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  1. Hello! I was just curious if anybody else has had lucid dreams or maybe does so on a regular basis. I stumbled into them on accident during a period of high stress and sleep deprivation. Pretty sure I was being possessed by some malevolent entity the first time I was awake during sleep paralysis lol. Anyhow during the last several years I have not been able to regularly lucid dream, it's a rare treat. There were just a couple times I was able to induce a lucid dream state from wakefulness. It was absolutely incredible. I am certain the reason I can no longer accomplish this is because of my abuse of alcohol in the past 10 years. That is being taken care of, I will not let my mind deflate like a cheap beachball in the name of apathy. Anyhow if you are not familiar with lucid dreaming you should do some looking-up. Like learning any new skill it will take some time but once you actually induce a lucid dream it will blow your mind. It's like watching the opening credits of your favorite game and then finally realizing you can pick up the controller.
  2. Heya! I'm a 24- years old girl from Finland, traveling trough south Spain (Malaga, Sevilla) and trough Portugal (Faro, Lisboa, Sintra, don't know which other places yet) during this challenge (and maybe the next one). Decided to come back to do a NF -challenge to keep myself accountable, and hopefully meet awesome people to meet in person now or later on I've had some huge changes in my life and world view during the previous years. I used to focus on playing computer a lot. Now (even though games still are awesome) am gravitating more into nature, meditation, shamanism, in person connections, writing, dreams etc. I am a beginner student of yoga and tantra. Meditation is something I've done weekly for a year (and sporadically earlier). This travel I am making is a trip I take as a journey deep inside. This challenge is mainly a way for me to direct the flow of my energy to that direction, to enjoy life, connections and the world on a deeper level, even when pressured. Inner Wisdom - Daily habits until the New Moon on 1st October My character I will get a mark for each day I complete the goal. I count the challenge completed, when I get 30 of those marks, even though the idea is to follow that on each day. Nutrition for the soul I eat only vegan food, free of glutein, soy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol. 30 xp This is a blend of spiritual reasons and health reasons. I am inspired by the article of Steve Pavlina that even a temporary trial will establish a pattern it's easier to come back to if needed. 70ish % of what I eat normally adheres to this, but when not at home I tend to go back to wheat-milk-meat, so making a resolution makes it easier to stay well. And it's part of my fast. I will be eating a lot of fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds. Fruits too, trying to be sensitive how I feel with the fructose spikes. Greens. Spice and herbs and oils. And rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats, legumes. Flow with my body I exercise, with the focus in the sensations of my body, for at least 10 minutes daily. 20 xp I really love to dance, kayak, do yoga, walk in the nature.... but I tend to do them sporadically instead of as a routine, and forget about it when I focus on something else. A little bit every day, learning a routine to be in sync with my body while doing that, is a habit I want to establish. Calm to the mind I meditate daily for 10 minutes or more. 20 xp Time to take my meditation practice to personal level. Expressing the heart I journal daily. 15 xp. I may write as short or as long as I want, I will just pick up the pencil each day. Of my thoughts, feelings or actions. Of ideas or spiritual awakenings. Of sorrows or hard situations, anything. Connecting to the dreamworld I write nightly of my dreams. 15 xp I want to establish a deeper connection to my inner world, and have already with few days of dream journaling found that I remember them a lot better. It's a whole new world to discover I would love to connect with other beings Now I'm off to a writing workshop of inner dialog
  3. Not entirely relevant to the Challenge itself, but kind of important. There might be some SongSpam this time around just because I decided to make a Positive Song Playlist. For, uh, science. <.< Anyway. Recap: Week One was okay last time, Week Two was Better, and then I epically crashed and burned in Week Three under the weight of feelings I still don't fully understand. This whole 'life' thing just sometimes feels like more than I'm interested in dealing with. As typically happens, that particular thought is now receding and the motivation to Do All The Things is returning. I'm not going to count my last Challenge as a success, because that would be a lie, but I'm also not going to dwell on defeat and instead of spending more time feeling bad about it am going to Get Up and Try Again. Goals: This time, I'm between changes. Life has recently been irreversibly altered, and more change is coming up, though hopefully in a happier context. Big steps where school is concerned, life in general. So the focus will be quite basic, pretty much the same goals as always. Better emotional stability would be a nice payoff. And speaking of emotions, theme time! This movie punched me repeatedly before the credits rolled. Set Up: Five characters, five categories. The aim is to earn one point per category per day. No weekday-only restrictions this time, so there won't be that to think about. Much more flexibility than I usually give myself. Zero Week will be even more flexible because there's a lot to do this week aside from Challenge things, but I need to get going again as soon as possible. Zero Week will not be scored, but I will be starting my Tasks nonetheless. Potential Points: 140 I wanted to do the Islands thing, too, but couldn't think of how that would work or what to do with it, so, not doing that. Staying bare-bones, super basic. GIFs are welcome and encouraged even if totally unrelated to the theme. Let the silliness commence.
