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  1. Everybody wanna be a nerd until it's time to do nerd shiet. So how about it? I know a bunch of us play Dungeons & Dragons. Who would be interested in getting a game together? We can run it on Roll 20 or something. We'd probably also have to decide on which edition to go with. I've personally only played 4E and 5E.
  2. WOW GUYS. I somehow missed that last challenge was my THIRD FREAKIN’ NERDVERSARY!!!! I can’t believe what a wild ride it’s been, particularly the last year and a half. Obligatory pre-challenge Raxie brainings & a bit of background under the spoiler. AND NOW THE MOST EXCITING THING!!! I also have decided to integrate D&D concepts into this whole character thing a bit more. Big Show finding his true hybrid class really inspired me to find mine, and I realized I have already been secretly telling myself what it is via my D&D game! I’ve been after the Dragon Disciple prestige class for a while now, and am finally pretty close to attaining it in the game. And it is pretty much how I see my level 50 self translated into real life. Essentially, this class has magical powers and can cast arcane spells (WIS based – aka completing my PhD) but studies dragons so intensely that they also grow dragon scales, can fly short distances and have claws, so can also tank (power lifting/mobility) and melee (body weight work) pretty darn well. Essentially my D&D goal is to cast buffing auras to my friends (meditation/yoga) while fighting and using my claws to touch spell debuff the enemy (boxing). I can’t believe I never noticed how much this aligns with what I want to be in real life!!! This gives me so much excite I can’t even put it into words. Here's what a dragon disciple looks like in their fully leveled up glory (I can't find any women versions UGH so you will have to use your imagination): For those who don't know, Prestige Classes in D&D are basically secondary classes that have extraordinary abilities associated with them that can only be leveled upon once you have met certain requirements in a basic class. I think I have met my basic requirements in my NF journey to start leveling up on a new path that builds upon my old one, but will get me to new places. It’s time. TL;DR This challenge will be focused on my foray into Rings and Headstands, thanks to a well-timed NF course release, while maintaining my focus on competing sometime next year (to be more solidified after the new year) in PL, and keep on cardioing for funsies and heart health. I have also realized I am a Dragon Disciple. While this definitely is not a respawn, it is certainly a new start. I am going after my prestige class, so I am starting at level 1 Dragon Disciple – but I am already at a high level of my base class (Timelady Siren) and will maintain that level, but it is where I want it and it’s time to move on to bigger better things. I will be tracking this path over the course of many challenges, so things I earn here will continue to carry over to future challenges! The rules below will show the things I'll be working towards. Also, as I say nearly every challenge cycle but it bears repeating, you guys seriously rock my socks <3
  3. Hi guys. I've been laying low and recovering after my leg injury caused a subsequent loss of motivation in my challenges, and the narrative associated with them. For that reason, I won't be doing a narrative this challenge; the jury is still out on whether or not to change my username. (If I do, it'll be to Callanthar, my World of Warcraft character, who happens to be a hunter, the WoW equivalent of a ranger.) For this challenge, I'll be channeling the various abilities of a D&D party, emulating the various strengths that make them so successful. And of course, absorbing the strength of an entire party of adventurers in a single person is exactly what we Rangers at Nerd Fitness like to do! Here's our party: Goal One: The Fighter. The fighter relies purely on his skill of arms and armor to protect him from foes. In a world of magic and supernatural creatures, only the fighter's training and martial prowess save him from being a dragon's lunch. A fighter must be ridiculously strong in order to protect his friends and battle his foes. To emulate the Fighter, I'll be doing strength workouts thrice per week. I'll be using the Stronglifts program, but I'll be adding chin-ups to Workout B, and replacing barbell rows with chin-ups in Workout A. I really want to get better at chin-ups. Survived the adventure: 6 workouts. Quest complete: 9 workouts. Natural 20: 12 workouts. Goal Two: The Ranger. The ranger acts as the party's scout, travelling farther and faster than anyone else in order