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Found 2 results

  1. "Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remain steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before." - UAC Report File 9REIZDUR Hello fellow Warriors!! Some of you already know me, but for those that don't: my name is SheriffWolfpool or Wolfpool or Wolfie, lol. I've been around Nerd Fitness since 2012 and challenging pretty consistent since 2015. I've been a Ranger during the last 4 years because my focus was on being a jack-of-all-trades. I did a little bit of everything. I've ran Spartan races, dabbled in parkour, done lots of calisthenics and even played some Quidditch and Gaelic Football. My main focus was to be as active as possible and trying my best to be the most badass version of myself. Now, my focus has shifted a little. My focus is now on gaining size and strength and I thought there was no better place to achieve that than the Warriors Guild. There's still a level of badassness I want to achieve, but it involves gameifying my life and harnessing the "rage" of a video game character called, the Doom Slayer. Recently, I've become obsessed with the Doom Slayer. I played through and beat DOOM (2016), (the remake to the classic 1993 Doom), on the medium difficulty called "Hurt Me Plenty" and loved the game. Now, I'm streaming Saturday nights with a buddy of mine as we play through the next hardest difficulty called, "Ultra-Violence". I call it #SlayerStreamSaturday ;). Believe it or not, there are two more difficulties after that lol. One of them, the last one, being called Ultra-Nightmare is a permadeath play through. One death sends you back to the beginning...unless you beat the level you're on and save. No checkpoints. No respawns. Plus, the enemy A.I is just stupid hard. Anyways, DOOM Eternal, the sequel to the hit 2016 remake, comes out November 22nd of this year, a week after my birthday! I actually had the chance to go hands on with the demo this past weekend at QuakeCon and was just blown away by how awesome and gory it is! The game devs have redesigned the Praetor suit for the Doom Slayer in Eternal and this is the "bulk" of my inspiration... As you can see, the dude is JACKED! #curlsforthegirls Last challenge I started training harder in the gym than I have in over a year, hitting certain PR's I've yet to achieve in my short lifting career. I've always sucked at deadlifts but that's because my form sucked. I've since fixed that and have brought my 4RM up to 225#. It's the most I've ever deadlifted and that's without testing my 1RM, lol. I've been consistently kicking butt the last 2+ months, but really dialing in with nutrition and workout consistency the last 5 weeks. I want to continue that trend with an added dose of intensity as I start the journey of a brand new program from Athlean-X called: BeastX. It's a 12 week program focusing on hypertrophy, athleticism and strength gains, and I'm soooooo excited to start! I have a good baseline now and I'm ready to take my "Unchained Predator" mindset and completely unleash the beast within. There are also some other crazy changes happening in my life. I'm getting a second job at Costco. I'm pretty excited about it because I love Costco and I actually used to work for them about a decade ago. Being the father of 5 beautiful kids and having an amazing wife that watches after them is just one reason for needing this second income. I want to get us into a bigger place, possible a house in the next year or less. I also want to get debt free and have a little more cushion with our finances. Working 2 jobs and still wanting to maintain a training schedule is going to be physically and mentally demanding, so, I need to be on my A-game. The last 2 challenges, I have been focusing on 3 qualities: Relentlessness, Focus and Calm Under Pressure. Combined together, I have been able to set goals, achieve them and kick ass in the process. This challenge is no different. In other words, "Don't fix what aint broken!" Goal 1: A Predator's Mindset-Relentless It's no surprise that juggling the many things I have going in my life is going to be tough as hell. But, with the right mindset, I can (and will) be victorious. The nice thing about the BeastX program is the workouts are no more than 60 min long. Training at the gym is therapeutic for me and something that needs to continue even in the midst of working two jobs. Fueling my body and my mind is going to be just as important for all the "in-between" stuff. To have a Predatory Mindset, I need to: Keep up with weekly training on the new BeastX program. Get swole. Fuel my body and meal prep/plan better. Post pic. People like food porn . Have a good attitude about it all. Don't be a dick. Possible Points: +4 STR, +1 DEX Goal 2: A Predator's Restful Slumber-Focus Sleep. Ohhhhh, how sleep is going to be the most important goal of this whole challenge. Not just sleeping at night, but napping during the day and taking advantage of the opportunities to get some shut-eye. There may be nights where I don't get home from Costco during the week till almost 11pm...and then I want to get up by 4:30 AM to be at the gym so I can make it to my other job in time? Yeah, it's gonna be nuts. I'm salary at my day job which gives me a little leeway on sleeping during lunch, which, needs to be a daily thing. I always eat at my desk, so, I will continue doing