  4. Hi Assassins! So I'm new here. I completed my first challenge successfully, and I'm now ready to become an Assassin. Here is a link to my first (previous) challenge if you're interested what I did. My body stats at the moment (6/4-2015): 20 years old182cm (6") 78kg/172lbs (Morning weight)7.9% body-fat My Main Quest: "To Free My Body" Everything society and our environment tells us is making us less free, we are slaves, and it's getting worse every single second you're not actively doing something to prevent it. If you just go along like everyone else, work 9-5, get wife, achieve kids, buy what society tells you to buy, watch what you're told to watch, YOU ARE A SLAVE. You need to break free. This is my quest, and it's not something you ever reach, because the moment you think you achieved it and consider yourself "done" or "content", you are by definition a slave again. It's a process and the closest you can ever come towards the goal is to keep pursuing. Free your body. The practical application and pursuit of this is to improve myself every day, in every aspect. To do something that takes me towards my goal, and be done with it, then wake up the next day without any worry about yesterday, and do something that moves me towards my goal, and be done with it. A necessity for this is to be open-minded, there is NO progress or improvement if you're not open-minded. It's so easy to get stuck in comfort, in a routine, a lifestyle etc. If you ever find yourself doing the same thing every day, CHANGE IT COMPLETELY. There is nothing worse than being stagnant. Right now, I aim towards becoming an Assassin, and I do so whole heartedly, but the moment I find myself saying "I'm an Assassin" it's time for me to move onto another class, another goal. That's how you grow, that's how you prevent getting stuck. So why Assassin for this challenge? Easy. Because I'm starting to become stagnant as a Warrior. I love lifting weights, and I will never stop lifting, but a couple of months ago I found myself mindlessly waking up, going to the gym, pushing down 6-7 meals/day, going to sleep and repeating. I woke up and broke free from this, I started incorporating flexibility training, a more flexible diet and started researching on bodyweight/calisthenics and became truly inspired. Truth is, I'm not a natural warrior, there is nothing about my body-type that corresponds with lifting heavy weight, but I'm also truly happy that I did start lifting, since it was a real weakness and fear of mine. I was WEAK when I began, not the average person weak, but WEAK. Now I'm STRONG, last time I tested my strength (late January) my lifts were: Squat: 160kg (353lbs), Deadlift: 190kg (420lbs), and Bench: 102kg (225lbs), and I've progressed some since, even if I've focused on leaning out the previous months. My lifts are not super impressive, but I'm just barely one year into lifting. Anyway, It's time for me to transition more into bodyweight movements. I've always admired truly explosive power and speed, so this will be my main focus this challenge, explosiveness and speed. Goal 1 - Muscle-Up (2 dex, 2 str) Yep. It's a huge dream of mine. I never focused or trained for it, probably out of fear. I've been doing Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups weekly since I began exercising, and my back is one of my stronger body-parts, but this one is a mixture of insane strength, skill and explosiveness. I will achieve a strict Muscle-Up this challenge, I'm not gonna be flapping like a fish outa water (of course I'll have to start there), it will be strict, it will be beautiful, and it most likely won't be "Muscle-Up", but "Muscle-Ups". I have the base strength, but lack the skill, meaning that consistent training is required. Components I'll utilize to achieve the Muscle-Up: Baby Muscle-Ups: Muscle-Ups on a low bar, using my legs as needed to learn the proper movement. Clap/Explosive Pull-Ups: I can already do Clap Pull-Ups, so I'll be progressing towards more claps, Chest Pull-Ups, Hip Pull-Ups etc. False Grip Hangs: To get used to the false grip needed for a strict Muscle-Up. Goal 2 - Supermans (2 dex, 2 str, 1 cha) The true mastery of upper-body explosiveness. For those of you that don't know what it is, it's the closest a human will ever get to flying. You start in a Push-Up position, EXPLODE UP with both your legs and upper body (pushing thorough your arms and legs), giving you enough