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Found 13 results

  1. Everybody wanna be a nerd until it's time to do nerd shiet. So how about it? I know a bunch of us play Dungeons & Dragons. Who would be interested in getting a game together? We can run it on Roll 20 or something. We'd probably also have to decide on which edition to go with. I've personally only played 4E and 5E.
  2. WOW GUYS. I somehow missed that last challenge was my THIRD FREAKIN’ NERDVERSARY!!!! I can’t believe what a wild ride it’s been, particularly the last year and a half. Obligatory pre-challenge Raxie brainings & a bit of background under the spoiler. AND NOW THE MOST EXCITING THING!!! I also have decided to integrate D&D concepts into this whole character thing a bit more. Big Show finding his true hybrid class really inspired me to find mine, and I realized I have already been secretly telling myself what it is via my D&D game! I’ve been after the Dragon Disci
  3. Hi guys. I've been laying low and recovering after my leg injury caused a subsequent loss of motivation in my challenges, and the narrative associated with them. For that reason, I won't be doing a narrative this challenge; the jury is still out on whether or not to change my username. (If I do, it'll be to Callanthar, my World of Warcraft character, who happens to be a hunter, the WoW equivalent of a ranger.) For this challenge, I'll be channeling the various abilities of a D&D party, emulating the various strengths that make them so successful. And of course, absorbing the strength of
  4. Balsquith - Dragon Slayer reloaded My last challenge was a themed dragon-slaying challenge and was great fun and went well for the first 2 weeks until I went on holiday and let it fizzle out. This challenge will be almost identical (except for the fizzling-out part) with a few minor modifications to keep things interesting. I will start this challenge on a Monday as I found the change to a Sunday start didn’t work for me at all. This challenge bases itself thematically on the book I am reading ‘Die Mächte des Feuers’ by Markus Heitz, which is set
  5. Howdy Nerds! New to Nerd Fitness. At a pretty low mental and physical point in my life. Been here before, but finding it hard to get energy, motivation, commit to change. You all know the drill. So I've got the usual goals and drives (lose weight, gain strength, gain flexibility, blah blah)... but I'm giving myself a very specific 'vanity' goal - I wanna be able to dress up in the costume of Flemeth as she appears in Dragon Age III. So badass. I'm seeing this as a more realistic goal than to turn into a dragon. Anyway, hello and howdy and I hope to get some help
  6. Placeholder for now, but yep... I'm joining this challenge!! Right, let's do this, 2015: time to finish strong! I'm a little wary about forum challenges, because I tend not to be a prolific forum poster. I'm in need of a little extra boost/respawn, though, and I'm really enjoying the facebook community of 2015 campers as well as interacting with the awesome folks at my battle log, so I'm going to give it a shot! I'm not going to worry about strictly compiling my challenge for now - to quote your friendly neighborhood pirate, "They're more like guidelines, anyway." There are 3 areas I'll
  7. After five years as a bank teller and about a decade in customer service, I've left my job to explore new possibilities. I'll have to put some effort into being frugal in order to make the budget work. Aside from that, I want to make good use of my time. I want to get my apartment and my things clean and organized. I want to get outside every day in this lovely spring weather. I want to maintain my habit of getting up in the morning and of being accustomed to spending most of the day on my feet. To this end, I have a number of specific goals. I'm going to treat this similarly to a six-week cha
  8. Crouching in a small cupboard, where Ocelot had flung herself to evade detection, it was hard not to groan aloud: her entire body ached with the tension. Her thumbs rubbed against the newly formed calluses on her palms in futile distraction. She could hear the guards’ conversation - snatched words, at least. They were wondering aloud about the identity of the assassin who had been haunting the fortress for over two months now. Imagine if they knew it was the new maidservant to blame, the small red-haired girl who looked as if butter wouldn’t melt, who concealed her powerful weapon-skilled
  9. First: a recap. I've had some excellent success on my master quests since I began doing these challenges. I spent a season and a half doing HIIT workouts on top of my regular jogging in order to get ready for a Warrior Dash. That was a great experience! After that I start practicing trail running and I also took up the sword against my personal dragon: unhealthy eating. (See beginning of the dragon quest here.) My main quest for this challenge is simply to end the year with a bang. But first, here's some pictures of me from the race on November 1st. Toward the aim of e
  10. More specifically, a dragon! (You can see where this is going) I just had to indulge my love of HTTYD and Toothless. Main Quest: Onederland by 1/1/15 (after that, keep moving down to 150) I really wanted to make my main quest feel a bit more obtainable and make it a little more short-term than 150 lbs. That, I can definitely hit next year. Mission #1: What am I eating? I have three main focuses/focii/whatever's-right here: calories, protein, veggies. Calories: 1600/day Protein: Aiming for 100 g/day, will pass with 75 g/day Veggies: At least 1 serving/day I can earn a total o
  11. "There is no need to sally forth, for it remains true that those things which make us human are, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blast on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us." -Walt Kelly I’ve conquered boredom eating. I’ve conquered loneliness eating. I’ve conquered entitlement eating. Deeper than all these things I found something else, something different altogether. Here is how we recently met: A maple bar. I took it, intending
  12. Back for my 5th?!?! challenge. Time flies when you are searching for gifs on the internet. Getting back to ass-kickery on this challenge. Fitness (+3 STR) ♦ 20 consecutive push-ups Is this crazy? I don’t know. I set high goals for myself and I can usually reach them. So I figure I’ll set the push-up mark high to really “push” myself. I’m going to steadily increase the amount of push-ups that I do day-to-day. (+3 DEX) ♦ Interval sprints once a week. Self-explanatory.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm Natalie or Nata. I've struggled with weightloss for about as long as I can remember - as most efforts die out when they cease to be fun and I end up putting the weight back on. So my plan is changing. I like the idea of tracking my progress as an RP character - so that's what I'm going to do. I will be giving my character the freedom to multi-class at any time and in any number of classes. This will help keep my adventure fun. I hail from the eastern side of Washington state. I'm happily married and have a daring cat, Kaylee (she likes shiny things), who would have you
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