that, but take the time to nap during my actual lunch break. Possible Points: +3 CON, +2 CHA Goal 3: A Predator's Might Roar-Calm Under Pressure I'm a member of the Toastmasters Club at my day job and I love it! Public Speaking has always been a big fear of mine since I was little but I am overcoming that fear and really enjoying giving these speeches. I am about to complete my level 1 pathway for my focus on Presentation Mastery with this weeks Toastmasters meeting when I evaluate one of the members on his speech. After that, I'll dive right into my 2nd level pathway and begin knocking out those speeches/goals as well. During this challenge, I want to "lean in" and make sure to fill a role for every meeting over the next 5 weeks. I also want to give at least one speech in that time frame. Being calm under pressure is crucial to the success of this goal. Possible Points: +2 CHA, +3 WIS And there you have it folks! Thanks for letting me hang here for the next challenge+!! I I look forward to kicking some ass and making the Warrior guild proud of all my gainzzzz Wolf
  2. "Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remain steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before." - UAC Report File 9REIZDUR Welcome back to another challenge! I'm so glad you joined me . In the last installment, I was FINALLY able to gain some traction and create a consistent routine of living life, working out, and leading my family or as they are better known, The Wolfpack. And now, we keep the streak alive and continue to employ good habits to keep the momentum going! My theme for this challenge (and possible future challenges) will be none other than: Doom. Or, more specifically, The Doom Slayer; the main protagonist in the Doom series. I remember back in the day playing the original Doom, which came out in 1993. It was my very first PC gaming experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also remember reading the first book in the Doom series: I must've been in...6th or 7th grade when I read "Knee-deep in the Dead" and remember loving it. There's 3 more books in the series that I wouldn't mind reading them one of these days. I'm more of an audible listener now, but, I could save those for a rainy day or two . In the last challenge, I embodied the legendary retired hitman, John Wick, to get me started. The challenge was a roaring success. This time around, I'll embody the beastly Doom Slayer. My goals will more or less be the same, with maybe a few things added, but the same three plans are still in play: Plan A: Relentless Plan B: Focus Plan C: Calm Under Pressure Plan A: Slayin' Workouts like a Doom Slayer- Relentless Jeez Louise....My man is STACKED! #BIcepGoals I will continue Powerbuilding; something I discovered the last challenge. It's basically combining Power-lifting and body building to create an aesthetically pleasing athletic look while being strong as a bear and conditioned like a wolf. Goal: 4x a week using a PPLFB split (Push/Pull/Legs/Full-body) and using Saturday as a conditioning day which can involve things such as sprints and metcons. Anything to get the heart pumping and the sweat pouring! Possible Points: +2 STR, +2 END, +2 DEX Plan B: Slayin' Demons makes my Hungry! - Focus Hands off my peanut butter and banana sandwich, foul beast! Since I've upped my activity level, I'm finding myself hungrier and hungrier. I need to fuel as best as I can and maintain my energy levels to match my workout intensity levels. I will intermittent fast on non training days and conditioning days so I'm still burning fat and shoot for 5-6 smaller meals during training days, including high caloric food like peanut butter and banana sandwiches for snacks. This does not mean I can eat whatever. The goal is to eat high quality foods that are good for me. NOT Junk food. Goal: Intermittent Fast (IF) 3x a week - Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Eat like a Slayer (5-6 smaller meals) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Possible Points: +2 CON, +2 WIS Plan C: Slayin' Speeches and Fillin' Roles - Calm Under Pressure *Continuation Goal from the previous challenge* I officially joined Toastmasters at my job and completed my "ice breaker" speech a little over a month ago and my second speech just recently. What many of you may not know, is that public speaking used to scare the crap out of me. Like, for real. Now, it's not so scary having already done a few speeches . My focus aka pathway is Presentation Mastery. I love the community here and have become good friends with all the members. Toastmasters happens every Wednesday during lunch time and I want to make sure that I'm constantly filling roles needed for each meeting and working on my pathway. Public speaking is not something I'm great at and any opportunity I get to work on my weaknesses is welcomed with open arms. Goals: Finish Level 1 before the challenge ends Fill a role 4 separate times 1 role filled during the last challenge - 3 more to go Bring in 1 new member before the challenge ends Possible Goals: +4 CHA, +1 WIS I'm really excited about this challenge and it's theme. The Doom Slayer or "Doomguy" is a cool and badass character. As of right now, I'm also playing through the 2016 remake of Doom on the Xbox and having a hell of a good time! Now, it's time to suit up and "Raze some Hell"!! Wolf
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