height to completely extend both arms forward (like Super-Man) before catching yourself in a Push-Up and repeating the motion. Why do I get 1 point cha for this? Are you kidding me, I'll literally be flying like superman, now that's sexy . This one required mad explosive power, which is exactly what I'm after. In the book "Explosive Calisthenics" by Paul Wade, this is one mastery of "The Explosive Six" (the Muscle-Up is another). Paul Wade gives 10 progression steps for every of the six explosive moves, so I'll be progression according to the steps in this book. I'm currently at step 4 (of 10), which is Clap Push-Ups. So the components I'll utilize to achieve this will be: Clap Push-ups Chest-Strike Push-Ups Hip-Strike Push-Ups Convict Push-Ups: Clap behind back Half Superman: Extending arms but not legs Full body Pop up: Superman but not extending both arms Goal 3 - Suicide Jumps (3 dex, 1 wis) Another mastery step of "The Explosive six". This one is all legs. You hold a stick in your hands, you jump HIGH, tuck your knees to your chest as you bring the stick under yourself, so the stick ends up behind you, then what? You guessed it, you immediately jump again, bringing the stick back. You need to be able to jump high enough, and be agile enough to bring the stick below you, it's not an easy task to say the least. Once again, I'll be utilizing Wade's ten progression steps, for this one I'm at Step 7, which is a Tuck Jump (jumping as high as possible while bringing your knees as high as possible). The next steps are: Catch Tuck Jump: Same as Tuck Jump, but you catch your legs and push them towards your chest before you land Thread Jump: You hold one leg infront of you while you jump over it using the other leg, to work on the agility and coordination needed for the Suicide Jump Goal 4 - Dragon-Flags (2 str, 2 cha) Yes, I love Bruce Lee. I'm pretty sure this is one of the coolest moves you can do, and it's also one of the best abdominal exercises, which is a nice bonus for them summer abs . Progressions to achieve the dragon-flag: Negative Dragon-Flags: Kicking myself up and lowering myself as slowly as possible Negative Dragon-Flags with static hold: Same, but with a pause at very bottom. Goal 5 - Sprints (2 sta, 2 dex, 1 con) Once again, I wanna be FAST, LIGHTENING FAST. My strong, long legs makes my top speed good, but my acceleration is not great. I will be sprinting 4 times/week for this challenge, focusing on different distances, but mostly on short distances like 30-50m (about 30-50 yards) to work on acceleration. Goal 6 - Staying below 8% body-fat (2 con, 2 cha) My previous challenge was to get below 9% body-fat, I ended up at 7.9%. I'm happy with this, and I want to maintain it. I'm currently carefully reversing out of my deficit by increasing my calories slowly each week. I will keep tracking my weight and body-fat to ensure I don't get above 8%. Also, please don't take the exact number to seriously, I measure on myself with a skin-fold caliper, so the accuracy is debatable, but since I measure the same way every time, it's an accurate way to measure progress. I'd guesstimate that I'm around 8-9% body-fat though. I'll probably drop down to around 7% for summer, but for this challenge I need more calories to reach my goals, so maintaining my percentage is the goal. Goal 7 - Full Bridge (3 con) Yep. The challenge would not be complete without a flexibility goal. I'll be able to do a Full Bridge after this challenge. I'm already stretching at least 30min daily, and I'll be utilizing stretches that directly target areas needed for the bridge. I'm very competitive and put extreme demands on myself, it's hard on the mind, sometimes unhealthy. I've learned to handle it though, much thanks to meditation. I said in my previous challenge that I'll be setting very high goals this challenge, and I believe I have. I do not want easy. If you aim low, you'll achieve low. In the past, I've always set high/extreme goals, and I have this weird tendency to completely SMASH that extreme goal There is no doubt in my mind I will achieve all 7 goals. To complete the challenge I will have to upload a video of myself demonstrating (all of) the moves before May 25th. I'll be active on here and give updates on my progress and training, I'd be very happy if you choose to follow my progress, and I'm very grateful for any help or tips I can get! See ya around, Assassins Godnattish.