to protect the party from ambushes, and let them know what lies ahead, in any terrain. A ranger must be swift, versatile, and untiring. To emulate the Ranger, I'll be doing cardio at least thrice per week. At least one workout must be on my bike, and at least one must be on foot, running if possible. (Things look good so far, but I'm not going to tie myself down to running if I feel the leg is going to play up again) Survived the adventure: 6 workouts, 2+ of each. Quest complete: 9 workouts, 3+ of each. Natural 20: 12 workouts, 4+ of each. Goal Three: The Monk. The monk can perform one of several roles, depending on their specialisation. A monk lives an ascetic lifestyle, and must remain in peak mental and physical form to accomplish their incredible feats of athleticism and focus. Their fists and self-discipline are both hard as iron. To emulate the Monk, I'll be working to lose weight. I'll be tracking my calories needed, calories eaten, and calories burnt through exercise over the course of the challenge. Survived the adventure: 8,000 net calories burned (~300 per day). Quest complete: 11,000 calories burnt (~400 per day) Natural 20: 14,000 calories burnt (~500 per day) Goal Four: The Wizard. While the rest of the group relies on their bodies to perform their tasks, a wizard relies solely on their mind. By understanding the world on a deep level, they can perform feats that would otherwise be impossible. Theirs is a life of intense study, minds grappling with the nature of the cosmos. To emulate the Wizard, I'll be working on my programming. I'll be studying an hour per day, working through the game-making books at inventwithpython.com, but I'll also be translating the programs featured within into Java, since that's the language taught at my university. Survived the adventure: 14 hours studied. Quest complete: 21 hours studied. Natural 20: 28 hours studied. Completing the quest: In order to complete the quest, all four party members must complete it. Should a party member survive, but fail their quest, a natural 20 from another member can prop them up. Success means the party earns 500 gp, and a magic item worth up to 1,200 gp. 10 gp = 1 Australian dollar, so that translates to 50 dollars to spend on whatever I like, and up to 120 to spend on equipment. Should the party fail their quest, but everyone survives, they manage to earn 250 gp for their efforts regardless. In the event that a party member dies, all funds acquired must be spent on the Raise Dead spell, giving the party no reward for their attempts. Let the adventure begin!
  4. Balsquith - Dragon Slayer reloaded My last challenge was a themed dragon-slaying challenge and was great fun and went well for the first 2 weeks until I went on holiday and let it fizzle out. This challenge will be almost identical (except for the fizzling-out part) with a few minor modifications to keep things interesting. I will start this challenge on a Monday as I found the change to a Sunday start didn’t work for me at all. This challenge bases itself thematically on the book I am reading ‘Die Mächte des Feuers’ by Markus Heitz, which is set in 1925 in a world just like ours with the big difference being that dragons have survived and are not very likeable. The book follows the dragon slayer Silena, a descendent of Saint George, who works for the church to hunt dragons. For this challenge I will once again be Balsquith Dragonslayer, from the line of Saint George, dedicated to hunting down the terrorising beasts and bringing peace and harmony to the land. I will be facing the same four dragons in this challenge as in the last challenge, as they all escaped with only relatively minor injuries and have had time to recover and return at full strength to terrorise the land. Dragons 1. Sirath the somnolent – Getting up to my alarm (Health = 50pts) 2. Bredolth, bane of the Morning – Morning routine (existing routine + daily MITs) (Health =30pts) 3. Tavorth the unbending – Evening routine (existing routine + stretching) (Health = 30pts) 4. Cenolth the abeyant – Exercise/injury rehab (Health =40pts) Hero Balsquith Dragonslayer – Starting health = 10pts Rules I will fight all dragons daily with the following combat rules: Success – Dragon loses 1 health point Partial success – Parry, no change in health points Fail – Balsquith Dragonslayer loses 1 health point and dragon regenerates 1 health point Bonuses for chains Chain (7 day+) => Success = 1.5 points Chain (14 day+) => Success = 2 points Chain (21 day+) => Success = 2.5 points Bonuses for completing all daily tasks Frenzy (4 tasks/day) => Success = 1.5 points Wrath of the Gods (4 chain tasks/day) = 3 points Apothecary Earning gold crowns Reading ‘Die Mächte des Feuers’ = maximum 1 gold crown earned daily In dire need I have a list of unpleasant tasks (only when health falls below 5points) = 5 gold crowns Shopping list Healing potion = 2 gold crowns (recovers 1 health point) Dragon’s Bane = +1 hit points on dragon (1 day expiry date, use must be announced day before) (3 gold crowns)
