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  1. So I am trying do decide on my 1st 4 week challenge. As I just joined NF and started getting serious last week this will be more of a six week challenge for me. Diet (pick two) Swap out one soda per day with water - I don't really drink soda Eat a vegetable with one meal every day - I already do this Reduce fast food consumption by 50% - I don't eat fast food regularly enough Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable - possible, but I do too much snacking outside of meals. Substitute one sugary coffee drink per day for black coffee or tea. - I already take my coffee black Liam's Version * continue to try and drink 6-12 glasses of water daily * no more than two snacks outside of meals per day Fitness (pick one) Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office. - I walk 2 miles to the bus stop every morning to get to work Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a week - I can do better than this. Participate an active social game, like frisbee or kickball, at least once a week (preferably with your family or friends who are also trying to get started!) - Just, no. I'll play Pokemon Go with my son when weather permits or we'll fight with his NERF swords. Liam's Version * Miss no more than one workout/week continue with my own bodyweight workout a least one circuit 3x week Level Up My Life I'll take the daily 5 minutes of meditation. Challenge GOALS * continue to try and drink 6-12 glasses of water daily * no more than two snacks outside of meals per day * Miss no more than one workout/week continue with my own bodyweight workout a least one circuit 3x week * 5 minutes of meditation daily * Druid guild gratitude mini challenge Ok, so basically for me the challenge tasks are going to be graded M-F except for diet and meditation. M-F tasks are 20 points each, 7 day tasks are 15 points each. Week -1 and Week 0 to be judged pass/fail. Week -1 This was 7 Aug - 13 Aug Worked out M-W-F dumbells on M and then bodyweight and Indian Clubs on W & F No meditation or tracking my eating. I did watch my water drinking and kept in within goal. Started tracking my sleep quality. Since week -1 was trying to lay ground work and establish reasonable goals. I would think I could call this a pass on a pass/fail grade. Week 0 Summary: Diet: 35/105 points - 33%, epic fail Workout: 80/100 points - 80%, pass Meditation: 90/105 points - 86%, pass Druid Mini: 105/105 points - 100%, aced it. Overall: 310/415 points - 75%, passing on the border between 'C' & 'D' Okay, I need to do better on my diet. I think I was trying to make too dramatic of a change. Rather than trying to reduce my snaking and alter my diet at the same time (the salads). I should stick with my regular diet and just focus on reducing my snacking. I did only miss one workout which was the goal but I'm trying to hold myself to a higher standard. The meditation, gratitude statements, and starting this week my Druid challenge (trying to focus on positive things in my life rather than giving into my negative "I despise the world and everyone in it" attitude. Seem to be going well and I need to work to maintain that. Week 1 Summary: Progress Towards Challenge Goals: Diet - 75/105 Hydration - 105/105 Workout - 60/80 Meditation - 45/105 Gratitude Statements - 105/105 So out of 500 total points possible (accounting for the sick day on Friday, although Saturday's exertions probably more than compensated for that) I earned a total of 390, which gives me a percentage score of 78% so a "C" in a letter grade - passing, although there is quite a bit of room for improvement. Week 2 Summary: Diet: 75/105 = 71% "D" and a low one Hydration: 90/105 = 86% low "B" Workout: 60/100 = 60% "F" now if the 10 minutes of clubs and the extra walk Friday count then I would have managed and 80% score and gotten a solid "C" Meditation: 60/105 = 57% that's an "F" - I need to do better, that's all there is to it. Druid Mini-Challenge, Gratitude Statements: 105/105 = 100% "A" Overall: 390/500 points = 78% so again I passed with a "C". By the way the grade scale I grew up with in school was: 100-92% = A 91-84% = B 83-76% = C 75-70% = D Below 70% = F Week 3 Summary: Diet - 60/90 = 67% :-( Hydration - 90/90 = 100% :-) Workout - 100/100 = 100% :-) Meditation - 60/90 = 67% :-( Gratitude Statements - 90/90 = 100% :-) Overall 400/460 total possible points = 87% so it looks like I have a "B" for the week. Week 4 Summary: Diet - 75/90 = 83% "C" Hydration - 90/90 = 100% "A" Workout - 50/100 = 50% (I gave myself half points for still working in some yoga.) "F' Meditation - 30/90 = 33% "F" Druid Mini Gratitude Statements - 90/90 = 100% "A" Overall 335/460 = 73% "D" Nothing to be proud of but I passed. Final Score: 1,515/1,920 points = 79% "C" I passed. I feel like I could have done quite a bit better, and I really need to focus on sleep, meditation, and diet, but this was my 1st go round. :-)
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