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  1. I want to start off by saying happy new year to everyone. January brings 14ish hour days, 6 days a week. So I will be working with limited free time. I hope that this challenge serves as a good reminder that I have fitness goals to attain! That said this challenge may come across somewhat bland, but it will hopefully serve its purpose for me. I have never had a load of followers anyway, so its not like I need to worry about letting people down. That said, I fear this all getting placed very far on the back burner so I plan to keep things simple. 1. Lift + body weight 3 times a week. I started lifting heavy weight last challenge and I like it. I progressed very fast, and to be honest my joints were starting to hurt. So my plan for this time is to do slightly less weight, where it is still a challenge, but not complete exhaustion. I will then use my time tested body weight routine after. I hope this will allow my joints to "catch up" while i still lift and my body weight helps my smaller muscles/ balance. Simple to judge I either do it 3 times a week or I don't. 2. Use work as exercise. I work at a power plant, the facility is very large and has many stairs. My phone tracks my steps so I want to hit 10k steps every day. My job requires more desk time as I keep getting promotions, but if I want I can get up and inspect many things. This is one thing I can do while at work, getting payed to work out I also want to add "piss ups" while it is a crude name (I work at a power plant we have colorful language) it should help keep the fitness ball moving while being stuck here at work. The idea is to do 10 push ups and 10 air squats whenever I go to the restroom. Last in group is to ALWAYS take the stairs. To judge I either hit 10k steps or I don't. Piss ups and piss squats ( I need a new name for these) relief ups and relief squats ? do them or don't stairs use them 3. For F^*k sake just eat right dummy This is regularly a goal for me, and I have had off and on success. I traditionally gain quite a bit of weight in Jan because of my work. The plant always has an incrediable amount of junky food around since were all here so long. last challenge I stayed even. I want to eat in a deficit this time. This boils down to a will power item. I have set my self up for success with delivered meals etc. I just need to not eat junk food! Wish me luck! Just eat right stupid Life Goal Some of you know I love shooting sports. from pistols to archery to throwing knives, to tactical shooting, to competitions. I have always hoped my wife would gain interest in these so we could enjoy them together, this has had limited success. She likes to shoot pistols once in a while, and wanted to know how to safely handle and use all the styles of firearms ( Which I think is a good idea.) Anyway long story short we had a chance to go to a very upscale gun club which had long range ranges (up to 500 yards.) I have never tried that before (south Florida doesn't have many places where there isn't buildings in the way for 500 yards.) I failed! And it excited me! I now have a drive to get better! and my wife loved it! I have been saving funds for a new purchase maybe for the jeep, but now it will go towards a decent bolt action rifle and practice. By the end of the 6 weeks I hope to have my rifle, have a scope mounted, and sighted in with at least one practice session in. I will likely be devouring books, and tutorial vids on the subject along the way. No challenge would be complete without at least one picture of Wile E coyote. Good luck everyone
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