  5. Howdy Nerds! New to Nerd Fitness. At a pretty low mental and physical point in my life. Been here before, but finding it hard to get energy, motivation, commit to change. You all know the drill. So I've got the usual goals and drives (lose weight, gain strength, gain flexibility, blah blah)... but I'm giving myself a very specific 'vanity' goal - I wanna be able to dress up in the costume of Flemeth as she appears in Dragon Age III. So badass. I'm seeing this as a more realistic goal than to turn into a dragon. Anyway, hello and howdy and I hope to get some help getting started and find some buddies to help with accountability. If you like larping, video games, roleplaying, Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Baldur's Gate, then we'll get on swell. Drop me a line. It'd be nice to have some buddies to keep me coming back to this site and help me keep the habit.
  6. Placeholder for now, but yep... I'm joining this challenge!! Right, let's do this, 2015: time to finish strong! I'm a little wary about forum challenges, because I tend not to be a prolific forum poster. I'm in need of a little extra boost/respawn, though, and I'm really enjoying the facebook community of 2015 campers as well as interacting with the awesome folks at my battle log, so I'm going to give it a shot! I'm not going to worry about strictly compiling my challenge for now - to quote your friendly neighborhood pirate, "They're more like guidelines, anyway." There are 3 areas I'll be focusing on in the next six weeks - the usual, of course, but this time with some added Skyrim flavor. I don't have very broad gaming experience, but KOTOR (my first! <3) and Skyrim are without question my faves. Those of you who know me probably also guessed that the most recent Tomb Raider is up there, too (I don't want to buy an X-BONE to be able to play the next one in November, though! BOOOO). Anyway, let's FUS-RO-DAH the next six weeks! I'll be climbing my way to High Hrothgar for that sweet, sweet view and some dragon meditation by focusing on food, movement, and learnin'. [cue "Dragonborn" theme here. HYUHHH!!]
  7. After five years as a bank teller and about a decade in customer service, I've left my job to explore new possibilities. I'll have to put some effort into being frugal in order to make the budget work. Aside from that, I want to make good use of my time. I want to get my apartment and my things clean and organized. I want to get outside every day in this lovely spring weather. I want to maintain my habit of getting up in the morning and of being accustomed to spending most of the day on my feet. To this end, I have a number of specific goals. I'm going to treat this similarly to a six-week challenge, except the duration will be the duration of my unemployment. Firstly, as it relates to diet. My challenge goals have been inching me closer and closer to a 'primal' diet. I have never achieved a perfect record on any of these goals, but my high degree of success has translated into an overall habit shift and a gradual change in my cravings and desires. For the duration of my unemployment, I shall adhere to the following dietary standards every day, excepting occasional moderate lapses for social situations (such as going on a date with my hubby): 1) I shall consume no wheat or fast food whatsoever. 2) I shall consume no sweetened food or drink of greater than fifty calories. 3) Every meal shall be accompanied by a vegetable (or an avocado or a banana). Secondly, as it relates to fitness. My current master quest is to work my way toward being able to do a pull-up, and I've been focusing on a lot of inverted rows the past six weeks. I also recently bought myself a pair of 'zero drop' running shoes and I'm working on acclimating myself to the more primal stride. However, I've had some problems this year with my right hip. I had a mild case of bursitis that mostly went away, but sometimes becomes slightly irritating again. I want to inch my distance back up to where it was last year, but I'm having to go quite slowly. For the duration of my unemployment, I will: 1) Engage in strength building exercise at least three days a week, focusing primarily on upper-body strength 2) Go for a walk or a jog six days a week 3) Spend at least six hours a day on my feet, preferably eight. Bonus points for ten. Thirdly, as it relates to my