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  1. Wow, guys, this is my eighth challenge! This is a placeholder for when I actually have time to finish writing up this challenge. Ugh. This year is getting away from me already! Main Quest: Enjoy Every Day of 2015. Current Quest: Build the ultimate daily routine. One. Stretch 2x per day.Morning Sequence: MindBodyGreen Morning Yoga SequenceAfter work / Before Bed Sequence: MindBodyGreen 10 Minute Relaxation Sequence Need to start up exercising again, but I'm working a lot at the moment so I need to do something that won't totally wear me out. Working over the holiday season is doing tha
  2. Namaste Druids!!! Main Quest Stronger than before! OK, so thats an inside joke with my friend but for this challenge I want to be healthier in everyway. As always, time to be my own hero. Side Quest See how long I can avoid alcohol and my other sins, time to cut back on things that are considered vices so I have more time to focus on what matters Instead of drinking and what not, when Im stessed, I need to workout! Strength Quest I can barely bench 135, lets get that down and increase 1 point for every lift over 10 the amount of pushups I can do from barely 15 to twice that 1 po
  3. Some busy weeks have passed, I didn't keep up what I achieved during my last challenge and I am not feeling awesome. Remember that life quest in my last challenge, to find a job, and that I found it? Well, two days ago they told me I had to be let go. I just wasn't what they were looking for, I wasn't thinking commercially enough, I was too insecure, I wasn't learning fast enough, and oh yeah, they had to make the team smaller anyway because Christmas was over and they are going to have some super quiet few months. I didn't get fired because they disliked me. From what I understood it was te
  4. i've never stuck to a fitness plan for very long- i've been terrible at it, really. i want so badly to change that so my goals might seem small but to be able to stick to them is going to be an amazing accomplishment all on its own. Primary Quests Do Yoga daily (15 mins+ 5 mins/week)Meditate daily (5 mins+ 5 mins/week)Secondary Quests Learn to make new vegan recipeslose 10 poundstertiary (Life) Quest De-clutter possessions i am using the doyouyoga 30 day challenge plan and then after 30 days will be incorporating new poses into the same routine. i also want to learn the sanskrit pronunciat
  5. So. I am a happily married mother of two, 6 and almost 3 years old. Our youngest (I'll be calling hir baby from now on) recently fell seriously ill and is now in Intensive Care with the rest of the family staying at the Ronald McDonald House. We have been informed that the process of (re)investigating baby's condition(s) is going to take at least a month from now, probably double, possibly triple that time. This of course means I will have to adapt my on-going challenge. Since the main goal of this challenge was to boost my rehabilitation from burn-out, I still need to make those changes just
  6. Hey I'm Ivy I've been lurking on the Nerd Fitness site for a year or so but haven't had the confidence to really get involved. In 2012/2013 I changed my lifestyle to go from 193lbs to 140lbs and ran a 5k and a 10k. I used a site called Sparkpeople to track my food and drink while I did this and I think I'll continue to do so but I want to focus more on my fitness and this seems like a better place to do that. This last year there have been a lot of changes including buying and moving house and as a result I let things slip and have put on 23lbs so I want to lose this and a bit more. I love b
  7. Last challenge was a complete failure, so I need to take some time off from Epic Questing to get my head back in the game. My mental fortitude took an ass kicking last challenge and without working on my Wisdom stat I don’t feel like I’ll be able to keep levelling up effectively. I just want to have fun with this one and stop stressing so much! I also miss the druids and now that spring is here I want to be mindful enough of the outside world to truly enjoy it. MAIN QUEST: DIE HAPPY Simples. Current quest: Cheer the f*** up. Step 1 - One long meditation session a week. +1000 points
  8. So hey. Coming in a little late again; at least I'm consistent. >.< This year (and this is apropos) I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. See, the challenge there is that you're to write a 50,000 word novel over the course of a month. I've done it several times in the past, and I usually round the required 1667/day up to 2000/day. But I got used to doing that, and now I write 2000 words most days. Doing NaNoWriMo no longer keeps me accountable, because I do that anyway. It rather feels like cheating. But here! Here, baby...I slack off when it comes to fitness. Shocking, I know, because no one els
