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Found 5 results

  1. MAIN QUEST: Train for Half Marathon April is literally just around the corner. My main goal is to continue to train for the half marathon. I have a goal finishing time of 3:30:00, and I really, really hope to come in under that. The rolling hills of Kentucky might have it out for me, so I am looking for more hill laden runs as we get closer. I am in my final four weeks of training… and these next few weeks will be critical for me to stay on track health, wellness, and fitness wise. Goal One: Kame House - Training Goku spends the majority of his early training with Master Roshi at Kame
  2. This is a story about Schaengel, who went out of his comfort zone to find adventure and capture his dreams. It will be a long story. A story with setbacks and triumphs. So if you like a (hopefully) interesting story, follow allong... This is Schaengel our main-character. Even though not really out of shape (anymore) he is still working hard to become better everyday to achieve his two life goals ,living a happy life and leaving the world a little better place. I know what you might be saying, "what a dreamer". But like Son Goku the result justifies the means. And if the means are being a dr
  3. My Mission: To create a maintainable fitness plan and get back to my pre-summer weight of 145. Summer is full of fun, beer festivals, and food. I have been able to stay within about 5-7 pounds of my goal weight (which I achieved back in May), but I’d like to quit making excuses and make fitness a habit again, rather than relying on my revved up metabolism to keep me in check. Kaio-Ken… TIMES TEN! (Goal 1) Workout 5x per week for 30 minutes or more. This worked out really well in my last challenge, so I am doing it again. Instead of feeling pigeon holed in one program, having the
  4. I had always thought that saiya-jin were a little strange for getting stronger after a fight, or somewhere where they really tested their limits. BUT after reading the recent post here on NF about becoming Anti-fragile, I have realized that it might not be out of the reach of people! My goal is to harness my inner 'anti-fragileness', and enjoy a classic from when I was a kid at the same time! One question... I am starting this quest of mine now, but, what happens if I am in the next 6 week challenge too? Am I to assume because this is all to get people into healthy fitness lifestyles, th
  5. So I've restarted my blog recently, and I just published the first in a series of articles on the basics of working out and nutrition for martial artists (well more for martial artists who like Dragon Ball and are just getting started or who have tried supplementing training with further exercises and only succeeded in burning themselves out). I thought I'd pass it along. Any feedback you guys would be willing to give me would be greatly appreciated. You can find the article here: http://nerdjutsu.com/achieving-your-ultimate-form-part-1/ Thanks!
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