hobbies and to-dos. I've got a great long to-do list. There's tons of cleaning and organizing to do. I want to call around to all my service providers (car insurance, internet, etc) and make sure I'm getting the right deals. I need to explore health insurance options and what to do about my 401k. I want to do a bit of gardening. My car (and my hubby's car) needs work. One of the jobs I applied to is an outdoor job and I'll need or want certain gear, such as prescription sunglasses. I don't want to spend a ton of money before I get the job, but I want to be prepared to snap up my purchases and go in the event that I do get that job. I'm also participating in Camp Nanowrimo this month, and I'd love to get out my art supplies and mess around with that old stuff for a while. Basically, I want to stay busy and make the most of this opportunity of time. So: 1) I will get up by 7am (okay, 7:20 after I hit the snooze a couple times) six days a week. 2) I will not engage in video games, facebook, or other pacifying distractions until after noon. 3) I will track and share my progress to stay motivated. Fourthly, as it relates to mental health. I believe the exercise, fresh air, and general busyness will go a long way to keeping me from getting too cooped up or demoralized. Additionally I will, 1) Remember to appreciate and pay time and attention to my hubby when he is home 2) Meditate or engage in other mentally soothing activities such as soaking in the bath 3) Keep in touch with friends and family, and play with my pets (birds) 4) Allow myself opportunities to spend time outside the house, even if it does entail spending a little money This is an awfully big list, but then, it's been a long time since I had time off like this. I have no idea how long this will last. It might be just a couple weeks, or it might be a couple months, or more. Let the games begin!
  8. Crouching in a small cupboard, where Ocelot had flung herself to evade detection, it was hard not to groan aloud: her entire body ached with the tension. Her thumbs rubbed against the newly formed calluses on her palms in futile distraction. She could hear the guards’ conversation - snatched words, at least. They were wondering aloud about the identity of the assassin who had been haunting the fortress for over two months now. Imagine if they knew it was the new maidservant to blame, the small red-haired girl who looked as if butter wouldn’t melt, who concealed her powerful weapon-skilled arms under a brown cloak and kept her sharp eyes turned downwards to hide their rebellious flashes. Hours had passed - they must have, for her counting of breaths had lost itself at over a thousand. She had lost all sense of time and place. But in the darkness, in the solitude and forgottenness, a plan was beginning to form. Goal One: Ascending She would escape using her best skill - her small size and relative strength, meaning she could climb to freedom. For this goal I’m going to go on climbing based adventures! An adventure counts if I climb something to a significant height (rock, tree, hill, mountain, building, etc) and I get photographic evidence. I need to learn to use my climbing harness and I need to get into positions from which I can hang my new rings. Time to put those pull-up muscles to action. 0-6 climbing adventures: 0 points 7-12 climbing adventures: 1 STR, 1 DEX 13-18 climbing adventures: 2 STR, 2 DEX 19+ climbing adventures: 3 STR, 3 DEX Goal Two: Dragon Taming And at the top of the tallest tower, who knew what she would find… except that she’d seen it through her window: a huge, burnt umber scaled beast, with long black tail and huge black wings… a creature she could only hope to tame with patience, time - and plenty of tempting morsels of food. My dragon (aka, my horse) has been out to grass all winter and its about time I started his spring-grass fitness regime again… For this goal I need to go on a ride or do groundwork with him for at least 20 minutes building both our muscles up to some good long rides. 