  5. My name is Bearlee and I've been trying to lose weight and become more healthier for a little over a year now. During that time I've lost nearly 80 pounds to go from 388 lbs to 310 lbs. I've also recently had a physical and my blood pressure has gone down from 123/92 to 111/62. I'm still waiting on my blood work lab results but will post them when I get them. So far this year I've been kicking ass and I've lost 10 pounds so far. More importantly I've gotten back into my grove of doing my exercises and eating right. Currently I'm doing body weight exercises 3 times per week, stationary biking 5 days a week, and walking 5+ miles with 10 flights of stairs 5 days per week. Actually I currently have a 22 day streak of biking going on, but I'm focused on getting at least 5 days in per week. My eating habits have been good last challenge also. I've been doing 1 lean protein, 1 fruit, and 4 vegetables 5 days of the week. On this also I have a streak that lasted all of last challenge minus a few days last week missing a few servings of vegetables. I also drink 100 oz of water everyday and have a streak of that going for several months now. Even though I've been doing well I've been feeling restless. I read lots by people like Steve Kamb (founder of Nerd Fitness), Chris Guillebeau (author of The Art of Non-Conformity), Matt Harding (of Where the Hell is Matt YouTube videos), and Kevin Smith (director, podcaster, and author of Tough Shit ) and they all say follow your dreams. The problem is I don't know what my dreams are. Last week for work we had go to a class and at the beginning of class we had to do introductions and state what our hobbies were. All I could come up with was movies and reading. While there is nothing wrong with those hobbies I want to do something more substantial and productive. So during this challenge I want to focus on what it is I want to do and how I'm going to do it. Goal 1: Maintain I've been kicking butt this year and I don't want to tinker with what I've got going on now. So I want to maintain what I've been doing by doing 3 BW exercises per week, 5 days of biking, 5 days of walking, along with my eating habits. Goal 2: Lists Last challenge I had started to do lists and I was getting a lot done. However as the challenge went on I stopped looking at my list and instead of writing done tasks I wanted to do or did I instead just made a mental note. That was not as effective nor as satisfying. So this challenge I want to make a physical list I keep up to date with. Ideally I would like to do one item on my list everyday. The tasks don't need to be large or difficult just something to keep me focused. At the same time I don't want it to be things that should be done anyway like "do the dishes" or "do the laundry". I want it to be items that I've put off. Goal 3: Attitude of Gratitude I've been meaning to getting around to thanking people for things they have done or even just to send a nice thank you out of the blue to people I care about. So for this goal I want to send a special thank you to one person each week for a total of 6 people thanked. No texts or emails will be acceptable. Actual hand written letters to be delivered by mail. Lifetime Goal: Dreaming This challenge I want to do something a little different and maybe some would say weird. I want to focus on dreaming. I've always been concerned that I don't seem to dream when I sleep which may be true since I used to have sleep apnea. However I sleep better now and over the past couple of weeks I've actually had a couple of dreams and they really put me in a good mood. I want to capture that feeling more and maybe explore what is happening in my subconscious. Maybe I can sort my dreams out by dreaming. In order to do this I'm going to keep a dream journal beside my bed and update it whenever I have a dream. But in case I don't have dreams I'm going to supplement this challenge by meditating for 5 minutes 5 days of the week.
