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Found 1 result

  1. Mike_d85

    Mike D... BZ

    Marathon, done. House, moved. Time to get back into weightlifting and saddle up. I have had a lot of things up in the air, but I need to get into a groove that works for me so I can get going forward on something other than “run a lot.” Goal #1: Get back into a weightlifting routine. 3 days a week minimum, I want a schedule that works for 5. That means I get my commute manageable and find a weight room that’s accessable. 3,000 points Goal #2: Track food and weight. I’m going to try to bulk up after losing so much upper body muscle mass to my marathon training. I want to have my weekday meals planned and calories estimated every week. 3,000 points. Goal #3: Learn horseback riding. I’ve started basic lessons and I want to get to the level where I can ride a trail on my own before my honeymoon in August. I have one lesson per week and I want to do 1 day of “homework” per week (educate myself on something related to horseback riding). 1,000 points *Fun fact* this seems to be the one picture of a DBZ character on a horse on all of the internet: Goal #4: Maintain running. 5k runs at least 3 times a week an long runs (15-20k) on the weekend. 2,000 points. Goal #5: Nesting. I have random projects from moving and I want to complete at least one per week. We scaled up from a tiny 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom townhouse with a basement. I need storage in the basement, the kitchen organized, DVD/Blu-ray storage, all living room furniture that isn’t a TV stand, a table and chairs for the dining room, a drink station (dry bar), a desk for the office, and a bicycle/storage for said bicycle. 1,000 points Why are the points in thousands?
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