0-6 taming sessions: 0 points 7-12 taming sessions: 1 STA 13-18 taming sessions: 2 STA 19+ taming sessions: 3 STA Goal Three: Feeding the Fires of the Mind Then, with pure exhilaration they would take flight - but would she find the endurance to turn around and continue the battle for the Castle of Consistency, or exalting in freedom, leave it behind for more varied and unpredictable lands? This is a strange goal I’m afraid. I’ve been reading about neurotransmitters and their role in improving mood and emotional wellbeing. Interestingly, even if vital proteins are in the bloodstream, apparently its no use to the brain unless given a hit of carbs in the evening to enable the uptake of neurotransmitters like serotonin etc. Having also read some interesting analysis by various authors regarding nutrient timing for muscle growth, I’m doubly interested in shuffling things around a bit. My idea is to save all simple carbs until after 6pm, or at least 1 hour after a protein based meal. I’m still going to eat the same way - ie, mostly chocolate - just change the timing and see what happens. So, a day will count as successful diet wise if I: Get enough protein pre 6pm Save simple carbs for after 6pm Drink 2 litres of water Eat fruit and veg Track everything on MFP Seems simple enough except for the timing thing which might require some mental endurance! So, we’ll see... 0-25% of days successful: 0 points 25-50% days successful: 1 CON 50-75% days successful: 2 CON 75%+ days successful: 3 CON Life Goal: Translating dreams to reality Adventures with art! Another goal all about having fun. (Are we sensing a theme?) I’m determined to rekindle my drawing habit, and find some new enthusiasm for the illustration work which I’m pretty sure is my calling in life. (Not gonna quit the day job though. Yet) This goal is simple: go on art adventures! This means at least 20 minutes, preferably more of drawing in an unusual/public/awesome place. At least one sketch per adventure must be from life and be posted here. 0-6 artistic adventures: 0 points 7-12 artistic adventures: 1 CHA 13-18 artistic adventures: 2 CHA 19+ artistic adventures: 3 CHA Mini Challenges: Game of Pwns I'm in House Baratheon!
  9. First: a recap. I've had some excellent success on my master quests since I began doing these challenges. I spent a season and a half doing HIIT workouts on top of my regular jogging in order to get ready for a Warrior Dash. That was a great experience! After that I start practicing trail running and I also took up the sword against my personal dragon: unhealthy eating. (See beginning of the dragon quest here.) My main quest for this challenge is simply to end the year with a bang. But first, here's some pictures of me from the race on November 1st. Toward the aim of ending the year with a bang, my three goals are: Firstly, to complete National Novel-Writing Month, which entails writing 50,000 words of fiction within the month of November. Obviously, I've already started on this goal. Secondly, to accomplish my new year's resolution of running 500 miles within the year 2014. Again, this goal is already well begun, but I'm not there yet. And thirdly, to continue sparring with the dragon. This goal is broken into component sections: A. There shall be no dessert eating by myself, dessert being defined as any sugary food or beverage of more than fifty calories. (Exceptions made for a moderate amount of candy and caffeinated beverages consumed while writing. My brain is a miser and simply works harder when there's inducements on hand.) B. Social dessert eating shall not be instigated by myself, and shall be limited to moderate quantity. Example: Thanksgiving. C. I will make this possible by taking advantage of the two primary lessons learned in my previous challenge: preparation and determination. I don't quite have metrics for these yet, but I will by the start of the challenge.
  10. More specifically, a dragon! (You can see where this is going) I just had to indulge my love of HTTYD and Toothless. Main Quest: Onederland by 1/1/15 (after that, keep moving down to 150) I really wanted to make my main quest feel a bit more obtainable and make it a little more short-term than 150 lbs. That, I can definitely hit next year. Mission #1: What am I eating? I have three main focuses/focii/whatever's-right here: calories, protein, veggies. Calories: 1600/day Protein: Aiming for 100 g/day, will pass with 75 g/day Veggies: At least 1 serving/day I can earn a total of 3 points/day, 126 possible points through the challenge Mission #2: How am I going to get there? Karate: 2x/week YAYOG: 4x/week Running: 2x/week 'Cause I'm a beast. 1 point each, 48 possible points through the challenge Mission #3: Keep it clean Continue on with making cleaning a weekly thing, 'cause it's important. 6 possible points total. Life Quest: Don't be a slacker! School has started again, which means doom and gloom. I want to focus on not procrastinating. I'm starting with a total of 6 points. A point gets docked each week if I leave something to one day. This means discussion posts have to be done over at least two days during the week. No cramming allowed. I lost a point each time I leave it all till Sunday. I'm also participating in two PvPs, both linked in my sig. If all goes to plan, I'll be 12 lbs lighter by the end of the challenge. Starting measurements to come on Monday!