  6. Life Goals: My Epic Quests Dragon Forged means of highest quality, and that is exactly what I going to become. Google Document version here There are 8 sections to my epic quest. Some are currently in progress while others are still in the planning stages. Blue text means completed but relapsed and needs to be re-achieved, Red with strike through means Achieved! 1. Physical Fitness (Str, Dex, Con, Sta): Ultimate Goal: Have complete control over my body's movements and my personal eating habits. Look and feel confident in the body that I have crafted for myself. Health [Con] (Happy, healthy, uninjured body. Eat Healthy 80% of the time) 1. Drop body fat below 18% (3/13/15) 1a. Drop body fat below 17% 2. Drop to 165 lbs (2/19/2015) 2a. Drop below 160 lbs (3/13/15) 2b. Drop to 155 lbs Strength [str] (Functional Strength: Inspiration- Gymnast, Spartan, Consistently got to the gym 3 times a week) 1. Bench-Press my body weight (160ish) (160lbs 2/20/14) 1a. Bench Press 1 1/4 x my bodyweight (200ish) 2. Squat my bodyweight (160ish) (170lbs2/23/15) 2a. Squat 1 ¼ x my bodyweight (200ish) (205lbs 3/25/15) 2b. Squat 1 1/2 x my body weight (240ish) 3. Shoulder Press 50% my body weight (80lbs) (1/2/15) 3a. Shoulder Press 75% my BW (120lbs) (120lbs 3/2/15) 3b. Shoulder Press my BW (160lbs) 4. Do 12 consecutive pull ups (2/16/15) 4a. Do 15 consecutive pull ups (3/4/15) 4b. Do 20 consecutive pull ups 5. Pull ups with + ¼ of my BW attached (40lbs) (2/16/15) 5a. Pull ups with + ½ of my BW attached (80lbs) 6. Dip with + ¼ of my BW attached (40lbs) (4/14/14) 6a. Dip with + ½ of my BW attached (80lbs) 7. Do 40 consecutive push ups (40 2/22/15) 7a.Do 45 consecutive push ups (45 3/2/15) 7b. Do 50 consecutive push ups (50 3/9/15) 7c. Do a one arm push-up 8.Do 5 Handstand Pushups [against wall] (3/7/2015) 8a. Do 8 Handstand Pushups 9. Do 1 Muscle Up [Kipping] (3/27/2015) 9a. Do 5 Muscle Ups 10. Do 1 Full Piston Squat 11. Do 1 Freestanding Handstand Pushup 12. Do a ‘Human Flag’ 13. Do a Planche Agility/ Dexterity & Endurance [Dex, Sta] 1. Consistently (for 3 whole months) get 10,000 steps per day on my Fitbit/ average 10,000 per day per week 2. Reduce My 5k Time: completed in under 24m (DONE! 3/29/15) 1. Cupid’s Crawl- 27m:12s (2/14/15) 2. Hornet Hustle- 22m: 56s (3/29/15) 3. Complete an Obstacle Race 1. Rugged Maniac NC (5/16/2015) SIGNED UP! Balance & Flexibility [Dex, Sta] 1. Hold a free-standing handstand for at least 10 seconds Parkour/ Free Running Tricks [str, Dex, Sta] Full Kong Wall Spin Front Flip Back Flip Climb Up Vault Cat Leap 2.Financial: (Wis, Cha) Ultimate Goal: Financially free forever. No net debt, plenty of money in savings/ investments in reserve to be able to handle anything unexpected and to be able to live and travel comfortably. Be able to sustain myself through only the interest generated through my accounts. Have enough in short term savings for 1yr of living expenses, and enough in long term for 5+ years. Savings/ Emergency Fund (~$1,800 per month) 1. Saved 3 months of living expenses: $5,400 (2/27/15) 2. Saved 6 months of living expenses: $10,800 3. Saved 9 months of living expenses: $16,200 4. Saved 12 months of living expenses: $24,300 Student Loans 1. -$4,990 @ 3.15% (2.68% after Tax) 2/17/15 2. -$23,530 @ 6.55% (5.57% after Tax) 2/17/15 Current Goal: Payoff an extra +$200- $300 per month 2/17/15 Car Loan (2010 Honda Civic) 1. -$15,938 @ 4.19% Investments 1. Retirement Accounts: Roth IRA (Need to Open) 2. Portfolio: Vanguard Balanced Index Fund: $477 3/10/15 2.1 Money in Investment accounts: $500 2.2 Money in Investment accounts: $750 2.3 Money in Investment accounts: $1,000 Accounts to Open Health Savings Account & Roth IRA 3. Career: (Int, Wis, Cha) Ultimate Goal: Become the Best Art Teacher that I can be utilizing STEAM, life applications, and gamification. Hold a full licensure in all STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Possibly also become a certified personal trainer, and/or computer programer. Current 4year (2 left) Time clock before I start thinking about other jobs. Work Goals 1. Gameified classroom/ economy 1. Jobs and Classroom Management- Class store 2. Levels and scaled lessons (scaffolded) 3. Badges and symbols of achievement (test- replacements) Classroom 1. Technology- get more computers/tablet 2. Social Media -twitter, vine, Instagram, Facebook (9/15/14) 3. Classroom Economy Game- app? Update my own 1. Resume/CV (2/28/15) 2. Website (2/28/15) 4. Intellectual/ Education: (Int, Wis) Ultimate Goal: Never stop learning or improving myself. Skills to Learn 1. Coding- Build my app/ website? 