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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Nerd Fitness community! I feel quite excited joining this community after having followed it for the past year and a half. There is nothing like this specialized community, and I am so proud and so honored to be a part of it. It is something that inspires me both as a fellow rebel and as an aspiring wellness enthusiast. A little about me/ my 'stats': - 20 Years Young - Four foot nine inches tall, small boned, 'delicate' appearance (too tall to be a Hobbit… but too short to be an elf; I am a hybrid of the two at this time) - Was bullied for small stature all my life - Brown belt in
  2. Hello, fellow Rebels! I've already made an intro ( Don't Slay This Dragon! ) to myself, but I'll describe my body type to help set some background- Petite- 4 foot 9 inches tall Bone Structure- Small. Delicate. (Have been 'tiny' all my life). Fast metabolism. Ectomorph. Cons: Too much muscle gives a bulky appearance; I've been there. I end up looking more 'boxy' and get a thick waist. Dietary Restrictions: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Cannot digest dairy. Currently plant based, but have been incorporating animal foods a few times week for dinner for the past few months. Goals: Body Scu
  3. Sunday is the last day of my current Master's course (Final Grade 96.50% A=WIN), Next course begins 12 Oct. During this month I have a heavy event schedule. Goal 1 Do All the Stuff 20 Sep Macon Run or Dye – Team Run EPIC WIN 27 Sep Ruck March – volunteer EPIC WIN 5 Oct Destin 5k- Run /Walk -Individual EPIC WIN with a PR 11 Oct Sushi Making One Day Class – For FUN WIN Oh My Stars this was too much fun 18 Oct Martial Arts Competition - Goal compete in 3 events (adjusted by instructor) 24- 25 Oct Haunted History Tour – Guide 25 Oct Zombie Run 5K Individual (un
  4. Main Quest (creative story line to be added … soon?) Quest 1 Learn it: First and foremost- My Master’s Class and Certification Training. For the next 7 weeks I am in student mode. First priority is maintaining my GPA. Quest 2 Work it: I’m tired of trying to track maintaining the house /garden/yard. These are not things I keep track of, and trying to keep track of them is making me nuts. So I’m not going to. What I am going to keep track of are what I schedule i.e.: training at the dojo, 5K training runs, walking the dogs. 5 days out of every week I will be doing s
  5. I everyone, thanks for stopping by and checking on me. This challenge finds our dragon adrift in time. Time seems to be something out of sync with her these days. So much to do so little time to do it. Jumping from one task to the next (often before the first task is complete leaving it undone.), while never seeming to get to all the things that need doing. Shes frustrated and being pulled by the forces of nature in too many directions. Paper is still attacking her. She clings to the small successes, to keep her spirits up. Weight 199.0 Final Goal Weight 145.0 Goal for this
  6. EPIC QUEST Turn into At end of previous challenge More details on my Epic Quest, and my regular lifting workouts, are in my battle log. MOTIVATION To be happy, healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE Objective #1: Drop 6 lbs of Fat Fat = (-0.082 x weight [lbs]) + (4.15 x waist [inches]) – 94.42 Taking starting measurement in the morning Objective #2: Raise the Dragon (Flag) This; lower, better, more . . . Objective #3: Fly the Dragon (aka. develop a back lever) Turn this .
  7. I went big on my first two challenges. Too big. Too many changes and flights of fancy nothing sustainable and translatable into the real world. This challenge I’m going to try something else. I got caught up in the mindset that everyone else is doing all these wonderful energetic and healthy super things. I should do something every day… but I don’t. I plan it out. Life comes in and turns it over. I struggle to arrange my life into unfamiliar patterns. This results in unrealistic time expenditures and an overall feeling of failure. So I’m not going to fall for that this time.
  8. Vengefulpear Eats Senzu Beans in the Medi-Chamber! Welcome back to another awesome challenge my Assassin friends Some of you may know that my shoulder is all messed up right now (well not that badly, but it's still on the mend) so this time around my challenge is going to be based around recovery, the final stages of slimming down and life goals! This year was supposed to be the Year of the Dragon, so I went with a Dragon Ball Z theme for this! Rather than just kicking some dragon bottom... Damn you shoulder! My main quest for this challenge (hopefully it wont last any longer than
  9. Welcome back to everyone to the first challenge of the New Year I hope you all had suitably splendid holidays! My idea for this year is that I'll make it the Year of the Dragon! I know the zodiac has already passed it, but dragons are awesome! This specific challenge dragon-theme.... The dragons from Dark Souls! Vengefulpear's Year of the Dragon: Dark Souls Edition So last challenge started off with a bang! But I pushed too hard, rushed it and ended up fluffing most of the challenge. This time, I'm taking it a bit more slowly, and building those blocks up to make an awesome ed
  10. ... but then I ate all the cookies. Long term goal: clean up the diet and complete 3 sets of 20 pull-ups. Be happier and stop comparing myself to others (ahem, social media). Expectations for this challenge: Get rid of the sugar and complete 3 sets of 20 pull-ups with the thickest pull-up assistance band. Stop mindlessly checking websites. Atmosphere: Work is insane because my workload has essentially doubled by taking over other projects and learning new skills. I'm working long hours and my schedule is unpredictable. Right now, my life is work and the rest of my life needs to be flexib
  11. This Challenge I Will: Be More Consistent "Consistent training promotes the physiological changes which are necessary for better performance, while inconsistent training stresses the body and can lead to injury," says Robert Martin Make It Happen: This is harder than I thought. This is why it’s my primary goal. This is the first stepping stone to attaining all my other goals. This Challenge I Will: Go to Yoga Twice a Week Yoga is my foundation exercise. It gives my body the workout I need and my mind and emotions a centering that brings me happiness and peace. It reduces my stress and
  12. Hi nerd fitness buddies! I am not fever, not flyer, but I an Steve, the creeper-killing cuboid! I will fight alongside the iron, lapis, glass, gold,iron, snow, and ice golems of minecraft against Herobrine and the monsters including wither boss and the enderdragon! I will include running, circuits, pull ups, yoga, and Pilates that I do for fun. Points: Running (every week) 4 Stamina Circuits (every week) 3 Dexterity, 1 constitution Pullups (every week) 3 Strength Yoga and Pilates (every 2 weeks) 1 Strength Assassin mini games (every mini game) 3 charisma
  13. So, in my first challenge, I tried to fly. I gathered courage, I spread my wings, I jumped off the tree. And I went straight down to the forest ground. Ouch. Maybe I should've picked a shorter tree. But, you see, it wasn't that bad, I learned a lot from the fall. And I saw it. That huge dragon whose wings are so big that the wind they make when they flap is so strong that nothing else can fly while it is in the air. My first powerful enemy: Fatlord Lazybreather! I also realized, while on the forest's ground, that the dragon had chained everything under it's domain. It wouldn't allow anyone to
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