  11. "There is no need to sally forth, for it remains true that those things which make us human are, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blast on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us." -Walt Kelly I’ve conquered boredom eating. I’ve conquered loneliness eating. I’ve conquered entitlement eating. Deeper than all these things I found something else, something different altogether. Here is how we recently met: A maple bar. I took it, intending just to have a few bites. I ripped off a quarter of it and enjoyed that. It was good. Then I decided I was done, I didn’t want any more of it. My stomach, which has always been sensitive to sugar, also let me know that I should stop. That’s truly all I wanted. But there was some other voice inside my brain, a hot little salamander buried somewhere deep that said, “Mmm, get fat. Cozy, cozy. Good, good. Fat happy.†And I ate the whole bar. I haven’t lost a lot of weight this summer as I’ve been doing the challenges, but I’ve gotten a lot stronger without gaining weight, and I’ve got some noticeable muscle tone that wasn’t there before, so I know I’m making significant changes. And there’s some part of my brain that’s not happy about it. It’s not really part of my intentional mind, not something really conscious. Something subconscious that’s keeping track of its lovely collection of fat, its shiny dragon horde of extra – something that’s not happy with the way things are going. And it can be very persuasive. My goal for this challenge is to draw this dragon out into the open and identify my weapons against it. To this end I will: 1) Completely abstain from all junk food until the dragon shows its head. This may take a few days the first time, I’m not really sure – but I’m certain it’ll starve out well before the end of the challenge. The metric for this goal will be pass/fail for each campaign, each cycle I have time to go through during the six weeks. I can then assess a percentage of successful attempts to hold tight until the dragon appears. (Stats: 4 stamina for 100% success.) 2) Identify the dragon’s strategy. When the dragon appears, I will not ignore it or push it away from my thoughts. I will observe it carefully and attempt to document its weapons against me. I will hold out for a reasonable time, long enough to attempt some strategic (less unhealthy) pacification of the beast. This is, however, not a dragon-slaying expedition, but merely an investigative one. The metric for this goal will also be pass/fail, based on effort. (Stats: 1 stamina, 1 con, and 3 wisdom for 100% success.) 3) While I wait in my camp outside the dragon’s lair, I will continue to improve my strengths for future combat by maintaining the exercise plan I’ve built up over the last two challenges: I will go running at least 15 miles a week, and I will do my expanded bodyweight exercise routine at least three times a week. (Stats: 4 strength, 1 dexterity for 100% success.) I also have a life goal during this time. My spouse and I agreed that the time had come and I could buy myself a laptop if I wanted, even a pretty nice one. I’ve never had a laptop before, and have really no idea what I want or how to make a good purchase on something like this. So my life goal is to research and make this purchase. (Stats: 1 wisdom)
  12. Back for my 5th?!?! challenge. Time flies when you are searching for gifs on the internet. Getting back to ass-kickery on this challenge. Fitness (+3 STR) ♦ 20 consecutive push-ups Is this crazy? I don’t know. I set high goals for myself and I can usually reach them. So I figure I’ll set the push-up mark high to really “push” myself. I’m going to steadily increase the amount of push-ups that I do day-to-day. (+3 DEX) ♦ Interval sprints once a week. Self-explanatory. Diet (+2 CON +1 CHA) Grilling outside at least once a week (may be modified) I love grilling in nice weather. This might not be much of a challenge, but it will provide me with Vitamin D and delicious meats for devouring. Paleo/Primal eating has become a no-brainer, so this quest is more to get me outside more. Perhaps I will add some different objectives like grilling seafood or finding/making a smoker. We will just have to see where