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Found 2 results

  1. After a long injury-driven hiatus, I am back. My reasons for being gone may be found in my daily battle log, so I will not waste keystrokes on them here. Suffice to say, I have returned for the nerds and the fitness (and just a smidge of rebellion). For this challenge, I will conquer the first of my long-term goals. I will surpass a 450# deadlift. I hit 445# at the end of February, so this should be very achievable. Now then, lest I be accused of tossing myself a softball for my first challenge back, I shall also tackle my fitness Achilles' heel. The double-under. Once upon a time, when I was a new, wet-behind-the-ears crossfitter, I could string together 19 double unders. That was two years and many lacerated shins and thrown ropes ago. For this challenge, I shall attempt to attain 20 consecutive double-unders. I hate myself already for including this in my challenge. Finally, to round things out, I want to break 1:30 in the 500m row. So my goal for this challenge will be 1:29. I hit 1:31 in July of 2013, but since that summer, my fastest has been 1:37 (last year). So there we have it, a good mix of relatively easy, challenging, and incredibly arduous and vexing.
  2. In a previous challenge, I learned double-unders. But being an uncoordinated nerd, I've lost them! Instead of continuing to practice my DU after the challenge, I assumed that working them into WODs would be enough. I clearly didn't develop my technique well enough because now I've lost them and can barely string together 5 in a row. So it's time to double down! Goal: 50 unbroken double-unders. Scoring: At the end of the quest, I will have 5 chances to get 50 double-unders. For the maximal set, 2 points for each successful DU. This goal is worth 100 points, so more than 50 unbroken DU is extra credit. Related Goals: Supporting goal: at least 10 minutes of DU practice or 100 DU every week. This goal is worth 10 points each week, and DU during a WOD count, provided they are done as consecutive DU and not as SUDU.Supporting life goals: continue to eat right, keep my weight below 175, continue to train 4-5x / week. These are now part of my baseline and thus aren't worth extra points.Side quest: continue to practice my OHS so I don't lose it! This goal is worth 10 points each week.Grading: points will be totaled and divided by 220, the total number of available points. A+ -- over 100%A -- 91-100%B -- 81-90%etc.Attribute points awarded at the end of this challenge will be primarily allocated to: DEXterity (technical ability to do DU)STAmina (metabolic conditioning involved)CONstitution (for perseverance)CHArisma (cool factor)WISdom is available if I meet my supporting life goals.STRength points are available for OHS, especially if I can get 5 reps at 95Unfortunately, I feel like I've taken a step backwards and that this challenge is just treading water. But I've really got to master those DU!
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