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Found 2 results

  1. Many months ago, I just went "poof" and stopped coming to the NF forums and let all my goals drop by the wayside, but NO MORE! I have been away from NF for so long and really miss this place and seeing all the positivity and growth. If it's not to late, I wanna join in this challenge! My overarching goals are still roughly the same as they were many months ago: Lose weight and eat healthier, maybe even get a little stronger?Become a better singer and vocalistWork harder at Judo and other martial arts I don't have the specifics of my goals written out yet, but I'll think of something really soon.
  2. Hey everyone! So after taking a break from the challenges last time I am back and ready to get my act together once again. I spent the last six weeks taking things easy, as in I kept up my workout routine, ate some food (but didn't track anything) and pretty much just had a jolly good time. Well now I am back to have a jolly good time while making progress! Main Quest Start taking bulking seriously! I put a lot of effort into losing weight and for some reason just assumed that I would be able to bulk pretty easily. Just go back to eating a bunch of food while lifting weights right?!? Turns out it is harder than I thought... Between not getting enough protein, overestimating how much I eat, not remembering to bring enough food to work so that I am miserably pounding down food at night, it's a tough life eating well and still getting enough calories. Since most of my goals are about bulking, here are some stats to consider for my goals Age: 23 Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 Body Fat %: 12.5% Goal 1: Stick to the macros, this means tracking tracking tracking. Here is what I am thinking for my macros, based on eating about 3000cal/day (TDEE is about 2460) and using Lyle Mcdonald's suggestions (http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/muscle-gain/macronutrient-intake-for-mass-gains-qa.html) Protein: 220g (880cal) Carbs: 170g (680cal) Fat: 160g (1440cal) This will be judged based on how many days I successfully hit, or get very close to my macro goals. Goal 2: Add weight to my lifts! Here is what I want to get out of my lifts, these are all for the SL3x5 working sets... Squats 220lb -> 250lb Bench 135lb -> 160lb BB Row 160lb -> 175lb (I've done 160, but it had somewhat sloppy form, this is going to progress somewhat slowly while I fix that) OHP 90lb -> 110lb Deadlift 260lb -> 300lb These might be ambitious... so please correct me if you think that, but I see these numbers and all I can think is that there is no reason I can't do it... so I'm gonna do my damnedest to get it done. Goal 3: Get back to sleeping well! I got into a great sleep routine my first challenge here, and while it is still better than most, it isn't as good as it used to be. I want to get back in the habit of getting to bed early enough so that I am up and active when it is time to get to the gym. No more hitting the snooze button or staying up late watching It's Always Sunny. Going to judge this based on the number of mornings where I get out of bed at the time I am supposed to without feeling like I need another hour sleep. Life Quest I am working on creating my own iOS app that I am really excited about. My last challenge involved setting up the ground work for this, figuring out a name, starting design work, acquiring the tools I needed. Then in my time off from the challenges I started reading and educating myself on the iOS architecture and refining some of the design that I have done. For the month though I have been in the collecting underpants stage of the process though and that needs to stop! Life Goal: Dedicate 4 hours/week to working on my app, this can be all at once or spread out but I will dedicate at least that amount of time. This isn't a lot because it is just a side project, I have a full time job programming and a lot of social change I want to make in my life, but I don't want this project to fall to the wayside. 4 hours/week will get me started, it will get some code into the computer and make things start to happen. 6 weeks from now, when I have put in a solid days worth of work (not much I know, but you can do some cool things with 24 hour of programming) I will have something I can look at and make a new decision about how much effort I want to put into this project. I'll figure out points and stuff later...
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