  9. I'm Back! I was gone for about a year and no surprise, I didnt get to far on my goals BUT IM BACK! I'd say I've been through alot recently and I cant wait to start this path to health, I just kicked depression in the ASS and I'm so excited about this new motivation I have!!! So yeah, Lets get started! Main Quest!!! To build a foundation for a healthy life, to create repeatable and fun ideas that I can follow to success, which would be to be my own hero. 84 points possible!!! Side Quest Alpha! Keep going to yoga twice a week 2 points each time total of 24 Bonus= d
  10. The past few months have been extremely hectic and stressful for me. I just moved out, just finished the first round of tests at school, have a sister who has been ill for nearly six months now and she's not improving, got psychological researches, failed my last year of school while all my friends graduated and went on with their lives... And I tried to stay big and strong, so I kept wearing a mask that showed a motivated and happy young woman. I fooled everyone around me, including myself. I don't want to fool people about this anymore, that's why I'm being honest about it here. The truth
  11. I recently took a three-week desert retreat and did some reading. Topics spanned a wide but related range: essentialism, elements, meditation, resilience. The fruit of that time apart is a leaning toward a practice of meditation and yoga that seeks balance in my elemental nature. Let me 'splain: I'm starting with the four archetypal elements: earth, water, air and fire. Without making any claims that these are scientificially or theologically complete, I want to recognize that these elements have been and continue to be useful for ordering our interior lives. So I want to discern how they wo
  12. “You are never strong enough that you don't need help.†A number of months ago, I came across this: I held it back because I didn't want people to know that I was struggling, online or in real life. I am always willing to help others, it should be the benchmark of humanity. However, I need to be willing to ask for and accept help from others. It's with that spirit that I take this next challenge. Keep the Mojo mojoing: 0/3 0/18 Do some sort of workout that keeps my body moving. BBWW, the 7-minute workout, running, jumping, etc... 3X per week. Wait! You noticed that I put the bo
  13. INTRODUCTION Hi lovely people! after reading the NF blog for over a year now, it seems about time to finally join the community as an active part and start my first challenge. I really struggled to phrase what my actual plan of the challenge was- until Gentle-Mystic wrote the exact thing in her post: 'Improve my mindset and energy level'... welp, that's pretty much what I was trying to put into words. (so thank youuu and sorry for copying ). MAIN QUEST So I want to build more daily routine and spend more of quality time with myself (mostly in nature) in order to clear my head and not wast
  14. "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone" Password accepted. Loading data. Data retrieved. Please pick your goals from previous challenges. I'm going to do a mash up of my previous challenges and put them together to get me closer to where I want to be in regards to my weight/clothes fitting better and my life in general. Beware, the return of the RAKs is here! From my First Challenge: -Beginner's Bodyweight Workout 3 days a week - no excuses anymore. 3 circuits - A; 2 circuits - B; 1 circuit - C; miss workout - F. I will be giving myself an exception on this: my son
  15. Hello Druids. I have come to collect no bounties, but bounties of wisdom. Normally I train with my warrior brothers and sisters, but a knee injury has lead me to more tranquil waters. I injured the knee while locking out a push press. My knee made a loud pop. Unfortunately, it did not hurt that much at the time and I'm new to sports injuries, so I continued to perform heavy squats and deadlifts with it. Now I have an appointment next Tuesday with an orthopedist who specializes in injuries of the knee and spine. The short of the long of it is that I'm not to do any sort of lifting or card
  16. Last challenge I decided to stop doing what I thought I should, and just do what I enjoy and love. After my surgery, I have to start over with a lot of things, and being back with J and healthy again, means a lot of things have changed recently...and I need to go back to basics and build my castle the way that works for me, rather than how someone's else's castle is built, from the ground up. My things that I enjoy: 1. Yoga (but I have realized that in order to "do" yoga, I need the perfect surrounding space...which makes me not "do" it.) 2. Reading 3. Cleaning and organizing and decorating
