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Found 4 results

  1. I used to drink a lot of pepsi Max every day but decided to migrate to a caffeine free version to aid my anxiety. As far as I see it, if it's sugar free, caffeine free and helps to curb my craving for something sweet, it can't be all bad. Am I wrong? Some people seem very against anything with artificial sweetners so I was wondering what the general consensus was here.
  2. The last challenge was challenged by deadlines and a lot of travelling for different reasons. This excursion is threatened by heat (too hot to run!) and the easy summer life (hello drinks with friends! hello lazy evening at the river!), but with a bit of discipline it should be easy to avoid these traps. Run 15 km a week. Obtain 15 points from bodyweight exercises. Every 10 Burpees adds 1 extra point Every 20 Situps/Squats/PushUps/Leg lever/mountain climbers adds another extra point Study write 6 pages for a thesis. learn 30 min french a week.
  3. So I've been reading the Rebel Fitness Guide and noticed drink options are water and green tea. Questions are pretty forward. 1. Can I have fruit water? I usually drink plain water but now and than I need flavor so I cut up and fresh Fugi apple and put a cinnamon stick into a gallon of water and there you have it! Apple cinnamon water! Its great but is it okay? I don't see why it wouldn't be but ya know when you're a noob... you're a noob! 2. Is only Green Tea allowed or can I have Oolongs as well? I'm a tea drinker. I LOVE TEA! I go through 1-2 30oz pots of tea a day plus a gallon of water. I don't add sugar to my tea and its all loose leaf. General I drink Gyokuro Imperial Green tea & Maharaja Chai Oolong mixed 50/50 with Samurai Chai Mate tea. I just want to make sure these are okay. Right now is best since I'm running low and will be soon out buying more tea if its ok. Again I don't see why it wouldn't since I drink loose leaf tea and make sure its all just tea, no sugar or additives but still you never know. thanks for the help up front!
  4. So I've made it through my first week of Paleo quite successfully, but will be going out to the pub tomorrow night. When I was on Weight Watchers my go-to was Diet Coke (which didn't always work - I'd end up drinking anyway) but that's now been ruled out with Paleo. What do you guys do on nights out? What do you drink that's Paleo? How to you stop the urge to have a drink or two or successfully say no to that friend who keeps in insisting on buying you a pint/getting you to drink one? The worse part is I'm painfully shy and am only ever fun and talkative with a couple of drinks in me (and yes, I realize that's another problem I need to sort out!).
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