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Found 8 results

  1. This challenge, I am ready to push out of my comfort zone and have a little fun. I've been struggling with depression and while I know I have good reasons to be sad, I don't want to be defeated by it. For this challenge, I chose quests to get myself back into healthy habits that I can maintain when the challenge is over. Also, healthy habits are awesome for combatting depression! Quest 1: walk 75 miles. This is the perfect time to incorporate a walking challenge. The weather is going to be pretty cool and dry here. 75 miles is about 2.6 miles a day which is a great place to star
  2. A Little History, Baby. (taken from my Respawn thread) A select few of you may remember me. I came, I did some challenges, I dropped some weight, and then life started life-ing me and I disappeared. In early 2015, I weighed 255 lbs. I joined a gym, started eating better, found NF, and in around 18 months, I'd just about scraped under 200 lbs, got myself a nice suit, and life was going... better. But interest started to flag, and a combination of work-related stress, family dramas, injuries, illness and dark depression took hold, and I went under the ice for a while. It
  3. We're winning! The battle to defeat the return of the dreaded Dad Bod has been waged on rocky ground for quite a while, but I'm finally finding my footing and marshaling my forces in the most economical way to make sustainable progress. In the last challenge we simplified the attack and adopted a few new weapons into the arsenal--intermittent fasting and yoga joined the team. IF was extremely beneficial, and I'm going to continue to use it in the exact same way. Yoga was tougher to implement because I haven't yet found the most effective method of deployment, but I've got an idea about how
  4. The Mjolnir Challenge This is the challenge where I finally get to do one of those epic things I've been wanting to do since I started at NF. I had planned on doing a couple last year but they all feel through and I was wracked with anxiety about them anyway. The HammerRace is at the end of week 3 of this challenge. I started training specifically for it last challenge or so. I still don't feel ready but I'm not letting another opportunity pass my by. Not only am I Wonder Woman, but this is the challenge I show I am worthy to behold the power of Thor's own hammer
  5. We are The Doodlies - aka Accountabiddlydoodlies - aka Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing Weight* *This is a Closed Group and only open to current and former Doodlies - you know who you are. Please PM for interest The Doodlies are a bunch of people who together for a while now. We have had our ups, we have had our downs. But the main thing is we stuck together for all that time. At this point it feels like we are in a bit of a slump lately. It is time we do something that helps us have a look into the daily grind we go to. To help us bond and better understand
  6. This challenge I'm going to take my hippy/druidy stuff to a new level. I will be kind and forgiving towards myself, and take care of myself to the best of my ability. Eating rules for this challenge: The 'eat, stand still, shift' I learned in this course. Basically it means: 1) See that you're about to eat things you don't need/binge. Project the things your body is promising you for eating on an imaginary screen. (pleasure, escaping boredom, etc.) 2) Stand still for a moment to see what is happening. Be in the moment, be mindful. Look at that
  7. Arrow training The Arrow is one of my big inspirations. How olliver queen, no good play boy, rich kid and party boy became one of the strongest superheroes by just training is an inspiration. So since had a big gap since last time it is time to start again. I will pick up my training, continue where i left off and this time beat my personal demon. My training will exist of 2 parts. Strength and Endurance. The strength part will be done in the gym following one of their programs. I will HAVE to go to the gym 2 times a week and finish the workout. T
  8. I have ghosted on the forum for a big ammount of time. This happened due to the illness and passing of my father in law. Combine this with a part-time job and school stress. I had to take a step back and the forums got cut out of my daily routine. Just like Oliver Queen when he moved to Ivy Town with Felicity this did me good. I kept working out a little, had time for the family and got recharged. Now i am back at the rebellion to support all of you on the forums. I will be chilling with the Doodlies if they still want me, for now i will join the rangers to continue my training a
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