1a. Take a class at PCC to help begin to learn code 2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript Educational/ Licences 1. STEAM Licence 1a. Science[Middle grades] 1b. Computer/ Tec Ed. 1c. Engineering, 1d. Art (5/2013) 1e. Mathematics [Middle grades] 2. Physical/ Health Education Licence Languages to Learn: 1. Spanish, French, or German Just for Fun: 1. Gymnastics/ Parkour 2. Sewing/ Fashion 3. Art of Charm Class in LA 4. Juggling/ “Magic†5. Lifestyle: (Int, Cha) Ultimate Goal: Be able to travel, and maintain my own space that allows me to express myself fully the way I have always wanted to. Maintain and own my own home, and customize it to my fitness, artistic, and personal preferences. Personal Goals/ Bucket List 1. Travel: 1a. Europe (England, France, Germany) 1b. Visit the Alphonse Mucha Museum (Czech Republic) 1c. Art of Charm Class in LA 2. Possessions: Clear the Clutter- Giveaway/ sell anything that hasn’t been used or worn in 1 yr 3. Just for Fun: 1. Turn a room into an Adult Ball Pit. 4. Take a sewing class/ Learn to sew 5. Take a gymnastics class/ learn how to flip 6. Go snow boarding Family/ Friends 1. Road Trip by myself? 2. Road trip with my brothers. 2-4 weeks possibly during the summer? For Matthew’s graduation? Where to go? What to see? 3. Visit Mike and Nimhra in FL. Possibly Go on a Cruise? → $$$? 4. Go back to Tablerock in Linville Gorge and see the stars at night. 3a. Go on a multi-day hike with a loved one Home 1. Purchase a Home (Stop Renting) ~$60,000-$75,000 2. Personal Gym 2a. Squat Rack & Bench ($?) 2b. Adjustable Dumbbells ($?) 2c. Olympic Rings (3/27/2015) 2d. Peg Board 2e. Salmon Ladder 3. Archery Range 3a. Multiple targets at different levels 4.Metals/ Blacksmithing Studio 5. Kitchen of Decent Size 5a. Pantry Area 6. Twin Walk in Closets/ Twin sinks in the Master Bedroom 6. Social/ Relationships: (Cha) Ultimate Goal: Stop resenting my family for the past & start appreciating them for all that they do for me in the present. Family: 1. Meet my biological father 2. Presents for the Family (That they would enjoy) 2a. Birthdays- set dates in my calendar Mom: Dad: Colin: Matthew: Michael: (Christine?): 2b. Christmas 3. Send a letter to Mom telling her how I feel and how much I appreciate all that she has done for me. 4. Letter to Dad? 5. Become more involved and try to keep contact with them more frequently 5a. Try to have some deep and helpful conversations with my younger brothers. Share my experiences if they want it. Friends: 1. Become a better friend. 2. Share my experiences with those who need it and want it. 2a. Help Scott fulfill his own goals (fitness and finances) [in Progress] Children: One day have a son and a daughter with a person who I love. Significant Other: Design and make clothes and jewelry that my partner can wear to work. 7. Service: (Wis, Cha) Ultimate Goal: Better/ Humble myself by helping others and learn some helpful skills in the process. 1. Volunteer Work: Habitat for Humanity/ Somewhere in Greenville, working with others. See if UU would like to start a volunteer group/ become regulars. 1a. Volunteer- Minimum of Once a Month 2. Search for other volunteer opportunities, possibly fitness or art related. 8. Spiritual & Emotional: (Wis) Ultimate Goal: Be at peace with myself, my environment, and my mortality. Learn to be empathetic towards others and to be grateful for the gifts I receive. 1. Church: Started going to the Unitarian Universalists Church (2/1/15) ​Actually really enjoyed it currently continuing to go. 2. Get more involved and begin asking myself the “Big†Questions 3. Become more empathetic by talking to people, learning about them and seeing them as people 3a. Try to see things from their perspective, and not in terms of how they can help me or how I can benefit from them. 4. Be more grateful for the gifts I receive even if I am unhappy with them/ do not like them.
