a strange iridescence. The lizard is friendly and climbs her clothes to her shoulder. It whispers in her ear: I give you a gift. SUDDENLY, Dizz is transformed! This transformation into a tiefling changed her into a beast! A beast of strength and speed and superhuman powers! Strength: Lizards do push ups and so do I now! This new form is strong , it must be mastered. Goal by the end of the challenge is to do 100 pushups. Bonus points for a pull up. Speed: Continue running 2-4 days a week. Now that I can do a 5K, I must now maintain the distance and increase speed. My 5K race was a 16/min mile. I want to get to 12/min mile by the end of the challenge. With the mornings at 80 and the high is at 108, I must adapt. I will start running on a treadmill in AC or at sunset if it's cool enough. I don't like the treadmill, but it's better than overheating. Superpowers: Contact juggling and juggling! Nail the bridge down solid, (roll the ball on arms over the head and down without losing control) Behind the neck rolls solid. 3 club passing, if I can find a partner, and joggling. Want to lose 5-10 lbs this challenge. I'm 215 lbs now. Weist 36" Hip 48" Arm 14" Let's lose some inches and be a beast!
  2. Dizz

    Juggling to 5K

    I'm halfway into my C25K app, and have a race picked out for May 31. I'm doing good, but have a hard time staying on schedule due to work... I work 12-15 hour days, 4 days a week. I run on my days off. I've been losing a lb a week since I started the program and plan to keep it up. On Sundays, I juggle with the local club. It is a upper body work out for sure! Lots of throwing things and picking them up. My skills are skyrocketing lately and I'm jazzed about that. End of April I'm going to a Flow Retreat to attend workshops to improve skills, but mainly catch up with friends and family. I've been eating clean for the most part, if I have a carb heavy meal,. I balance it with a protein heavy one or two. One night, I had a plate of tilapia. Yum! Financially, I'm building up my savings for cushion and then I'll start paying heavy on my considerable debt. My goal is total payoff in 2 years. It's feasible. Not going to set stats for this one, except for CON. I'm increasing my general health and endurance. ...oh and DEX, juggly skills!!!!
  3. 2nd Challenge, got a B+ for the last one. I had some pitfalls, I now have an expiration date on my marriage. Separated now. It threw me for a loop, but now I'm even more focused on being a hottie again. I'm not bad now, but I want to do better. Being sexy is a great motivator, but I also want to fight my genes and live without health problems. I am a juggler, a nurse, a volunteer ranger for the national park, a mom and really stubborn. Goals: STR: Job requires lots of squatting down and standing up for 12 hours. For this reason, I call a work day a workout day. On off days, I plan on going to the gym. Bodyweight plus 10% plus incline on the treadmill. Turns fast walking into lunges. DEX: I'm a juggler. I have a 3 ball cascade down and now working on learning clubs... it's trickier. I also contact juggle, which I am still trying to increase my skillset. CON: Endurance.... I love to hike. I plan on hiking at least 2 times during this challenge. I found some hiking meetups in my area. I also use the treadmill at the gym, my plan is to increase speed from 2 MPH at a 10% grade to 3MPH at 10% or higher for 30 minutes. As long as I am increasing difficulty, I'm happy. INT: Still training in my new nursing job. I have passed the 1st level training and will soon start 2nd level training. Lots of learning to do yet. WIS: Money management. Pack my lunches for work/outings. Also beginning to look at dating. I need to be wise in my companion choice.
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