  17. Please forgive any lack of editing, as I just want to get this posted. A girl, a teenager and a woman went seeking the guru who would help them find true happiness. The guru lived at the top of a mountain, so the three set off on their journey. They knew it would take a lot of effort and time, but they thought they were ready. At first, they travelled through the foothills, and it was like a walk in the woods. The little girl skipped along happily, the woman seemed to be enjoying the pleasant surroundings, and the teenager hiked along with them dutifully and uncomplaining. The trail start
  18. "The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see" I'm going to be keeping this challenge as simple as I can. I am up against a writing deadline, a birthday party for my soon to be 3 year old, 2 races and 3 stained glass projects all before this is over. I must remember that I have created a world for myself of my choosing. I will no longer let my health suffer because "I am too busy". With that in mind, I present to you, my challenge, in musical form: "Take your time. Think a lot. Why, think of everything you've got" - Cat Stevens - "Father and Son" https://www.youtube.com
  19. What once seemed like an endless trek through an inescapable umbral realm has ended. Dawn has broken. Rays of warming and reassuring light creep over the horizon, unfurling out onto the landscape and slowly engulf our protagonist. Twilight wanes, but he sits guarded in the shadow of the cavernous maw from which he has just escaped. Now what? The night lands of the Underdark may have been Hellish, but they were familiar to him now. Daybreak seemed threatening in its alien appearance. The illuminated countryside sprawled out before him in distances immeasurable by his senses. When shado
  20. For my third challenge, I want to focus more on inner workings like meditation and yoga. While I still intend to do weight lifting at the gym during the week (yay warriors!), I also want to focus more on my spirituality and feeling better inside as well as out. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by continuing to exercise and eat healthy. Motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger b
  21. Gone are the attempts at hyping myself from 2014. This bucket is not so much epic as it is a bare-bones attempt to breathe life back into myself. (Last edited 4/12/15) Fitness Goals Start walking for mental health, work up to jogging/running for physical healthEat less carbs and more proteinPushups and squats, whatever else I need for strength trainingLearn yogaManage stress and negativity through exercise and meditationPersonal Goals RelocateWriteArtSpiritualityLife Goals Be happy
  22. Hi guys, just wondering if someone could give me some tips and advice. Over the last few years I've become more aware of restricted movement in my shoulders when my arms are behind my head. I also occasionally get a sharp pain if i move them too far with weight on them (Like moving from upwards facing dog to child's pose) I've done scott sonnon's intuflow on and off for years, I practice movnat so do a lot of hanging, and I'm currently working on prasara yoga flows including monkey flow. here's a video of someone doing the flow ( he doesn't start until 1:10) I have a real problem tryin
  23. Hello again! This is my second challenge, and I'm eager to continue leveling up as a person and heading towards that goal of a healthier self. This time, I'm focusing on core strengthening techniques. I've recently fallen in love with Pilates and yoga but I find myself wobbling during some of the positions. It seems my workout buddy doesn't have the same problem, and I wasn't sure why I was having this issue. I'm hoping that strengthening my core, improving my posture, and my sense of balance will help. Main Quest Strengthen my core To complete the April Abs Blogilates calendar http://www.
  24. So I'm fairly new to yoga and want to focus primarily on doing that right now. I just have no idea how often or for how long I should be doing it to achieve results ? I'm not trying to lose weight, just build strength and flexibility. Thoughts?
  25. Greetings, druids. I have spent the last five challenges among the warriors, but have lost my way. Or have I found it? That's the question, and the quest. Main Quest: Be more flexible. Among the warriors, we work on things like mobility, range of motion, etc. But the bar is rigid and often unyielding. My relationship to the black iron has gotten...complicated, and I have felt at loose ends my last two challenges. Alienated from the path I'd chosen. It's time for me to try new things. So here I am. Open to possibilities and embracing changes. I have spent some time lurking your
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