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  1. (The song has 10 years in the title and it's my favorite band). Hard to believe it's been ten years gone since the first challenge. I haven't been here the whole time, but I've been here for more than half. I joined NF in August 2012 after simply googling the phrase "Nerd Fitness." I was looking for a way to get fit, hoping to join the Army National Guard as a Chaplain. That didn't happen, and I'm ok with that, but I did find NF and joined the forums. I archive binged Steve's articles up to that point and started commenting on threads in the forums. A new challenge had recently started, and I wanted to get in at the beginning of a new one, so I started a battle log (that now I can't find). It felt like forever till that new challenge came around (This was the days of the 6 week challenges), but I joined the adventurers in the challenge (Links to all my challenges in signature) that started September of that year. At that time the Adventurers were the newbie guild. I did two challenges with the adventurers till my back got sore and I did a challenge with the druids in the beginning of 2013 that I dropped out of because I wasn't being consistent. After that, I left the job I had at the time and dropped off the forums because I had been accessing NF from work. I didn't really get online at home back then. Around 2015 I realized my now ex and I were headed for divorce, so I came back to the forums. I thought I got back on some time in March, but judging by when my temp battle log started, it was actually late June that year. I spent a lot of time welcoming newcomers in the Rebel Introduction Section. My first challenge back, and the first with the Rangers, was in July of 2015. During that challenge I made this post where I talked about getting a divorce. I had a lot of support. I also mentioned buying some Scotch and Cognac in that challenge, I still haven't finished them yet. Sometime in late 2015 I became an ambassador for the Rangers. I also started doing battle speeches in the Ranger General chat threads. 2016 was a building year, and the year I met my now wife. I got to go to Camp NF and meet several people from the forums. Not long after I became a Guild Leader for the Rangers. In 2017 I got married, and some people from NF came to the wedding! In late 2018 I became the Guild Leader Admin/Forum Commmander. In 2019 we bought a house had a baby. Now here we are at the 10th anniversary of the forums. In some ways 2020 is a respawn year for me. With the house and the baby last year my fitness consistency got away from me. I'm heavier than I've ever been as well. However, the first challenge of the year was all about consistency, and I set myself up to win by making the challenge very winnable. All I had to do was start a Kettlebell Session to get full credit. A single forward fold and single dip into frog pose were all I needed for yoga credit. Walking out of the house with the baby strapped on was all I needed for credit for baby rucking. I'm going to build on that success in this challenge. Here are my goals for the current challenge: Strength and Conditioning: I will do the Nerd Fitness Beginner Kettle Bell workout. Whereas last challenge I needed to start to get credit, this challenge I need to complete the first round and start the second round (1 rep is enough) to get credit. If I finish the second round, I'll stop there. I'm using a 15 pound bell, because with Kettlebells, it's not how heavy they are, it's how often you swing them. The goal is 13 KB sessions as described. Flexibility: Yoga time. In the last challenge all I had to do was a forward fold and frog pose for credit. This challenge I have to START (not necessarily finish) a yoga video for credit. NF Yoga Water A is preferred, but not mandatory. The goal is 8 sessions. Distance: Baby Rucking. We have a baby carrier I can use to strap the baby on and go for a walk. Last challenge I just had to get out the door. This challenge I just have to get to the mail center around the corner. The goal is 4 sessions, but if weather is inclement Yoga can be subbed. I don't mind going for a walk in bad weather, but I don't want the baby to get sick (First time parent syndrome). Nutrition: The main focus on nutrition is going to come in a few challenges once I have fitness consistency locked down. For now I have the untracked goal of continuing to cook regularly and minimize restaurant trips while continuing with Intuitive Eating. Let's Ranger this challenge!
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