  7. She felt watched. She felt trapped. A vast, endless forest surrounded her. It was quiet. Unnaturally so. So quiet she could hear her own heart pounding like a Shaman's drum inside her head. The sweet song had died down. Her hunger tore at her and the dark, gloomy forest stretching out in front of her promised nothing. She had to keep going. She had to keep moving. Stopping was not an option. She had followed the sound of beautiful, enchanting song through the forest. At first the song was a faint hum, but it grew stronger as she reached deeper into the forest. Being unaware of the alluring powers hidden in the soft, promising song, she was lost. Trapped so deep inside the forest that ever finding her way out seemed like an impossible task. I've been going through some rough stuff, and still am. This challenge is about breaking free. Daring to dream and find my way. I will be doing pole dance as often as I can in addition to this. #1 - Be able to do front splits This is something I've always wanted to do, and since starting pole, flexibility is really something that I need to work on. I found our dear guild leaders old challenge with a 6 week program. It contains many of the same stretches as this video, which is basically what we do in pole too. I will stretch 4-7 days a week. #2 - Obtaining a strong squat Pole dance is immense amounts of fun, but it doesn't work the rear and thighs as much. Therefore I will complete 3000 full body weight squats. Starting with 20 squats a day in week one, and hopefully ending at 120 squats a day in the last week. Now.. this progression doesn't fully add up to 3k. Because I like even numbers I will add 10 bonus squats every week. Reaching the total number at the end of the challenge is more important than meeting each weeks total. Week 1: 20aDay - 140+10 Week 2: 40aDay - 280+10 Week 3: 60aDay - 420+10 Week 4: 80aDay - 560+10 Week 5: 100aDay - 700+10 Week 6: 120aDay - 840+10 #3 - HOoRAY The last year or so have been difficult. A lot has changed and I need to try and feel better about myself, especially since I, right now, think I'm a terrible person. Being a Scandinavian, I am severely afflicted by the Law of Jante, and at this point in my life I really need to embrace who I am and dare to let that person out. #4 - Accepting my fears, work through them and dare to dream. I can't say much about this (because of fear of judgement, even in here..), other than I want to follow my dreams. I feel like this is something that's not impossible to achieve, but I need to try to overcome or accept some of the fears listed below before I attempt. I fear the loss of love. I fear losing financial security. I fear ridicule. I fear rejection. I fear the loss of respect. Stretches: 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) Squats: 0+0/140+10 - 0+0/280+10 - 0+0/420+10 - 0+0/560+10 - 0+0/700+10 - 0+0/840+10
  8. This is more or less a life list? Things I want to do through out my life escapade. I'll keep adding and crossing out adventures. Probably nobody will read this but me, but I need this now to be posted. -Do another Rebel Race, or one like it with someone.-Change my diet, no sugars, barely any dairy and grains. give up cheerios and my precious milk/sugar tea.-Abs, biceps, and triceps.-Be in my first boxing fight.-Do real push ups, no girlie ass ones that I do now.-Become pro at the speed bag.-Golden Gloves. -Eat 78% more veggies.-Get good at juicing. -Be known as a Designer/ Fine Bookbinder through out the world. -Make a life with books. -Be featured in a magazine or a top website for my work.-Travel the world for books (see the old decrepit ones, the contemporary, the loved, and my heroes books) .-See the Book of Kells again.-Learn how to make clasps for enclosed books. -Have my teacher, Jeff, be proud of me.-Sell one of my fine bindings-Show my work in a gallery or exhibit.-Support myself-Have one of my books be modeled in a Pixar movie so I can see my name in the credits.-Have my books in movies -Ride on a train across the US again. -See a Pens game in Boston-Own a Fiat 500 Arbath. in black. I'll name him venom, or poison, or fang.-Get a real motorcycle, one that actually works. -Learn 10 words in Italian.-Find myself-Skydive, bungee jump-Swim with sharks (one of my biggest fears, I don't like the ocean)-Go 4 wheelin-Own a dirt bike, quadrunner, jeep.-Waterski-Make a best friend at every place I live-Open up faster to people. stop observing so much.-See Hogwarts.-Own a dog like Sid, a goldendoodle. and to have enough time for him-Cut off all my hair -Deep sea scuba dive... (sounds horrifying)-Swim with whale sharks-Wrestle an alligator-Learn how to do the drummer spin with a pen. To Meet-Beyonce.-Sidney Crosby/ Jordan Staal-Manny Pacquiao-Lucia Rijker-Chris Riddell-Mike Kunkel-Pixar artists.-Ian McKellen-Emma Watson GO TO New Zealand. Iceland. Japan. Scotland. Ireland. Peru. South Africa. Alaska. Canada. Oregon. Washington. Egypt. Yellow Stone. -Be awesome-Listen-Relax
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