this quest takes us. Life (+2 STA +1 STA) Wake-up at 430am Some may think this is crazy. Most people will think this is crazy. I have to wake up at 5am to get to work on time, but I would like to wake up a little bit earlier to start the day with exercise/stretching. I’ll try to wake up at 430 Monday – Saturday. Keeping Sunday for a rest day… just as the lord intended. (+2 WIS +1 CHA) resume, portfolio site, job hunting This is boring stuff, but stuff I need to take the time to do. I don’t see a lot of growth potential at my current workplace and I am not doing exactly what I want to be doing. It is time to get the ball rolling on this task. Side Quests (+3 DEX) I kind of stole this idea from ApfelStrudi. Variety is the spice of life, so I would like you (my friends) to give me side quests. This can be anything. I’m not scared. I will however make a request that my bendy friends challenge me with bendy things, because I am so very un-bendy. Click on the icon and it should take you to the Google Doc Reward: Sword! time to slay some dragons!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm Natalie or Nata. I've struggled with weightloss for about as long as I can remember - as most efforts die out when they cease to be fun and I end up putting the weight back on. So my plan is changing. I like the idea of tracking my progress as an RP character - so that's what I'm going to do. I will be giving my character the freedom to multi-class at any time and in any number of classes. This will help keep my adventure fun. I hail from the eastern side of Washington state. I'm happily married and have a daring cat, Kaylee (she likes shiny things), who would have you believe she is a dog (plays fetch, goes on leashed walks, greets you at the door...) Hobbies: tatting [the lace kind not the ink kind], crochet, costuming, writing, reading, singing, gaming, learning new skills, gardening, etc... Activities: flagging, dancing, hiking, biking, trying something new Fandoms: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, Avatar, Harry Potter, Firefly, Castle Crashers, Zelda, Munchkin, pretty much anything Sci Fi/Fantasy ... My RP character {I'll work up a traditional character sheet later}: Name: Nata the Bardic Dragon Tracker Gender: Female Age: 28 Height: 5'9" Weight: 291.5 lbs Race: Half-Elf, Quarter-Dwarf, Quarter-Ifrit Favored Class: Bard Other Classes: Ranger, Druid I am a Half-Elf, Quarter-Dwarf, Quarter-Ifrit (nationality wise I am a mutt - so I figured race wise, my character should be too). I have some of the elvish height, the big boned build of the dwarf, and the pyro-tendancies of an Ifrit. My favored class is Bard: I love all things musical. I play several instruments, sing, tell stories, and enjoy a multitude of craft skills. I know enough in a lot of different things to get me into trouble, but not enough to claim master level in many things. I have been working on leveling in the Ranger class. Each year I do a local 12k and three of the four previous years I have walked half-marathons. I have an elliptical that I try to clock a few miles on daily. I have also been working on leveling in Druid, mostly in the knowledge nature realm. I am currently planning out my garden (just moved into a house with a yard for it). I also want to get back into a yoga and meditation routine. I also continue my Bardic training in dance (Dance Central, Zumba,...) and flagging (dance routines or free dance involving my fire shaped flags). As well as my crafting hobbies (tatting [lace not tattoos], crochet,...) and musical hobbies (guitar, violin, and voice). Physically, I am a Bard that has found a prosperous location and settled. Growing fat as she practices her trade. I currently carry the extra weight of a dwarf on me. As such, I am working on leveling up my exercise routine and cleaning up my diet. I am currently on the hunt for dragons and the tracks I am following lead me to believe that I will have another 10 miles to go before I reach one. [i've set up a reward system where I get to tat one lace dragon for every 25 miles I walk/jog/run for a costume I am working on]. I look forward to meeting many of you in my adventures!
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